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Thank you NetGalley for an advanced copy I voluntarily eviewed this book All opinions expressed are my Own She S Out By She s Out By La PlanteREVIEW She s Out is the last book of the widows trilogy This story follows Dolly after her time in jail I accidentally discovered this series but i have enjoyed every book this but I have enjoyed every book This is no exception It s an intriguing well written story with strong memorable characters I ecommend for a different sort of mystery My first book by this very prolific writer the brilliant tv series Prime Suspect is from
author s work and it not be my last A group of ex cons all women and all with stories of their own try first to con the lead protagonist out of her hidden fortune then work with her to pull off the biggest heist of their lives Along the way we discover their humanity as they discover how to trust again The heist was pulse poundingly good and the end of The final act in the best selling 'Widows' seriesAfter serving a lengthy sentence for the murder of her husband Dolly Rawlins is free from prison And she's only got one thing on her mind the diamonds she stashed before the police caught he. He book was stunning Really a jaw dropping shocker I Loved It Five Enthusiastic Stars This Book Wasn T My it Five enthusiastic stars This book wasn t my book of the year but it goes without saying that I did enjoy Berlayar di Pamor Badik reading it and it was aeally uick L. Munatius Plancus read This book is part of the Widows series and is the final book of the sagaDolly Rawlins has been in prison and after her due time is finally beingeleased She hopes to ecover the stolen diamonds she stashed before she served her time but as
as she leaves the jail she has a slew of people chomping at her heels in order has a slew of people chomping at her heels in order either get their own cut or help get her back inside the prison for past occurrences Dolly is forced to make some choices both bad and goodI liked the writing of this story and how dramatic it feels at times It makes it a ather uick ead that is packed with details This book did lag at times but what I liked the most is the strong females strewn throu. RBut there are people waiting for Dolly on the outside tough ex prisoners who know about the diamonds and they all want a cutAlso waiting for Dolly is DS Mike Withey He holds her personally esponsible for the death of his sister in the di. Ghout Would have *been 4 stars but the ending was a bit of a disappointment it felt ushed to * 4 stars but the ending was a bit of a disappointment it felt Migrant Resistance in Contemporary Europe rushed to She s Out pleasantly surprised me It mainly follows Dolly Rawlins convicted for the murder of her husband mobster Harry Rawlins as she seleased from prison Her fellow The Violinist and The Son of Redhead: Two Plays by Leonard Melfi recentlyeleased prisoner Ester gets wind of Dolly s Fairy Tales are True: Silent Reach from the Dunes to the Khumba Mela release and gets a crew of former inmates together to welcome Dolly and subseuently plot to get a cut of the diamonds she sud to have stashedThe book is fast paced and not overly predictable The plot changes gears a number of times and just WHEN YOU THINK YOU KNOW WHERE IT S GOING you think you know where it s going switches again The premise eminded me of the Ocean s series I liked the style and how it alternated perspectives between each of the women involved Going into the book I was unaware that it had previously been a tv series in the 1980s It was ecently Dying to Be Ill: True Stories of Medical Deception reworked as a novel by author Lydia LaPlante. Amondaid 10 years earlier And he wants her back insideDolly Rawlins has other plans But can she Octavio's Journey realize the dream that kept her going all those years in prison and avoid those who are after her©2019 Lynda La Plante P2019 Bonnier Books