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Incredible Well that was nothing like I expected I would never Have Guessed Where The Story guessed where the story going that s why I love this series so much it really keeps ou on Lippenbekenntnisse your toes Now to the next book Must readI m devouring these books the story of jai is so all encompassing onceou pop the the first book Chasing McCree Chasing McCree you can t stop An amazing story with action love and plenty of steamy bits Omg Ifou read any of these books in this seriesyou will know exactly what I knowthat Impossible Things you are hooked This series will drawou in an keep ou *On Th Good Series But Please Fix *th Good series but please fix errorsI love this series but this book needs an editor The other books I overlooked the small typos grammatical errors but this one had so many it was irritating I love the characters and will be continuing the series I also only gave 4 stars for the others for typosgrammatical errors This one was the worst However all in all a good book Leaves ou wanting I can t wait to read Amazing Im a slow reader bu. I am Jaevia Knightley Jae for short a daemon a mutt a mix breed half succubus half vampire and my world is dying I am part of a great organization #the Kindred our only charge to police the other supernaturals of the worlds In a twisted #Kindred our only charge to police the other supernaturals of the worlds In a twisted of fate it is the Kindr.

Hunted Nightmare AscensionT this book kept me entertained and constantly wanting Give it a try Im soooo sharing Omg this story is freaking unbelievable I have Im soooo sharing Omg this story is freaking unbelievable I have words this is truly the most twisted of them all LM Wachten op Apollo you ve truly outdoneourself and it was truly worth the wait I can t wait for the next installment of this series This book was the best so far in the series The intensity had my emotions all over the place And that in my opinion is the mark of a great book One that can make ou FEEL And this one certainly did I recommend this *BOOK FOR ALL ADULTS THAT LOVE *for all adults that love mix their erotica with a bit of kink and fantasy This book was great #I HAD A MILLION UESTIONS AFTER READING THE THIRD #had a million uestions after reading the third and although they were somewhat answered I now have even from the latest revelations in the fourth Lol But in all honesty I really enjoyed this book I have to say Jae is not my biggest fan I am hoping she matures a bit in the next installment or redeems herself Jack is still my favorite I just wish Jae. Ed that now need to be policed and saved A scion of Sheba a member of the House of Peitho trained to be a courtesan and spy I’ve been ordered to spy on my most hated enemy but to get close to him I must also let him get close to me Will I lose myself in this mad.

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Would stop using him And Tabari well *Is Really Did Not See That One *really did not see that one I am totally intrigued with the epilogue and really want to know I am eagerly awaiting the next book I don t even know what I think right now I think I am just pissed off I can not even give it a ratingedited to add 4 stars I did really like this book I am totally invested in this series I just get so pissed about Jack I really hate Lucien He treats Jack so badly And though Jack thinks he deserves it I am not in agreement with him And Jae Wow just wow with all of that power It am looking forward to learning about the sin eaters The epilogue not cool I will not spoil it for those who have not read it but that just pissed me right off All I will say is some things need to stay dead Can t wait to read what happens nextI m in love with Twisted Eventide The plot always as leaves me wanting The way LM Adams tells a story is remarkable If ou enjoyed the first couple books ou ll definitely this on. Plan Can I save my people What is too much to risk when there are millions of lives in the balance Could I forgive myself if I did not give all
"Risk All When Everything I’ve "
all When everything I’ve believed is shaken to its very core can I continue to trust the people closest to.