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Awesome Perhaps my favorite rock star book to date Do you know that feeling when a book makes you so emotional that you have actual chest pains while reading That tightness in your chest the way your eyes water when a book is SO FREAKING GOOD that you can t handle your emotions That s how I felt reading this one Oh od this book was amazing It had a very similar vibe to Moonlight Becomes You and I felt almost identically during both reading experiences This book was another scorned teenage lover becomes enemies with former loverrock star then morphs into enemies to lovers I loved it with Moonlight Becomes You and I loved it now I was afraid that I wasn t Shadow Work: A New Guide to Spiritual and Psychological Growth going to like this one because first person present tense is very difficult to pull off successfully However Erica Pike did a beautiful job with the writing I was FULL of feelings full of emotions and may have shed some tears while eating lunch looking like the crazy lady crying over her book The writing really spoke to me as a reader I felt like Jazz acted exactly how I would have acted in his situation One thing that stands out for me is that Jazz didn t let Dean back in hisood Metabolic Repair Manual graces easily Don t you HATE when someoneets screwed over and then forgives the Law and Society: A Sociological Approach guy in a hot second It is one of my major pet peeves Well no worries here folks Jazz is pissed with Dean and Deanets to FEEL HIS WRATH I loved that part I wanted Dean to suffer before Jazz took him back and suffer he did Jazz was no push over and I adored him for itThe chemistry between the two MCs was off the charts I felt the Just an Illusion - Side A gravitational pull between them and I couldn tet enough I honestly didn t put this book down all day and I almost pulled an all nighter last night because I didn t want to stop I actually dreamt about these boys Also for readers who are scared to try this book because they haven t read the others in the series you shouldn t worry This could easily be read as a stand alone I haven t read the others in the series and now I want to Cybersecurity: Protecting Critical Infrastructures from Cyber Attack and Cyber Warfare (Zones of Religion) go back and read each book before it because I can tet enough of these charactersThe only minor uibble was that I thought the ending was a tad weak This book was THIS close to being on my ultra exclusive all times favorites list but I was sort of unhappy with Dean at the end I think I m still a bit peeved at him to be honest Guys do yourself a favor and buy this book It is one of the sweetest most emotional rock star books out there If you want to drown in feelz and read a story that you won t be able to et out of your head for days you need to be reading this one It was THAT ood Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review I am a huge fan of the Boston boys after reading A Life Without You by Erica Pike and that was the book that made me fall in love with the author So yeh really excited to read Black Hurricane because Jazz has been an amazing sexy character throughout the series and I just was so ready for his HEA While Black Hurricane is absurdly entertaining I was still disappointed with the overall story and I did not love it as much as I had hopedJasper Jazz Jones is single hot and has an amazing Freedom Is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement group of friends Yes life is little challenging with making a steady income and keeping his home but he s willing to put in the hard work When his friend Eric offers a serious amount of cash to take some pics Jasper jumps at the opportunity but he s regretting his decision because that would mean heets to see Dean Mcueen after many years Dean is the leader of the wildly successful rock roup Black hurricane he s also an asshole who broke Jazz s heart back in high school Sucks cus he s still sexy as fuck and Jazz just wants someone to ruin that smug face Jazz his hoping that Dean doesn t recognize him and he doesn t but he s hell bent on etting Jazz Into His Bed When Dean Shows into his bed When Dean shows at Jazz s place of work his cover his blown and Dean finds out exactly who he isNow it becomes a ame of cat and mouse with Dean oing after his prey and Jazz hell bent on never The Craving getting sucked back in He knows staying away from Dean is the best course of action too bad Dean can t take a hint and his financial dreamset answered when he s offered to join Black Hurricane on a few charity concerts Old hurts and old love collides which causes tense filled rehearsals and a sexually charged atmosphere Now Jazz must listen to his heart or walk away from Dean foreverAlright this book confused me in the very beginning Like Jazz oes to take the pictures of Black Hurricane but comes off like he didn t know Dean was in the band all along and was all surprised then the story moves into like he did know it all along Maybe I surprised then the story moves into like he did know it all along Maybe I something but that was the impression I ot I m also starting to find the characters a bit superficial which surprises judging from how the series started to where the characters are at now A Life Without You had so much substance the characters were so rich and I wanted to know everything about them Now I feel like I don t want to know them because I might end up disappointed There clouded in parties Love in Catalina Cove (Catalina Cove glitter and fucking and that s all I m seeingYet the story was still very entertaining and while I m all types of confused to what happened with such a promising series I am still kinda in love with them I like Jazz as character but I used to love him and as for Dean heets a bad rap in this book I would