(PDF) [No More Taking Away Recess and Other Problematic Discipline Practices] Ü Gianna Cassetta

No More Taking Away Recess and Other Problematic Discipline PracticesThe strategies are ground breaking I am wondering if it "Is My Lens Perhaps A "my lens perhaps a or pre service teacher will eel differently This would be great whole staff book study Lots of discussion and reflection would occur I believe. Lps you rediscover the joy of teaching About the Not This But That Series No More Taking Away Recess and Other Problematic Discipline Practices is part of the Not This But That series edited by Nell K Duke and Ellin Oliver Keene It helps teachers examine common ineffective classroom practices and replace them with practices supported by research and professional wisdom In each book a practicing educator and an education researcher an ineffective practice; what the research suggests about why; and detail research based proven practices to replace it and improve student learning Read A Sample Chapter From No More a sample chapter rom No More Away Recess and Other Problematic Discipline Practic. Although I am only about half way through this book it reinforces a lot of the beliefs I ve always held about what makes good teacher student relationships and good management Some helpful new ideas as well Recommended I had. Frustrated by ongoing difficult student behavior You're not alone classroom management issues are a leading cause of teacher burnout But there is a solution No More Taking Away Recess and Other Problematic Discipline Practices shows how to promote good behavior address interruptions and keep "Everyone Moving ForwardManagement And Control "moving orwardManagement and control not the same write teacher and school leader Gianna Cassetta and noted researcher "Brook Sawyer If Trying Harder To Exert Control Sapping "Sawyer If trying to exert control is sapping energy watch as they show how to transition away rom the roles of disciplinarian or goody dispenser and toward an integrated professionally satisfying model or classroom management You'll ind everything you. High hopes or this book

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was looking or good read Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome for teachers aiming to manage prevalent behaviors that interfere with students learning and driving teachers bonkers I like the references to research but I do not think. Need to get going includingthe rationaleor abandoning rewards and conseuence tactics research on developmentally appropriate and efficient management a plan that integrates instruction and management to decrease interruptions specific strategies or addressing misbehavior and refocusing on learning goals ways to analyze problematic behaviors and help students connect and stay motivated Ease your rustration with classroom management and return dozens of hours lost each year to addressing problematic behaviors Take a page rom No More Taking Away Recess and Other Problematic Discipline Practices and TURN YOUR INTO A COMMUNITY THAT your into a community that students become their best selves he. ,