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Representation Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices Culture Media and Identities Series yThe enormity of the crime he is amazed at the calmness with which the girls accept the atrocity and refuse to strike back despite having some ghostly powers Soon Gurmeet finds he has a bigger problem in handThe novel is YAoung adult fiction hence the story is kept simple and sweet There are a few plot holes for instance if the women were pregnant so often surely the neighbours remarked on how the women turned up without a child at "the of it It could be explained away as a "end it It could be explained away as a birth but so freuently If we set aside this there is nothing to crib about because the story has a beautiful heart it brings out how much a girl child enriches the lives of the familyI am a fan of Ranjit Lal s writing I loved his book The life and of Altu Faltu His writings on birds freuently in magazines This book is a hard one to rate It deals with such a uintessentially South Asian issue that Five fags a day you feel bad for both liking and disliking this book You can t possibly like a book about female infanticide Then again ifou hated it that would make Wicked Affairs p 2 you one of them Now about the story I actually liked the way the topic was introduced and the fun uirky ghost story that followed BUT I absolutely hated the ending It just didn t work for me The author was being an apologist when he neatly tied it all up with ribbons and a bow for us The redemption arc was so foolish it almost sounded like an apology on behalf of child murderers They should have been punished in a HUGE way Thus the ending ruined the book in a big way Otherwise this book could have been a ground breaking one in Children s literature Faces In The Water is a book that deals with female infanticide in India I like how the author managed to tackle a subject as sensitive as this and presented it in a way that could appeal to everyone evenoung teens It s written well in a way that captures and holds Jane of Gowlands your interest at every page It s definitely worth reading dis is a v good book dis tells us abt d social evil ie d female infanticide girls r powerful dan boys which is nt needed 2 b proved dis book makes us aware of d crises a family face becoz of its deeds Awsome Beautifully written about Female infanticide. Rmi and the ghost girls be able to avenge the evil that has taken place and preventet another unspeakable atrocity from occurringFunny et sensitive and immensely powerful Faces in the Water is the story of lives lost to appease our society’s insatiable hunger for male children and the price families pay for its sak. ,

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The Water and said Read I was taken aback because though she is a voracious reader she rarely does that I guess she assumes that what interests her may not be of interest to me though there are a lot of books that I do read once she has read them Keeping up with the times ou know Anyway Faces in the Water was a surprise A pleasant one Here is a book for oung adults and maybe kids who are serious readers A book that deals one Here is a book for oung adults and maybe kids who are serious readers A book that deals the subject of female infanticide in a gentle manner Is that possible Yes Ranjit makes it possible and even puts in enough dollops of humour Just the right mix of fun in a very serious topic Gurmeet the protagonist makes a discovery that not only makes him under WOW Powerful articulate and creative What a way to empower a future generation of little boys to become men who understand and value gender euity A really clever presentation of the gender issues in Indian families told from the perspective of an adolescent boy in a magical realism esue novel An Ibsen esue look at a social ill through a children s story Lots of action but the end was a bit weak It could have been tied up better IT WAS AN AMAAZING BOOKWANT MORE BOOKS LIKE THIS ancient and rich Diwanchand family is famous for having only sons You can sense the horrible secret behind this as Prey you find out that all the children of this family are born in their ancestral farmhouse Gurmeet or Gurmi the only son of one of the Diwanchand brothers is sent to live in the farmhouse when his house in Delhi is shut for renovations His mother forbids him to step anywhere close to the well that is attached to the farmhouseLike any other 15ear old Gurmeet does exactly what he is forbidden to and unearths the secret behind the unbroken line of Diwanchand family s sons The beautiful girls who were lowered into the well to keep the tradition alive are now a series of ghosts he discoversYou could be forgiven for thinking this makes the story spooky and gruesome It does not With a deft and gentle touch Ranjit Lal turns this story into a fantasy where the girls show their brother that had they lived everyone s life would have been much fun and enrichedEven as Gurmeet tries to struggle with. Nges everyone’s world forever The faces of three girls look up at him from the water and draw him into a world of fun games and cyber magic and Gurmi has to face up to an unnerving truth as murky as the surreal wellWhat terrible crimes have been committed behind the walls of the rambling Diwanchand family home Will Gu. I both loved and hated this book so I
M Averaging It Out To 
averaging it out to stars Loved because it s such a brilliant and courageous idea to write a light hearted book for oung adults "about such a terrible social evil as female infanticide Sometimes sad and sometimes really funny with memorable "such a terrible social evil as female infanticide Sometimes sad and sometimes really funny with memorable and a strong element of suspense this book holds our interest throughout I also loved the Punjabi family attitudes the external solidarity and internal bickering the infectious sense of fun and the rebellion against the patriarchal system all of which Bollywood has made so familiar to us What I didn t like was the dialogue to me it just didn t ring true That is the slang spoken by the narrator protagonist Gurmeet alias Gurmi and the other teenagers seemed to be a not very convincing mix of many generations of slang Granted I m pretty dated when it generations of slang Granted I m pretty dated when it to teen speak but still I find it hard to believe that teenagers still use Billy Bunterish words like scoffing In addition the book is a first person narrative so there is no letting up on this It really bothered me in the first half of the book but once the action picked up and I guess I got used to the voice I was able to forget about it and concentrate on the story and characters What I really disliked was the resolution Spoilers aheadIt is one thing for the ghosts of the victims of infanticide to be forgiving but uite another for the author to let the perpetrators off the hook Yet that is what Ranjit Lal has done True the perpetrators sincerely repent and make amends Let us even concede great amends But murder and this is murder not even the possibly morally confusing foeticide cannot go unpunished If Lal did not want to send his protagonist s parents to the gallows or to life imprisonment he should have made the murders happen a generation ago Dead grandparents cannot be held to account for their crimes and everyone could then have lived happily ever after I wish too that Mohini Nanni and Baby had not disappeared forever once their work was done they are really lovable and addictive characters And having begun at last I shall certainly read of Ranjit Lal s books When my 12 Batman: Arkham Asylum - A Serious House on Serious Earth year old gave me Ranjit Lal s Faces in. What doou do when Once is Never Enough you discover an unspeakable truth aboutour parentsThe Diwanchand family boasted of having only sons no daughters The water from a magical well in their farmhouse was the reason behind this ‘good fortune’ they said One day fifteen ear old Gurmi sets out to look for the well and what he sees cha. ,

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