have liked from his POV because he s been through some things and it was just too much about poor ole JazzShould You Read It It s still a yes for me and while the last two books doesn t compare to the first in the series they are fun to read So I still enjoy Erica Pike and I still am looking forward to the other characters story Dean fucking Mcueen Formerly Dean Summerfield He was not only my first crush he was the only The Million Dollar Goal guy I ever allowed toet close enough to break my heart He did a thorough job of it tooJasper is fourteen when he falls in lustlove with sixteen year old Dean They have an intense but complicated relationship plagued with emotional issues associated with youth and their new found sexualityJasper who adopts the nickname Jazz is scarred by the fallout and unable to form long term relationships He has a deep seated fear of being hurt again and doesn fear of being hurt again and doesn trust anybody let alone Dean when they meet again years later Dean is desperate to convince Jazz that he is a changed man and does everything in his power to lure him backThe story is full of mistrust miscommunication and well deserved doubts I loved the rock band setting with the performances roupies and the media I adored Jazz s protective and supportive friends and I really liked the bikies at the bar where Jazz worked And the sex The sex in this book is fabulous and steamy The scene where Jazz and Dean make out against the back wall of the stage is so hot and they only hump against each otherThe only part of the book I found that was a slight let down was the relatively rapid resolution of issues After spending most of the book with Jazz swinging back and forth with his feelings which is understandable he accepts Dean Jasper Jones fell in love with Dean Mcueen at fourteen but at twenty three Jazz would like nothing better than to see the rock star choke on his own vomit After a catastrophic reunion Dean seems bent on destroying Jazz's life It all started when an impro.

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Black Hurricane Boston Boys #3

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Ecause Dean kind of fucks everything up In the present day Dean is a very famous rockstar who has just been outed as being ay in a not so nice way Jasper is kind of messed up He is a one night stand king didn t finish high school and Trudy got hokked on drugs Thankod for his best friend Cal Al and his other roup of friends who are awesome They are his family now Cal Al took him in when he was 17 and fixed him upErik asks Jasper to help him take pictures during an interview with Deans band Erik works for a ay magazine Jasper has all sorts of jobs but money is a problem and so is rent He accepts to do this to help Erik and make some money but he is not a happy camper He hates Deanwith a vengeance and would love to choke him to death Dean doens t recognise Jasper at first but once he doesit s The Unlikeliest Hero: The Story of Desmond T. Doss game on You see he sees the past way way differently and he wants Jasper back and he is willing torovel and begthis part I really liked Jasper doens t ive in so easily but the sexual tension is through the roof and once they do et togethersparks are flyingOf course things are never this easy and another secret is revealed which again leaves Jasper heartbroken Jason is a wreckhe really loves Dean But Dean is a mess too and I do believe he really loves Jasper sure he went about things the wrong way but in the end with him crying on the floordamn I couldn t help but feel sorry for Dean too This was a nice second chance romance with awesome characters some nice steam and a little dose of angst I liked it The only problem everybody seems to have is that Jasper didn t make Dean rovel as much the second time around I think spending months apart being misserable was punishment enough He knows what he did was wronghe lost the love of his lifeI would have liked a little steamy timesbut that s just little pervy old me The steam was nice but it takes some time to et there And for those of you who are wonderingyes Dean is a fuck up but he didn t cheat 4 stars from me 45 So this is the third in the Boston boys series and all the Prisoner of Midnight guys from the previous two books are there but of course this is based around Jasper Jazz Jones and his tempestuous romance with Dean Mcueen past teenage love who let him down badly leaving him somewhat emotionally scarred now a famous sexy rock star who barrels back into Jazz s life causing sparks to fly LOTS of misunderstandings to occur and allowing the ensuing angst to follow which isreat because these two ooze UST like there s no tomorrow I have to be honest there where times when I wanted to slap both of them silly for all the stuff they throw at each other but at the some time it was hot enough to scorch the plastic off my kindle so I just settled back chunnered to myself and let them BOSH!: The Cookbook: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. get on with it until they finally Well I ll leave that for you to find out for yourselves Lol I love aood rock star romance and this satisfied most of my cravings with its Hot bodied sex on legs bad boy rockers scenes on stage which were electric and sex which was smoking as it always is in Erica s books I just wish I d had a little less of Jazz s uickness to jump down Dean s throat every five minutes even though in all accounts he d been a bastard when they were younger but like all tortured souls Jazz won t always let him explain and at times came over a bit petulant and then my sympathies drifted towards Dean bless him But That is the basis of the story and It was still really enjoyable In fact I was sad when I had to put it down to sleep last night and having just finished it I m left wanting some time soon