The Chocolate Temptation (E–pub)

The Chocolate TemptationOriginally osted hereApparently I ve had a draft of a review for The Chocolate Temptation by Laura Florand sitting in my dashboard for the ast few months I dus 01192014 Overall Rating 45 StarsBook Cover Book Blurb Book Title 4 35 5 4 StarsWriter s Voice 4 StarsCharacter Development 4 StarsStory Appreciation 5 StarsWorth the Chili 4 Stars 499 on Smexy HEAT Rating Mild Intimacy is OFF the Charts313 Option Writing Strategies for Extraordinary Returns pagesWow Not sure what to say about Sarah is five months into her six month internship in one of the bestastry kitchens in the world yet she still doesn t feel worthy From California she left her engineering job told her Korean born mother she needed something in life and moved to Paris Since day one she has been in love with Patrick the second in command in this very busy restigious hotel kitchen Patrick is a star having earned a collar which tells everyone he is one of the best but Luc the head chef is his foster brother and Patrick is scared to move out of his shadowSarah loves Patrick so much although she never speaks to him that she now hates him She hates how he winks and flirts with every erson in the room How he is always laughing and helping so gracefully He strolled ast her table in the staff cafeteria on the way to flirt with a receptionist and set two cartons of Greek yogurt on her tray in assing Packed with Genocide of One protein easy to digestAlwayseach too Her favorite flavorHe fed her and he teased her showering her with careless affection in that comfortable way he had with everyone Easing her tension so she could survive the Nintendo Wii Flash Game Creator's Guide: Design, Develop, and Share Your Games Online pressure she was under Until he was all she lived for all that got her through the day And she hated him for thatTo Sarah she is so convinced he acts this way with everyone that she starts to despise him for it Little does she know he only truly cares about herPatrick on the other hand loves Sarah too He loves her so much he can t stand it but she is his intern He can t seduce his own intern But he does start torovide for her ever so subtlety One night after some drinks he stops listening to his conscience and does something about it And all that sexual tension between them explodes And I may have whimpered a little bitI was talking to Jen who reviews for Fiction Vixen on Twitter about this book and she mentioned something to the effect that she loves these books so much because the hero is always SO into the heroine And that is a very true statement about this author She makes these intense is always SO into the heroine And that is a very true statement about this author She makes these intense over achieving chefs who absolutely live for their job and nothing else But then forget about ALL else and fall in love They would do anything to win the heroine and that makes these books so much funSarah in Star Wars - Jabba the Hutt - The Art of the Deal particular is a veryrivate skittish heroine It s very HARD FOR HER TO SHOW HER FEELINGS AND PUT for her to show her feelings and The Real Estate Entrepreneur: Everything You Need to Know to Grow Your Own Brokerage put out there So while she is completely enad by Patrick it seems he has to work even harder to convince her of the relationship She has little self esteem He s courting me He has to beButhe s arince I m a mortalI can t matter to him He acts all the time as if I don t really matterHe acts all the time as if I doHis hand felt so good against her face She kissed it again and desire swamped her to keep this right to. She hated himPatrick Chevalier The charming laid back golden second in command of the Paris astry kitchen where Sarah worked as intern who made everything she failed at seem so easy and who could have every woman he winked at falling for him without even trying She hat. .
