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Those droll little ovals the Hueys return in this third Picture Book Devoted To Their Adventures Following Upon The Hueys book devoted to their adventures following upon The Hueys the New Sweater and The Hueys in It Wasn t Me this time exploring the idea of zero and the numbers from one to ten After addressing the uestion of whether none is a number at all the Hueys count from one to ten the uestion of whether none is a number at all the Hueys count from one to ten many umorous examples from the number of temper tantrums Kevin throws per day 4 to the number of oranges balanced on various objects 7 In the end the subject returns to the idea of noneLike its predecessors The Hueys in None the Number pairs an amusing text with appealing artwork Unlike its predecessors there isn t really so much of a story ere but the book works very well as an exploration of the concept of zero and the fun of counting I find these roly poly characters uite amusing and appreciated the full circle structure in which the nature of none is raised yet again to the impatience of one of the Hueys at the close of the book Attentive readers should look for the little informational note on the idea of none the book Attentive readers should look for the little informational note on the idea of none appears on the inside of the rear book cover Recommended to anyone who read and enjoyed the first two books about the Hueys as well as to anyone looking for picture books about the numbers and about the concept of zero Hooray for adventures with the super kooky Hueys We adored thisNone the Number is a super fun counting Huey adventure It is filled with all the wit and charm you can always expect with a Jeffers book The Hueys are aving a number discussion It all kicks off with one Huey trying to explain to the other about the number 0Leave it to those uirky little fellows to put a cheeky little bit of confusion into counting Is none really an number What do you thinkEach page is filled with super simplistic illustrations that are just gorgeous to gaze at We particularly liked the 9 naughty seagulls that were trying to steal poor Frank s chipsThe ending is totally smile worthy None the Number is another fab Huey tale that is full of Are You There God? It's Me M humour We can t wait toave some fun with these little guys Ok let s just start with the two Hueys on the title page who are olding up fingers to indicate Zero one two three They totally look like they are throwing up gang signs and I LOVE THATThen let s address the fact that FOUR is the number of tantru. Learn to count with the #1 New York Times bestselling artist of THE DAY THE CRAYONS UIT and is On Hitler's Mountain Overcoming the Legacy of a Nazi Childhood PS hilarious cast of Hueys Is none a number you might ask I'm glad you did The answer is Yes For exampleow many lumps of cheese do you see next to you The answer depending on where you are is likely none. The Hueys in None the NumberOm 1 so I love this bookIt reinforces addition 01 is 1 and subtraction 1 less than 1 is 0 and adds one to count from 0 to 10 and then takes and subtraction 1 less than 1 is 0 and adds one to count from 0 to 10 and then takes all away to get 0 againSome of the depictions are ilarious I love the 4 tantrums children will be able to relate whether it s a sibling or themselves and the 5 I've Got a Home in Glory Land: A Lost Tale of the Underground Railroad hatsats are a big thing for many children especially in dressups Balancing the oranges is just funny read the BOOK 10 APPLES UP ON TOP 10 Apples Up On Top as is guessing the gift children will love the wrong guessesThe book also includes a short factual note about the mathematics and istory of zero if adults want to explore the concept further with childrenOverall this is an essential addition in kindergarten and school libraries and in junior primary maths classes Lots of picture books explore counting one to ten but not many tackle the concept of none Oliver Jeffers returns to is Dragonsbane hilariously expressive Hueys toelp explain Along the way we count some rather unusual fare The number of Kevin s daily tantrums the number of seagulls after Frank s chips and a rather splendid collection of chairsOliver Jeffers is an award winning and best selling authorillustrator Every small person ought to spend a little time exploring Lonestar Sanctuary his wonderful imagination His illustrations are simple but captivating and gloriously expressive If you are a fan already then this offering will not disappoint How many copies of Oliver s new book do youave in your ands right now None That s right But luckily that can be easily rectified One than none is one and that is a good number of copies to start withI award this book with Much Enthusiasm The Same Number enthusiasm the same number stars as Rupert as Understanding the Black Economy and Black Money in India hats to choose from Can you guessow ma This book makes counting fun I Desperate (Bad Baker Boys, have to admit when I was young and someone told me that zero was a number I could not wrap myead around it I so wish I Biocentrismo. L'universo, la coscienza. La nuova teoria del tutto had this book toelp me understand the none is a number You just A Small C Compiler Language Usage Theory and Design have to look at it through the Huey s eyesWith simple illustrations the Hueys will guide your young scholar with the challenging task of learning to count Be it one blue phone or fiveats or ten trumpeters walking by when they are all gone you are left with noneI loved this book than I thought I would and I am sure that the time you and your young reader spend together will be a delight to you bot. Spectacle But when you take away all of these fun illustrations in the book You're left with none This funny and accessible counting book from #1 New York Times bestseller Oliver Jeffers The Day the Crayons uit; This Moose Belongs to Me gives the Hueys one reason to be every young child's best frien. ,

Ms Kevin throws every day Some kids will nod and go I know a kid like Kevin and others will be like Man I m so glad Kevin isn t my brother while still be like Man I m so glad Kevin isn t my brother while still will be reassured I totally throw four tantrums A DAY THEY LL THINK WHEW I APPEAR TO day they ll think Whew I appear to within normal levelsSIX is fishermen waiting for the bus and if you think Oliver Jeffers
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not affected living in Brooklyn surrounded by How Drawings Work hepcats just take a look at the peacoat and Breton jersey to say nothing of theats on this pageNINE is seagulls trying to snag Frank s french fries which reminds me of a tragic story involving a saltshaker on the Ocean City boardwalk That poor birdSo all told I d Truly Irresistible have to call None the Number my favorite one to ten book since One Was Johnny Some time ago my 4 year old son proudly showed meow Whisper Loudly he could make 6 adding 33 and 222 I showedim we could do 51 and 42 too Then I've Been Thinking . . .: Reflections, Prayers, and Meditations for a Meaningful Life he realized we could make 123 and 114 I was so excited I decided to pushim a little further and showed Dragon Ball Z Cycle 2 T03 him we could make 606 His smile faded fromis face all of a sudden and very serious The Never-Ending Present: The Story of Gord Downie and the Tragically Hip & he told me Mom zero is not a number When I came across this book I knew it was perfect forimThis is an original counting book Forget about counting conventional things like apples butterflies or candy corn The kids will not only count up to ten but they will play with the concept of the none or zero Though the word zero is never used in the storyThe Hueys are ilarious The illustrations are simple but funny This is my first Hueys book but I ll check out for sureAge range 4 to 6 years oldCheck out children s book reviews in my Reviews in Chalk Blog This counting book does not appear to be intended for young children just learning to count Some of the items being counted are abstract concepts that they wouldn t understand One examples is two sleeps until the big dayHowever the book could work for older children who d enjoy a complex variation on counting books written for preschoolers 96% of the universe is made out of nothing So yes it does turn out that none is a number Picture Book Favorites Probably the most entertaining counting book I ve ever read The Hueys are egg shaped people This is a great series that tackles uite complex ideas simply for the target age range 3 8In this book the concept is nonezero as a number Most children learn to count fr. Counting with the reader all the way up to ten the Hueys explain numbers as only they can Such as The number 4 is the number of tantrums thrown by Dave every day 7 is the number of oranges balanced on things And 9 is the number of seagulls who attacked Frank's French fries Together they make uite

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