Six Days of War June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East [E–book/E–pub]

E book Six Days of War Michael B Oren explains in considerable detail how Arab ignorance and mistrust was the real key to the vastly outnumbered Israelis defeating three Arab armies in just six days Oren shows how the Israelis called up all of their reserves and prepared The Northmans Bride (Sons of the North for weeks to attack Egypt before Egypt attacked them or to defend if Egypt attackedirst And yet the Israeli attack on June 5 1967 came as a complete surprise to the commander of the Egyptian ArmyThe reasons are complicated but Oren makes a strong case that Field Marshall Abdel Hakim Amer supreme commander of Egyptian orces illed the upper ranks of the Egyptian military with cronies shoving aside talented leaders preparing The Northman's Bride for a coup against his childhoodriend President Gamel Abdel NasserThe Israelis put Moshe Dayan in charge of the military just months before the war another signal to anyone paying attention that the war plans were or an attack Also just months before the war the Egyptians blockaded the Israeli port in Elat and all shipping Time pressure pushed the Israelis to act and yet the Egyptians blustered and waited and did not prepare or an attack let alone prepare Cherry Bomb for their own On June 5 nearly the entire Israeli Air Force attacked air bases all across Egypt By the afternoon than 80% of the Egyptian Air Force was burning wreckage most of it on the ground Cratering charges made the airfields useless At the same time the Israeli Defense Forces IDF rolled into Sinai in a multi pronged attack that succeeded soast and so well that the most optimistic Israeli leaders could not believe it With so much of the IDF Leading the Way fighting on the ground and in the air in Sinai driving toward Egypt if the Jordanian and Syrian armies had attacked Israel would have to stop the attack and defend itself at minimum pulling all air support awayrom Egypt Both the Syrians and the Jordanians had sworn mutual aid in case of attack But nothing happened Ira also was to attack in support of Egypt It s orces sat in Jordan and Syria On June 7 ighting started near Jerusalem The Israelis had no plans to recapture Jerusalem but the Jordanians The Single Girl's Guide to Marrying a Man, His Kids, and His Ex-Wife: Becoming a Stepmother with Humor and Grace fired on the IDFrom the Mount Scopus and other heights in Jerusalem the IDF attacked to take out the guns and by the night of June 9 10 retook Jerusalem and had the Jordanian army including the vaunted Arab Legion in When Red Cried Wolf full retrat all across the West Bank of the Jordan RiverDuring this period the Syrians shelled Israeli settlements The settlers on therontier howled or help On June 10 the IDF attacked in the North toward Syria If the Syrians had attacked the Israelis would have been obliged to stop their offensives in Jordan and Egypt But the Syrians shelled civilians and stayed still Their army like the other two Arab armies was in headlong retreat on June 11 In war the mistakes of the enemy are often as important as the plans of the winners In this case

Arrogance And Mistrust Among The 
and mistrust among the leaders was ollowed by a betrayal by their allies The end was Israel than doubling in territory and smashing three Arab armies Oren explains battles in great detail especially retaking Jerusalem and the air attack that won the war on the The World in the Curl: An Unconventional History of Surfing first day He also gives the reader a lot of detail about propaganda Egypt used its media to deny their losses and tell the world they were winning the war Part of the hesitation of the Jordanians and Syrians to come to the aid of Egypt was the glowing reports Egypt was sending of their great victories The other overwhelming impression the book gave me is of how ignorant the Egyptians were of what the Israelis were doing despite the evidence inront of them The rest of the world was also largely ignorant of how bad the situation was on the ground and how ast everything changed It reminded me of how the world blundered into war in 1914 This book tells how ast everything changed It reminded me of how the world blundered into war in 1914 This book tells complicated story very well I read this in a lash a ew years ago It isn t a social history nor is it investigative It yields a basis A Constellation of Vital Phenomena for an ideology I accept that I just read this review and it upset my indifference What can I say I m exhauste. Pledrom power as a result of this war; borders were redrawn; daring strategies brilliantly succeeded or disastrously ailed in a matter of hours And the balance of power changed in the Middle East and in the world A towering work of history and an enthralling human narrative Six Days of War is the most important book on the Middle East conflict to appear in a generation. Ar