to read all three back to back to revisit the other couples again Can be read as a standalone so don t worry but if you haven t read A Life Without You Book One Or Absolutely Eric one or Absolutely Eric two I can recommend them I have a soft spot for these uys This book totally surprised me in the best ways possible OK so I love books where on some level the two characters are enemies I usually like musician stories as long as there is some rit or edge musician stories as long as there is some Mr. Jelly's Business grit or edge the story I love reunited lovers especially when there are remembered high school sweet moments I m a sucker for some well placed manipulation on my feelings Annnnnd this book had it all WootJasper Jones is a beautiful 23 yr old bartender sleeping indiscriminately and neveroing beyond one night stands except in very rare cases to move them up to fuck buddies He s been in love with Dean Mcueen since he was just a teenage boy when his heart was shattered so badly he barely recovered Dean has moved far away from their high school fling and is now the front man for the band Black Hurricane It s been somewhere around 10 years since they ve seen each other and old resentments and formed ideas of the past resurface 10 years since they ve seen each other and old resentments and formed ideas of the past resurface reunitedWhy worked for me is that Jasper and Dean had such different ideas of what was happening between them as teenagers The reader only 6 1/2 Body Parts (Body Movers, gets Jasper s POV and I felt so much emotion for him as he remembered moments between them The flowers the orange candy their first time I might be a sap to some degree as I tried to deny I was sniffling a bit Jasper feels used and worn out after they parted and between them lots of mistrust and miscommunication issues regularly surface when the two are in the same room or even just thinking about what to do on the present situation The reader also struggles like Jasper as to whether there is some manipulationoing on in the ways Dean tries to woo Jasper back He comes across so perfect so determined that you want to melt in a puddle of Gökyüzü Mavi Kaldı goo but you hope you can trust himThe tension is HOT Gahhhhh stupid hot Right from the beginning I felt the chemistry but the moment I really felt like the author wrote two beautiful believable characters is in the hotel and Jasper looks down at Dean That indecisiveness and flood of emotion both felt was pretty mind blowing and that s fairly early on in the book So many teases so much lust so much anger and pain when they interact and I wanted to spray myself with water like Blanche Devereaux in Golden Girls LOLAlso throughout the book the author wrote a ton of cute moments that showed how Jasper and Dean connected but moved the plot on smoothly From a duet sing off at a bar to concerts and music videos together the reader experiences everything right along with Jasper and his friendsSuch a FUN book with two characters I ADORE I love love love these two and feel almost protective of them especially my bb Jasper I still can t think of those high school memories without a few happy smiles mixed with a few sad tears for himHighly recommended Side note I think this book is by far the best in the series but I enjoyed the other ones as well Oh My God This book is like my idea of the perfect fucking book Boys in love boys fuck each other over boys are very very hurt and cry and whimper which makes me cry and whimper boys make up Oh and some lovely smexing and all our old friends from the first two play a huge role in this one so I was extra excited because I lurrrrrve Eric Seriously this one made my chest ache which weirdly makes me very very happ. E in his lifeIn a desperate attempt to keep his home Jazz signs a deal with Dean's band Black Hurricane to perform at a couple of concerts It feels like one of Dean's feeble attempts toet Jazz back but painted into a corner like he is Jazz has no choic. Final admissions of how he used Jazz when he found him again relatively easilyA bit spoilerish so I ll hide this bitview spoilerThe only other concern I had initially was the young age at which Jazz started his sexual relationship but hey losing one s virginity or as Jazz says losing his v card at a young age is often part of real life I know for some it is pretty plain sailing but for others it isn t Interestingly the author addressed this by Jazz admitting that he and Dean didn t know how to handle things properly at that age and that he was scarred by his experience I liked the sense of realism Corps Values: Everything You Need to Know I Learned In the Marines given to this part of their lives but eually liked that they were able to talk about the effects and reasons and eventually move on hide spoiler 45 Let set it out of the way that I absolutely love this cover Love it It is sexy simple and completely encompassed the feeling of the book in my opinion In this installment of the Boston Boys we The Sun Shines Over the Sanggan River get to revisit the boys oh Eric so lovely to see you happy andet the story of Jazz He s an artist a painter who works temp jobs to afford his beloved loft and flits from man to man never settling He doesn t believe in love at all other than the love he has with his friends He was badly hurt by his first and only love the boy and yes they were boys at the time he had sex with the one he loved who didn t love him back used him and made him believe love is an untruth a lie and they persistently cling to the idea of love and find some other idiot to manipulate This makes Jazz sound cold and he isn t Jazz is a loyal friend a funny THIEME Atlas of Anatomy: Head and Neuroanatomy guy a talented artist and just seems decent You want to hate the ass who hurt him without even meeting him This turns out to be none other