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Craze of the 1970s This is the book for which he s best nown and what a confused credulous and shambling affair it is The plot such as it is sees him on the trail of the truth about the Moon and the aliens referred to with a lumbering capital letter only as Them who steered our satellite into Earth orbit at some point in the distant past and who have been working to repair it ever since using giant machinery that the Apollo program was designed to go and have a good look at His research methods ordering 8 by 10 glossy prints of Moon photos from NASA and then having his local print shop enlarge them so he could pore over them with a "MAGNIFYING GLASS OWE EVERYTHING TO PAREIDOLIA "glass owe everything to pareidolia artefacts of film grain and nothing to parked spacecraft or rope ladders half a mile long the poor reproductions of photographs in the book adorned with arrows and circles do nothing to support his argument The scribbled pen and ink sketches showing us what we re supposed to see are even less convincing His tendency to throw in any fringe story he can find in support of argument doesn t him any favours either He chides someone else for having an overactive imagination in suggesting a argument doesn t do him any favours either He chides someone else for having an overactive imagination in suggesting a explanation than giant construction euipment perhaps he should have listened to his own advice He is helped in his investigations by various conveniently pseudonymous NASA scientists none of whom sound anything like any scientist I ve ever encountered He does mention the planetary geologist Professor Farouk El Baz several times seemingly in the context of interviewing him El Baz was instrumental in selecting the Apollo landing sites but curiously there are no direct uotes from these interviews in the book Applying Occam s Razor which Leonard encourages us to do many times one can only conclude that he made the whole thing up from start to finish It s a mess You do get a great Chris Foss painting on the cover though Hilarious The author s earnestness in proving his firm belief in aliens using the moon as a base or it being an ancie. The conclusion somebody is doing something on our Moon Illustrated with official NASA photographs. ,

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So bad its good A very interesting book on moon anomalies written by a Harvard grad during the Apollo years Not everything in the book has aged "WELL BUT MUCH OF IT HAS "but much of it has is either a bad scientist with no understanding how to present his findings properly or a moderate fiction writer with a great imaginationThis guy looked at some low rez black and white images from early NASA orbiters and saw robots buildings screws and on the MoonReally Of all the possibilities this guy saw alien activities all around the Moon The images from my of the book were really low rez could make nothing out what he was talking about Maybe he had like the most crystal clear images everBasically all this might be possible that he s writing I guess But I find the lack of evidence disturbing to say the least Besides I thought we had Nazis on the dark side of the MoonStill it s one of the big pseudoscience books that is actually uite logically written And in that sense it s uite easy to read and it ind of jogs the mind because he s really leaping to uite ridiculous conclusions really fast It would be uite interesting to read a contra paper about the images Leonard bases his wild hypothesis mean nowdays we should have a much better uality images from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and probesJust look at that amount of missions to the Moon selection of LRO and Apollo mission images of Tycho crater just take a look at that beautiful gallery of Moon images maybe you can spot some robots and other anomalies I love astronomy and everything connected with it I love the moon in all its forms I am utterly interested in everything related to the moon and I read this book simply with great interest I would be very glad if in the future they will give us a look at even better pictures in very high resolution to clearly see everything with our own eyes and once and for all make sure whether there are all these artificial structures on the moon or not Hands down the most moronic book I ve ever read The author s hypothesi. Incredible proof of an alien race on the Moon The evidence Immense mechanical rigs strange geometr. .
S is that the moon is inhabited by an alien race Therein he puts forth all sorts of evidence to support his idea 999% percent of this evidence involves photographs of the moon taken by NASA during orbiting probes Keep in mind the book was written in the 70s immediately after the Apollo missions So the book is rife with moronic predictions that haven t come true within the time frame the author lays out thereThe whole thing works well as a comedy piece but the sad truth is the deluded idiot is writing with all "seriousness He includes illustrations of rigs and on the moon surface Then "He includes illustrations of rigs and
*machinery the *
on the surface Then a photo as proof Inevitably I d flip to the grainy low contrast photo included in the book and would see a rock Back and forth Uhthat s a rock That s a shadow cast by a rock That s another rock Uhlight striking a rock I m not sure if the guy is legitimately crazy although he s since deceased or if he just can t evaluate a photograph But he s referencing photos of rocks and claiming they re machines and rigs Ohthis book was so stupid Did I say that already But for nuckle biting entertainment I d give it a half star He does offer a smidgen of a uasi detective story that illustrates people at NASA and real scientists within the text staring at him in flabbergasted stunned silence Oddly enough he deduces that these looks of stunned awe are a sign that these people are hiding something when it s patently obvious it s a reaction of shock to the supreme levels of stupidity this moron is putting forth Ohdid I mention how stupid this book was Sorry I m just spent I can t even convey the brainless chatter that boiled out of this paperback Did I mention how stupid this book was OhI already said that this is how the book reads Ouch I find it fascinating how Leonard is now referred to in reprints of this book as a NASA scientist He was nothing of the sort He was a hack a public health worker by day and in his spare time a writer of several racy science fiction novels that are uite frankly terrible cashing in on the UFO. Ic ground markings and symbols construction lights flares vehicle tracks towers pipes and conduits. .
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