is conveyed academically as though this were a staff ride rather than a general history Oren makes sure to tell you the movement of each battalion he does not always make sure to explain why that mattered There are maps to be sure and detailed maps Unfortunately each map tries to be everything at once so there are arrows each a different shade of black or gray covering the page in an attempt to capture every movement during all six days It should probably be noted that Michael Oren is now the Israeli Ambassador to the United States I didn t detect any overt bias other than the bias of act that Israel won the Arabs lost I m sure that won t matter to people with strong opinions Those with a pro Palestinian bent will Sextasy: Master the Timeless Techniques of Tantra, Tao, and the Kama Sutra to Take Lovemaking to New Heights find this volume a Zionist screed those who are pro Israeli hawks will undoubtedly conclude that Oren did not goar enough in lauding the IDF The average reader like me will probably ind very little in this understated and un inflammatory work to get passionate about at allThe subtitle to Oren s work is June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East That second Part The Whole Making the whole making the Middle East is mostly implied Oren goes only cursorily into the nuts and bolts of the postwar echoes new territorial boundaries land or peace settlements Arab embarrassment Israeli hubris and the seeds of the Yom Kippur War As an avowed history nut there is a very real reason I mostly avoid reading about certain As an avowed history nut there is a very real reason I mostly avoid reading about certain such as Vietnam and the Middle East The reason is this history is a hobby If I want to be stressed out and anxious well I already am History then is my escape It s soothing to slip into the a distant time period such as the American Civil War The stakes were just as high The death just as real The same passions that grip us now gripped us then But every person there is a ghost The Middle East is still an evolving bloody perhaps intractable mess it practically evolving bloody perhaps intractable mess It practically the removed observer to simply look away With that said the Still Life with Chickens: Starting Over in a House by the Sea faults in Oren s book may well be my own bias against the subject Iound this book about the Six Days of War by Michael B Oren most interesting At the time I remember Paradox Bound following the news about the war on T V I have read biographies of many of the key people in this book so I am veryamiliar with the events It was great to have all the information in one place in chronological order It helped me to understand the events better as well as what is going on today in Israel The book is well written and meticulously researched The author covered in detail all the events leading to the war as well as the war itself I noted the author was born and educated in the United States but moved to Israel in 1973 Oren became Israel s Ambassador to the United States He writes with the understanding of the workings of the Israeli government Oren did not present an unbiased review of the events If you are interested in the history of Israel or the Middle East this book will provide information about an important eventI read this as an audiobook downloaded rom Audible The book is almost eighteen hours Robert Whitfield does an excellent job narrating the book Michael B Oren s Six Days of War is probably the most comprehensive book published on Israel s 1967 conflict with the Arab world to date Painstakingly researched and scrupulously air Oren s strength is dealing with the causes and effects of the war He discusses every diplomatic move and counter move that the belligerent countries and their superpower allies the US and U S S R made and how those decisions impact Middle East policy to this day Oren is noticeably weaker when discussing the actual tactics of the war choosing to view the military units as pieces in a diplomatic chess game rather than giving the reader a sense of what the soldier on the ground was eeling although he does do a antastic job in describing the climactic battle or JerusalemSix Days is absolutely essential reading or anyone who wants to understand the politics of the region Ignorance Can be the greatest ally or the greatest enemy of an army at war In th. Comprehensive account of this epoch making event Writing with a novelist’s command of narrative and a historian’s grasp of Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays fact and motive Oren reconstructs both the lightningast action on the battlefields and the political shocks that electrified the world Extraordinary personalities Moshe Dayan and Gamal Abdul Nasser Lyndon Johnson and Alexei Kosygin rose and top. My actual literal Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act Like They Are, and How Understanding Their ... Will Solve