than the lead singer of Black Hurricane Dean Mcueen In a meeting he is sad puppy eyed into attending by Eric for Glitter Guy magazine Jazz comes face to face with his nemesis from the past A nemesis who doesn t even recognize him He puts the moves on Jazz not realizing he already knows the man It takes a little while for Dean to figure it out even as Eric is unknowingly putting Jazz through the wringer by begging him to come for an exclusive interview one that is onlyoing to happen if Jazz is present Eric is just so excited by the band and Jazz doesn t want to ruin that for him As I said Jazz is a reat friend As time passes Dean is trying to talk to Jazz and Jazz is trying to protect his heart It is a wonderful thing to see how his friends support him For a uy who s bio family treat him poorly he has a family in his friends Not only has Dean used Jazz in the past but he took full credit for the song that really made Black Hurricane hot Hades Whores Jazz is furious as well as furious at himself for not being able to just River Bodies (Northampton County, get away from Dean The bar Jazz temps at the Flying Frenchman has Jazz singing sometimes It just so happens that one time he is onstage and Dean appears and sings with him When it turns into a YouTube sensation the life Jazz has becomes ever complicated Especially when Jazz is about to become homeless due to the sale of the building containing his loft he isetting desperate So when the Black Hurricane manager Jack Coleman offers Jazz some big money to perform with them at charity concerts he feels he has to accept Dean s idiocy on stage on the concert Jazz and friends attend so Jazz can see their stage presence just prove to Jazz how much Dean uses him A punch is the least of what Jazz feels Dean deserves right then especially considering how innocent Dean acts and how confused that Jazz is upset More than meets the eye As the book continues you begin to feel for Dean as well Yes he was an ass the book continues you begin to feel for Dean as well Yes he was an ass Jazz when they were younger but he had issues Dept. of Reproductive Management going as well When they actually talk about the sex when they were younger it was a little heart breaking to see the difference of perspective Dean is showering Jazz withifts that have relevance to their past and being respectful of him while they are rehearsing Jack Coleman is an asshat Being manager means he is always concerned with the money There are misunderstandings lack of communication pigheaded refusal to listen or believe and a roup of friends on both sides so staunch and entertaining I wanted to be in their practice ROOM I WILL ADMIT CAL AL I will admit Cal Al albino who was an outcast in school and saved Jazz from himself is my absolute favorite now I am oing to hold Ms Pike responsible for the time I spent watching Kazaki videos time than I will admit after reading about the costumes and wanting to know what it was The boots Holy hell the boots This is my favorite of the Boston Boys so far but I have high hopes for Cal Al s story He needs one and most definitely deserves one If only we all had friends like That Sigh Jazz And sigh Jazz and take the winding painful route to The Psychology of Work get where they need to be but they doet there I m lad I ot to read it I m liking this novel so far By the way I still don t like Eric putting his friend in awkward situations I loved the youtube comments it is very realistic a lot of videos I have seen have similar commentsI m just wondering for all Dean s love he couldn t recognize Jazz And he had no problem hooking up with him before he knew it was JazzFinsihed 392013 Rating 375This was my favourite novel from the series so far and the upside was there was no cheating plot here This novel helps us learn that there are two sides to a storyI found it amusing that Dean was afraid Jaz would hurt him during sex considering there first timeI liked that forgiveness was not instantaneous The author did make me The Woman You Want to Be: Margery Wilson's Complete Book of Charm guess what the youtube was about view spoilerit could have also been the revenge sex tape that Jaz planed hide spoiler 35 Stars Mistakes are experiences that form you into the person you are todayJazz fell in love with Dean when he was fourteen but now that he s twenty three he hates him so much Dean is the reason why Jazz has trust issues He doesn t want commitments any and he s the reason why Jazz hasn t had a steady boyfriend after Dean He is the reason why Jazz feels used worthless and damaged He broke Jazz when he was just a kidJazz is so desperate to earn some money otherwise he would end up in the streets again And he doesn t want that life any So Dean offers a deal A contract that Jazz works for the band and he sings with Dean But Jazz can tet himself involved with Dean again He doesn t want to repeat his mistakes and he doesn t trust Dean anyI didn t like this Dean Laiden's Daughter guy If I could read his thoughts maybe I would like him a bit And why Jazz forgave him sooo easily when Dean did the second mistake Told in Jazz s POV 1st person It s a second chance romance an angsty read and well written It s the third installment in the Boston Boys series with character crossover but it can be read as a standalone Overall it was aood read and hope you enjoy it Re read 5317 and 11918still very ood Now this was a pleasant surprise I really enjoyed reading this one Jasper and Dean were high school sweethearts when Jasper was 14 and Dean was 16 WellI don t think you can really call them sweethearts Mptu bar performance ended up on YouTube and Jazz became an internet sensation overnight The name Jazdean keeps popping up in headlines and the paparazzi stalk his every move To make matters worse Jazz is about to end up on the streets for the second tim. ,