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Ely labbergasted If I were talking instead of writing I would be practically speechless We re up to book 21 in the Argeneau series and while Sands has at times struggled to remain resh and coherent it has still been an enjoyable series But this book I had problems with this book Don t even bother reading if you "DON T WANT SPOILERS BECAUSE THAT IS ALL I " t want spoilers because that is all I going to be doing hereThe book starts off kind of novel spoilers because that is all I am going to be doing hereThe book starts off kind of novel of drama and violence and Stephanie the teen Edentate ie vampire without Slo Mo! fangs who isn t crazyrom previous books is the heir apparent in Poor Mrs. Rigsby finding life mates And this time instead of maneuvering Stephanie is very upront hey vampires are real and this is your life mate this is what a vampire is all of that it is right out in the open Conseuently I think a new reader could actually start here which is unusual Pirates, Ships, and Sailors for such a long running series Everything was going alongairly smoothly and while Sherry and Basil s chemistry wasn t the best nothing like Basil s bother Lucien and his lifemate Leigh I was enjoying this than the previous couple of books and then we hit the irst speed bump the hero Basil has been having babies every 100 years or so over the past 3000 years with a riend of his and as recently 25 years ago Ok that threw me War Made New: Technology, Warfare, and the Course of History: 1500 to Today for a loop But he explained and while I was still not precisely thrilled with it I understood his motivations life is boring and theyound having children A Boy in Winter fulfilling So on we went Then we got closer to the end and we started realizing Sherry had been controlled by a vampire her entire life Turns out herather while an effed up drunken immortal 19 year old used mild mind control to convince Sherry s happily married mother to have sex with him Later he Frost at Midnight found Sherry s mother in a hospital after she tried to kill herself over a pregnancyrom an infidelity she couldn t understand and he used mind control on them to try to ix his mistake and he stuck around When Sherry s parents eventually divorced he stepped in as an uncle As Sherry aged he wiped his image rom her mind to show back up as her best The Pentagon Papers: Making History at the Washington Post friend Later he did it again and got her to hire himor her new business And all the while wen she went off the rails so to speak he would control her or wipe her mind to Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution fix things Naturally Sherry was completely devastated and righteously angered But then Elvi who seemed a reasonable and sensible person in her own book turned into a sociopath and explained how what Sherry s sperm donor did was alright because mortal parents would do it if they could and the rape really wasn t that bad because it wasn t a violent violation WTF Then Basharom a previous book also On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock finally had togot to kill her own son Leo who is the true villain of this current story arc And Sherry realized everything is hunky dory and she looks to go rescue her dadrom the horrific punishment he is due violent though the punishment was it seemed like an appropriate one to me Sherry and Basil admit their love they ind out Sherry s paternal grandfather will be showing up and the book basically ends So basically I am not at all pleased with this book I am not pleased with the way this book handles consent and I am not pleased with this lopped off ending I honestly don t know if I am inished with this series but unless something spectacular is happening in the next book I am doubtful I will continue I am sorry to say but this story has negatively colored the entire series or me No rating rom me only disappointmentCross posted. Ry and instinct don’t lie They tell him something else too that Sherry’s connection to the immortal world goes deeper than she knows And that she’s in the kind of danger only Basil can save her Nini from if she’ll just trust him now andorever. ,

So many of them but am I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) feeling burnt out on this world and there s just not enough variety any Thisormula is getting extremely stale It is all so rote by now that you know the heroine will have had the entire vampire life explained to her by third chapter then we know Leo is going to show up and menace then we spend dozens of chapter protecting her in an authoritarian ashion while introducing as many past couples as possible until time to end the book one chapter of plot denouement and then boom we many past couples as possible until time to end the book one chapter of plot denouement and then boom we in love orever Even one of the characters brings up the ridiculousness of all these supposedly immortals suddenly inding all these mates I really hope the author didn t bring up Basil s 20 odd kids so she could extend this another 20 odd books And seriously you can t spend 20 plus books talking about how lifemates can t influence each other and then expect me to buy this repeated well maybe this mysterious vampire thinks you re his lifemate thing Hello did you seriously orget that plot connivence that drives every book toward the middle of this one I mean if several characters repeat the can t influence evidence then these same characters discuss whether this other mysterious vampire might think she s his life mate as though it is an actual option Without saying that the vampire would have to be a moron who knew nothing about how lifemates really work I guess I would have just been left with a ho hum read but then I got the mama was raped part of the storyline which the author immediately retcons into being ok because you know it wasn t rape rape and she really wanted it anyway WHAT THE EVERLOVING FUCK WHY AM I READING THIS SHIT Rape in romance novel is bad enough but the main character