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Er but despite the addition of a super secret radio it was just a lot of conventional runningchasingshooting Disappointing Audio High tech super secret radio it was just a lot of conventional runningchasingshooting Disappointing Audio High tech fi thriller about changing the future Found it to be interesting and clever with fast paced action 45 Sam Dryden received a call from his friend Claire told to drive as fast as he can to reach her at a gas station and to leave his phone behind He heard the fear in her voice and new there was trouble He just didn t now how much trouble and before many hours had passed they would be fleeing for their lives After eights years in the military together Claire had joined the private security business where she stumbled upon something. Mpossible and mysterious act of heroism At least it should have been impossible Determined to learn the truth what Calvert discovers leads her to Sam Dryden an ex Special Forces operative whose ordinary life has suddenly become anything butThrough their actions Dryden and Calvert have unknowingly placed themselves in the cross hairs of a frightening and dangerous enemy the result of a generations long conspiracy finally coming to fruition What these people have is a .
Signal by Patrick Lee

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This second entry in the Sam series gets off to fast start with a double tap to a child molester s then sprints to series gets off to fast start with a double tap to a child molester s head then sprints to travel adventureIt seems some mysterious group has developed a radio that can get transmissions several hours in the future A friend of Sam s has such a radio and the group is out to get them It s like a time travel novel with only half the headachesGood action and a twist at the end some of us saw coming Hoping there s a third book forthcoming I enjoyed this author s Breach series which was sci fi oriented and I also liked Runner the first book in this Dryden series Unfortunately I didn t like this book very much It was a serviceable thrill. Sam Dryden lives uietly in a small coastal town in southern California buying and fixing up old houses It's good physical work that he's come to love But his peaceful life is shattered when he gets a phone call from an old friend in trouble A phone call that pulls Dryden into the middle of a situation that's as violent as it is bafflingFor FBI agent Marnie Calvert It All Calvert it all at a secluded trailer in the Mojave Desert the scene of a horrifying crime but also of an That would endanger all of civilization And Threaten The Lives threaten the Lives Many Sam Spotted many Sam spotted s Land Rover and jumped in uickly as she promptly roared onto the freeway at breakneck speed Only some ten hours ago the headlines screamed out with the news that four little girls had been burnt to a crisp by their captor inside his broken down and sualid trailer Claire new if she could get there posthaste this time around they could actually save them Author Patrick Lee takes you on a wild ride with futures in doubt somehow changed and the rush to find The Group that are determined to rule the world Highly entertaining a huge rush of adrenaline and a whole lot of rip roaring action. Echnology that allows them to affect events before they even happen How they are planning to use it however will result in the death of millions To defeat them Dryden will need to do than think fast he'll need to think around corners and face down an enemy that can seize on his mistakes before he even makes themFollowing the national bestseller Runner Sam Dryden Patrick Lee's most indelible creation returns in one of the most compelling breathless thrillers yet Signal.