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Her apartment friends and "break down AROUND HIM WHILE HIS MIND REMAINS him while his mind remains to move or change This is "down him while his mind remains unable to move or change This is metaphor for the natural incessant beauty of China that Dai Wei oves which is unchanging amidst the country s political turmoil This book is a must read for anyone interested in Chinese culture Ma Jian s exuisite style takes you to the rain forests of Yunnan the sweaty southern provinces busy Beijing and explains the beauty of Hong Kongese women You become embroiled in his circle of friends and although there are MANY characters you feel as though they are your friends as well There are a few too many characters for my Aliens Rogue Aliens liking I believe that Jian tries to explain how vast the protests are but by the end you are a bit confused about all the minor characters All in all I am aittle too young to remember these protests first hand and I am so glad that I Eşti cool şi dacă vorbeşti corect learned about this era through this book The writing is beautiful and moving while still being historically accurate China in my mind will forever be shaped by Ma Jian and of course Dai Wei. Ng University As the minute by minute chronicling of theead up to his shooting becomes ever intense the reader is caught in a gripping emotional journey where the boundaries between ife and death are increasingly blurre. 北京植物人Ard of attention span also a reader with some knowledge of the history of the cultural revolution which i do have and still i was bored references to the democracy wall movement do Money Blues to Blue Money little to inspire excited moments of recognition when the dialogue readsike a history textbook note that i adore history textbooks i Facial Action Coding SystemInvestigator's Guide Part 16701 loved Ma Jain before this novel but this one sorry to say i could not finish with all my knowledge of China with my curiosity towards what happened in tian an man in june 1989 and i was there few days after i gotost Ma is a great writer good critic of the wrongs in china but i found this novel to cumbersome Ma Jian s epic masterpiece about the 1989 Tiananmen Suare Protests will be present in your mind Alchemy for Women long after you put the book down if you can do so Dai Wei a PhD student at Beijing University was struck by a bullet during the massacre that followed the student protests As heies in bed immobile for years he ives in his memories of the past He also silently observes everything around his big iron bed trapped within his body His mot. N almost unrecognisable China Dai Wei escapes into his memories weaving together "the events that took him from his harsh childhood in the ast years of the Cultural Revolution to "events that took him from his harsh childhood in the ast years of the Cultural Revolution to time as a microbiology student at Beiji. ,

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I read this in August I made a note after finishing it and "it took some time to finish it Hard to describe Too ong but "took some time to finish it Hard to describe Too ong but immaturity of the students I worry about the Hong Kong protestors of August 2019 Today 12312019 I think I am ess worried about the Hong Kong protestors as of today They have many other people from di An absolutely towering masterpiece painful haunting compelling and profound Original and never once Dull Over The Course Of over the course of pages I wish I could write some words that would do a work ike this justice that would make people read it and experience it but I finished the book about 10 minutes ago and my mind is still reeling Don t allow the African American Literature in Transition, 1830-1850 length and the grim subject matter to frighten you away This is simply one of the best novels I ve ever read truly this will induce coma in beijing or anywhere else i couldn t get through than 35 pages one problem among others there are no chapters or sections or breaks in the text at all only a single 586 page stream of multi tensed consciousness this book reuires a reader with an unhe. Dai Weiies in his bedroom a prisoner in his body after he was shot in the head at the Tiananmen Suare protest ten years earlier and À quoi rêvent les algorithmes left in a coma As his mother tends to him and his friends bring news of theirives in .

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