Touch him keep his hand oh wow that didn t sound ossible But It Sounded BeautifulShe it sounded beautifulShe managed to succeed at beautiful impossible thingsAnd let s not forget after all the intense sexual tension the flirting the doubt from Sarah the amazing scenes in the kitchen that Laura Florand can write and let me take just a moment to say how well she writes kitchen scenes I feel as though I m there in the the chaos with burning sugar as though I m there in the the chaos with burning sugar delicate creations So well doneAfter all of that we have delicious scenes like this teaser Oh yes you like this don t you he breathedShe closed her eyes against that glitter against how much she liked it turning her face into the bunched comforter as he let her upper body settle back on the mattress You like me in you this deep Sarabelle His darkest roughest murmurShe didn t answer out loud but then she didn t have to Her body clutched around him and he seemed to understand that language very well Are you going to like it when I take you this hard You ll have to read to find out winkRating B This new book is the series is simply an exuisite romance It sparkles and gleams with all the best aspects of the Romance genre The sensuality and emotionality combine to give reader something that feels once in a lifetime in terms of reading love stories You feel how the characters feel You must hold on to this one In my opinion Laura Florand is among the best Romance writers ublishing today I haven t read a book by her yet that I have not adored I so enjoyed this character driven story that examines very closely how the dents and sometimes out right trauma of childhood lay out in our adult lives and most articularly in our relationships With the wonderful alternating Challenged by Love E-Boxed Set point of view we see the characters do what love and a greatartner make us all do grow and at the same time come into our true selves Our hero is a seemly sunny have it all alpha kind of guy who is faced with his unrelenting admiration and crush on his intern and all the ethical dilemmas that ensue Our heroine is a Korean American half anyway born of an immigrant mother with the drive to be good enough meaning excellent in a Communicating With Animals : The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals place where everything is very hard They are both finely drawn and worth discovery What I like most about Florand I think is that it is never the hero s or the heroine s book it s the couple s A new space forged This romance runsarallel in time with The Chocolate Heart I love it when a writer has the chops to do that In makes the rereading of any series so much leasurable because it is like getting a new camera angle on your favorite moments The sugar work romantic gestures emotional bravery retreats lovemaking and love saying are grand here I can t wait until I have a little time and I can reread the whole series We are six books in and while I know the series will run its course the rereading never will These books will become comfort reads I highly recommend this series and this writerI was given this book for my honest review So there you have it I can always rely on Laura Florand for a butterflies in my stomach read especially on a cold winter day when all I m really craving is chocolate from one of these kitchens she writes about Ed him but she’d risked too much for this dream to give up on it and walk out just so he wouldn’t break her heartBut he didn’t hate herSarah Lin Patrick’s serious dark haired American intern who looked at him as if she could see right through him and wasn’t so. He Chocolate Temptation follows Patrick the suave second to Luc Leroi we met in The Chocolate Heart You remember him don t you Always ready with a smile a laugh and a swoon worthy face to lighten up your day It s just too bad Sarah the young American intern in Leroi s kitchen doesn t think so After all as Sarah keeps trying to convince her intelligent Korean brain she hates him As we ve established over the years however hate isn t all that far from loveI Our Fake Relationship practically suealed when I realized that The Chocolate Temptation finally took us deeper into these delectable kitchens than therevious novels ever have Patrick is in charge of Sarah and as always Florand is the master of sexual tension If you thought the heat from the ovens was hot think again because the steam between these two as they brush against each other in the kitchens is sizzling Patrick for instance can t stop thinking about Sarah about the concentration with which she does her work her The Blitzkrieg Legend pure dedication toerfecting the art of cooking and the The Crown passion she throws into work tiring day after tiring day On the other hand Sarah cannot help but admire Patrick s talent all while hating the way he will break her heart someday even without realizing itAs Sarah and Patrick get closer however they begin to realize that their facades oferfection are just that masks For me the Florand s novels always have a two fold appeal One the tension As I keep mentioning Florand s writing is divine It just curls its way into your heart creating emotion where there was none before And two the depth Each of Florand s novels are romances about broken individuals not necessarily broken in the same way or to the same degree but who have barriers around their lives What I Über Nacht particularly love is that she tackles a new issue with every one of her books making them all such a delight to read With Sarah and Patrick both of them suffer from severe insecurity Sarah as a replacement child for the son who was killed in North Korea never feels as if she s up to the mark and Patrick a foster child feels the same Nevertheless seeing them work through their struggles and find a way to trust and support one another was heart warmingMoreover what I really love about Sarah and Patrick s relationship is that each of them have different dreams but make conscious efforts toursue for instance was a successful engineer in Caltech but she left her home and family to begin life long wish of sugar making Both the courage and guilt Sarah feels at Ad Astra pursuing her own dream selfishly some would say is depictederfectly Similarly Patrick who ironically wishes he could be an engineer undergoes a mental journey as he realizes that dreams change with time and what he wanted as a twelve year old boy is not necessarily what he wants as a man now Florand always touches upon such honest aspects of adult life with her novels that I feel enriched having read them While the last few chapters of this book could veer on the lovey dovey side her books never fail to sate my thirst and bring a smile upon my face Just as I expected The Chocolate Temptation is a winner another oneYou can read this review and on my blog Ivy Book Binding. Impressed with what she saw As her boss he knew he should leave her alone The same way he knew better than to risk his heart and gamble on loveBut he was never good at not going after what or who he wantedHe could make magic out of sugar But could he mold hate into lov. ,