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Aptivity off their mind Willow is finding that her nightmares surrounding her assault are turning increasingly erotic Yep she s fantasizing about her assailant This is smutty dark erotica not non fiction after all Know that what you re signing up for isn t a harrowing true to life accountWillow and Ethan begin meeting up to vent and discuss their feelings about what transpired It seems that they are the only two people that can relate to one another Admittedly I rolled my eyes at the idea of the victim actually consoling the attacker and vice versa However even as I was rolling my eyes I was anxiously flipping pages to see where the story would goThis story was pure smutty goodness It was definitely a guilty pleasure type of read for me It was unbelievable taboo and hot Clearly this isn t a book that you choose for intellectual enlightenment It was dirty sexy and funCheck out of my reviews at wwwbookaddicthavencom This book is not what I expected but I mean that in a good way I was hooked from the first chapter It reminded me of On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves Although the subject matter is totally different both books deal with two people in tragic circumstances who would never have gotten together if it weren t for those circumstances Even after the situation has resolved both couples have trouble dealing with normal relationships in society because of all they had been throughWillow I thought her introspection was wholly realistic Everyone deals with trauma differently and I can see how she wanted a do over to replace the bad memory with a good one I can even see why she fixated on Ethan view spoilerMy saviormy rapist story lines are hard to read without me wanting to throw the Kindle across the room and kick fictional characters in the nads but Ms Mariano managed to make Ethan a character I don t understand but I can empathize with hide spoiler This book was only barely darkish for a bit at the very beginning It had a taboo element but not one that kept me interested Unfortunately after the halfway point I started skimming and then ust gave up all together around 77% I ust didn t care about the characters or what was happening Perhaps because the situation didn t really come off as believable and the risk the main male character was taking by cheating on his wife ust didn t feel worthy enough DNF but I will rate as the story was pretty much ust okay for me the whole time until I gave up while I m thinking of it here s my PSA for this book This is not a BOOK EVERYONE IS GOING TO LOVE I MEAN NO everyone is going to love I mean no is a book everyone is going to love butThe relationship in this one is taboo It isn t shocking or anything I don t write for shock value and it is absolutely not their eyes met and they were in love but it isn t going to be for everyone If the events that unfold within this book didn t happen these characters would never ever come together Ever They would ust be strangers walking past each other in the grocery storeI like my characters a little fucked up A little bit hardened A lot human If they don t emerge as people in my mind I don t publish They are not perfect they are damaged sometimes they re selfish sometimes they re selfless They don t live black and white lives They live in the gray area

This Is NOT A 
is NOT a hearted contemporary romance Most of all I implore you to read the sample before buying it if you re worried about triggers Chapter two is a bit brutal If you re sensitive to the topic of rape I would advise you NOT to read this book There is no her traitorous body response It is brief but it is not softened For the best results go in with an open mind No official blurb yet because it will take me literally four days to write that but to give you Escape is playing out his original scenario even if a pair of accusing gray eyes might be haunting him for the rest of his life Even if he’s not so sure he’s one of the good guys any Even if she makes sure everyone knows he isn’tHer salvation could be his downfall He’s determined to save her anywayThis is a DARKER taboo romance intended for readers 18 due to possible triggers she was abducted by sex traffickers and maturesensitive themes and conten. I was gifted a copy of the book in return for an honest reviewThis book was very well written and had a very different plot from return for an honest reviewThis book was very well written and had a very different plot from I have ever read and I have read a lot of books However the plot was The Shadow Reader just too much for me especially as a romance I felt torn the whole time I was reading on who I should be routing for and it was very hard for me to get past the beginning scenes of the bookI have to give this author major credit for putting out a story like this While itust was not my cup of tea it really is well written The book held a lot of emotion and was written so well everything was very vivid I was sucked in and constantly wanting to know what was going t 45 Stars We re not good or bad either one of us we re ust either one of us we re ust a line down the middle This is not a butterflies in your stomach heart fluttering soul melting love story This is a story about two very complicated people and the dangerous unhealthy relationship they find themselves inWillow is your typical high school girl She has a boyfriend loyal friends and a loving family Shortly after her 18th birthday she is abducted from her home and held captive along with several other girls by a group of sex traffickers Seeing the other girls used and abused daily by the men holding her Willow is terrified and counting down the minutes until it is her turnPrivate investigator Ethan Wilde is working undercover to rescue one of the girls being held along with Willow In order to keep his cover and rescue the girls before he is found out he must do the unspeakable The story that follows between Willow and Ethan is thought provoking addictive and a complete page turnerWillow is a hard character to read one minute her internal monologue is open and honest but then her external actions don t always match what you expect from her This may frustrate some readers but for me it ust added another level of complexity and interest She is ust a teenager after all Confusion anger wrong choices and immaturity is expected and it s what makes her character so fullEthan is your typical