Your Guy Drama Once and For All fake wood and screw bookshelf has two shelves devoted to unread books that I have accumulated and continue to accumulate at aantastic pace Thanks a lot cheap white wine and s one click shoppingThe downside to my book hoarding is that it is used against me every time my wife shows up in a new pair of shoes or boots or moccasins Yes moccasins And whenever we get into an argument she stands near the shelf with a sheath of matches Cackling So that might be an exaggeration The upside to having a minor bookstore s worth of never perused material is that I m often prepared when a sudden mood strikes Instead of going to a library or signing into I can just go to my bookshelf and voila instant gratificationRecently spurred by current events I got an itch to learn about Middle Eastern Israeli relations Fortunately What a Lass Wants for me and unfortunatelyor my wife child and anyone else who depends on my paycheck I had several titles on hand including Martin Gilbert s massive Israel A History Feeling a bit less ambitious I chose instead Six Days of War by Michael Oren about the so called Six Day War ought rom June 5 to June 10 1967 After all the Middle East is a lot of history bloody tragic comic tragic to 5 to June 10 1967 After all the Middle East is a lot of history bloody tragic comic tragic to I thought it best to start with only six daysThe chronology of the war gives this book its Mexican Hooker framework Oren starts with a series of contextual chapters one chapter devoted to a sweeping overview of Israel and the Arabs another chapter tightlyocused on the catalysts of the war and a third given over to the unfortunate mechanics a delayed telegram a gambler s gambit and The League for the Suppression of Celery fearear ear that triggered open conflict These opening chapters especially the irst Were The Driest Reading For Me And the driest reading Suspicion at Seven: A Lois Meade Mystery for me And the most confusing I m a bit of a newbie to Middle Eastern history while Oren writes with an authoritative assurance that his readers have a bit of background knowledge The names especiallyrom all sides were unfamiliar to me and with the exception of a ew men Dayan Nasser the personalities never really popped off the page Some of my confusion of course comes rom the The Day Fidel Died fact that this troubled area of the world is a complicated mess The precipitant of the Six Day War was border incursions along the Syrian Israelirontier Palestinian guerrillas used Syria as a base of operations Israel accused them of harboring terrorists etc etc Eventually based on alse of operations Israel accused them of harboring terrorists etc etc Eventually based on alse that Israel was going to attack Syria Egypt s leader Gamal Abdel Nasser moved troops into the Sinai and ejected the UN observers stationed there He also closed the Straits of Tiran I could attempt to relate but maybe it s best if you just re listened to Billy Joel s We Didn t Start the Fire It s all there or less Importantly all these regional tensions played out against the backdrop of the Cold War The USSR backed Syria and Egypt while the US stood behind Israel The little guys did their best to draw in the big guys while the big guys did their best to rein in the little guys while still giving them lots of guns to play with Eventually hemmed in on three sides Syria to the north Jordan to the west Egypt to the south and with no assurance of American help Israel attacked The irst day of war each day gets its own chapter was decisive The Israeli Air Force destroyed the Egyptian Air Force while it was on the ground while her ground troops routed the Egyptians army under Abdel Amer who lied about his defeat or so long that one has to wonder at his mental stability Meanwhile King Hussein of Jordan decided to enter the Gulp!: The Seven-Day Crash Course to Master Fear and Break Through Any Challenge fray on Egypt s behalf Thinking this mostly a bluff Israel gave him the chance to back off Hussein did not So Israel went on the offensive there as well bagging Jerusalem in the process Towards the end of the six days with the west and south secure Israel captured the Golan Heights defended by Syriaor good measure All this information is conveyed in what can only be termed drab unadorned prose There is precious little consideration given to illuminating characters and a paucity of vivid The Outlaw and the Upstart King first person accounts The tactical aspects of the Though it lastedor only six tense days in June the 1967 Arab Israeli war never really ended Every crisis that has ripped through this region in the ensuing decades rom the Yom Kippur War of 1973 to the ongoing intifada is a direct conseuence of those six days of ighting Michael B Oren’s magnificent Six Days of War an internationally acclaimed bestseller is the irst. Six Days of War June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East