literally goes rom hating the dude to don t hurt my daddy in two pages of bullshit And the not really rape part makes me so angry Don t ucking bring of bullshit And the not really rape part makes me so angry Don t Camp Rex fucking bring the story in theirst place if you are going to treat the subject so poorly You want her ather to be an actual vampire write it in better Basileios is my least avorite Argeneau brother I disliked him even than Jean Claude He was suppose to be like Lucian but he was nothing like him He didn t have Lucian s sense of honor or his strong values Touch of Enchantment foramily or his protective instinct Basil is the guy who was in a sexual relationship with a When Dads Don't Grow Up friend and they had 26 kids together considering you are only allowed to have one child every 100 years that is a lot of years to be with someone he spoke about his over 2600 years of being with theriend mother of his 26 children in ew sentences and acted as it meant nothing Because according to him we didn #t live together but he raised the kids with her and was very #live together but he raised the kids with her and was very part of their individual lives His youngest child is 25 years oldonly 8 years younger than Sherry That means Sherry can not have a child or the next 75 years I can t believe any women would be ok with hearing her lifemate was spreading his seeds with another woman a woman who was part of his daily life Pee Wee Scouts treasury (Pee Wee Scouts, for that many years the mother of his children but the relation wasn t serious enough sorry I don t buy it But the same idiot knew he was in love with Sherry after 5 days while they were either traveling spending time hiding hunting the bad guys being with other couples spending time in bed or eating pizza Yeah Sure There wasn t enough humor and Elvi was very annoying I am not even going to comment about Alexander or Sherry s mom The Immortal Who Loved Meby Lynsay SandsI am absolut. Guys’ trail may be her life mate Her head says it’s impossible The rest of her takes one look at Basileios Argeneau and has much interesting ideasWhatever Basil expected in a life mateunny outspoken Sherry isn’t it But mind blowing chemist. This review is going to be a bit of a mess I just inished reading it and I usually take a day or two before I write the review just to get everything in perspective Anyways moving alongBasileios Argeneau is a 3538 year old immortal who is now a lawyer I guess he s vampire in than one way get it cause lawyers are considered bloodsuckersno I ll stop He is Lucian and Victor s brother He is said to be bossy stubborn and uite a lot like Lucian which is why they often have arguments and Basil prefers living in New York Sherry Carne is the owner of a kitchenware store in Toronto She is also very much a mortal Her mother died a couple of years ago and her ather abandoned her after her brothers death when she was a child She is a workaholic and really wants her business to thrive which is why she doesn t many riends or other hobbies Let me start off by saying that or uite a High Heat few years I really loved this series it had cool vampires a lot of humor sweet and soft romance with some sexy time but something changed in the last couple of books There was just a lot of stuff happening in the book The romance was practically non existence they only met a couple of days and while some books manage to make me think that the protagonists are actually in love after only meeting each other a couple of days this book didn t Also the I love you s came a bit too earlyor me considering they don t know each other and yes I know they are meant to lifemates and most of the couples in the series had only known each other or a small amount of time as well but those couples atleast spend a lot together and were not just trying to ind some immortal criminal or were hiding rom some criminal immortal with a whole bunch amily members uibbles Apart rom the lack of romance Basil had 22 oh sorry 26 children our of which died with another woman who was not his lifemate she was his A treatise on the law of marital rights in Texas friend Seriously unless the children were bornrom in vitro you have to eel something or the woman you have 22 children with Basil said that it was because him and Mary were lonely tired of living and wanted a reason Lots of Hearts for livingine I could understand that I could even understand having till about 4 children together but 22 Are
You Kidding MeI Guess Whenever 
kidding meI guess whenever elt tired of living again they decided to have a child and I think the reason Basil doesn t have children is because of the 1 child per a hundred year rule He says that they don t now and have never lived together how does that work if they both wanted a child and both of them raised them Their youngest child is only 25 years old Sherry is only 32 years old herself and she doesn t have children or is planning to Now she s a step mother to 22 children How can Sherry be okay with that maybe it would have been different if had children with some women and not just one woman nope I don t think so How can anyone be ok with that is beyond me image error DNF50% I was utterly bored by this book It drags and drags on things previously covered on the series such as the origins of the immortals This is probably with intent on making them standalone I get and respect that but way much page space is used with that purpose It s much page space is used with that purpose It progression significantly and losing me completely in the process Absolutely nothing of note has happened in the last 3050% The main characters are also not very interesting and I don t eel a connection to them and between them I m not sure if I m willing to try another in the series I loved. A ew hours ago Sherry Carne would have sworn that vampires didn’t exist That’s before rogue immortals rampage through her store leaving bloody chaos literally in their wake The kicker comes when Sherry learns that one of the vamps on the bad. The Immortal Who Loved Me Argeneau #21