man the type of guy you would expect to see picking up milk at the grocery store on his way home from work I think his normalness is what makes his character so believable He isn t some over the top alpha bad ass He is a family man with a wife and kids He is someone who could be married to any one of us and what he did and what he is now going through is both scary and in its own way heartbreakingAuthor Sam Mariano did a great ob at expressing "the many facets of these characters emotions The guilt fear and obsession were " many facets of these characters emotions The guilt fear and obsession were so well that you could feel it You know that the relationship between Willow and Ethan is wrong on so many levels but maybe that s what makes it right Reading this book was kind of like watching a really uicy drama on Lifetime But as we all know books are always betterI love finding authors who aren t afraid to think outside the box and write something that may not appeal to the masses Sweet love stories are nice but when I read I like to travel outside of my comfort zone I want a book to take me to a place that is far from my real life I like the escape I like taboo and grit and having something to sink my teeth into I love books that make me uncomfortable and cause me to think Then when it is over I like the feeling of gratefulness I have for my real life love Lucky for me I found Sam Mariano Irreparable Damage gave me lots to sink into I took a big ole bite and loved every minute of itMore people need to read this book If you are unafraid of something different and don t necessarily need that HEA all tied up in a pretty bow then I would highly recommend you give this book a try An ARC was kindly provided by the Auth. Despite being the illegitimate daughter of a Chicago Mafioso Willow Kensington hasn’t exactly lived the life of a gangster’s progeny she hardly ever speaks to her father Instead she leads a nice uiet existence at home with her family surrounded by friends and a steady boyfriend Her biggest problem is having to pick which college to attend Until the day after her 18th birthday when Willow is abducted by a group of sex traffickers Private investigator Eth. Or for an honest reviewReview posted at Love Between the SheetsFollow us on Facebook and Twitter DNF at 60% because I ust can t do it OF ALL THE BOOKS I VE all the books I ve where cheating has never bothered me I m afraid I ve ust hit my cheating hard limit so am not going any further with this one It s making me uncomfortable and I m starting to dislike Ethan and "I DON T THINK THERE LL " don t think there ll any coming back from what he s doing with WillowWillow I really dislike her She KNOWS he s a married man and a father yet is uite comfortable playing the sex siren after being raped On what planet does this chick live seriouslyWhilst I fully understand they are both victims and dealing with their issues as best they can this is sadly not working for me 5 forbidden stars Wow I loved this book This book is so different from any other book I ve read even including both of this author s other books I haven t read a ton of darker books I have a lot of my list and I ve started a lot of them but sometimes it feels like a lot of the same and I lose interest When I read the blurb on this one I had a certain idea about what kind of book this was going to be and I was about 90% wrong I would say the overall theme of this one is dark but the story itself is tabboo than dark I also don t really have any tabboo storylines that I won t touch I think if written carefully and convincingly see well I can be pertty open minded with fiction This book Ok I am thinking everything this author writes is a train wreakit is truly horrifying yet I have to keep watchingThis is truly truly one F ed up story Messed up Am I going to read the nextyou bet your life This didn t work for me but please don t let this one sentence of mine hinder you from checking out this book ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review This book was dark taboo and offensive Accordingly I thought that it was a fantastic read Not the best dark captivity story out there but definitely not the worst either If you enjoy darker stories and don t shy away from controversial subject matter then Irreparable Damage is worth a readThe first in a series this book tells the story of Willow Kensington Willow is abducted right after her 18th birthday by sex traffickers Her father is a powerful Mafioso and her captors think that they can use her to get at her father Innocent Willow is caught in the crosshairs despite having almost no interaction with her fatherWhile undercover trying to locate another missing girl private investigator Ethan Wilde runs across another girl whose picture recently came his way He hadn t
Accepted Willow S Case 
Willow s case but fate has their paths crossing Unfortunately to maintain his cover he must harm Willow before he can save herFollowing Willow s rescue she struggles with the after effects of her captive experience Her healing is only made difficult by the fact that she will not discuss everything that happened to her at the hands of her captors She is torn by the fact that her rescuer was also the man who committed the worst crimes against her She won t condemn him but she can t cope eitherReturning to his wife and children Ethan faces his own demons following his most recent case He cannot stop thinking about the girl that he assaulted He wonders how she is doing and whether she hates him He waits to be held accountable for his crimes but with each day that passes it becomes increasingly clear that Willow isn t going to turn him in no matter how much he deserves itEthan s guilt transforms into an obsession masked as concern Before long he s stalking the teen online and checking up on her The lies begin to pile up and he is drifting away from his wifeOf course Ethan isn t the only one that can t get Willow s trauma in An Wilde has too many responsibilities to put his life on the line for a paycheck but when his latest ob has him infiltrating a sex trafficking ring to rescue a missing girl he ends up doing ust that Before he can safely extract himself from the violent band of criminals his loyalties are put to the test and Ethan ends up getting in much deeper than he ever wanted to Despite the heinous acts he’s witnessed and partaken in Ethan knows their only means of. Irreparable Damage Irreparable #1