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U re going to be lazing around watching TV and playing #on the computer all day That was bad news That is indeed what I was planning on doing I bored #the computer all day That was bad news That is indeed what I was on doing I was bored Mum let me borrow her Kindle to read a book that was making her laugh called Fortunately the Milk by Neil Gaiman with illustrations by Chris Riddell I noticed that it had brilliant pictures in it ven on the Kindle and Mum said I could go on the iPad if I wanted to draw a front cover for the book I did Look you can see the images at There was something very good

about this book 
this book was an nhanced dition which means that the writer reads the book out loud to you while you read it This writer is a good reader and he didn t sound at all like the dalek voice that normally comes out of the Kindle Mum said I could stay on the iPad if I wanted to draw a picture of the writer reading the book But I can t draw good faces so I drew a picture of the Kindle talking Then I labeled it Kindle because Mum asked what it was you can see the images at I started to read This is me reading And no My face is NOT the book you can see the images at Everyone should read this book It will make verybody laugh It is good and very clever The best thing is that it goes backwards and forwards in time with the Dad meeting himself all over the place in the past and in the future and in crazy wormholes you can see the images at It has good characters The dad is a funny dad I also like the brother and sister because they are not stupid They ask the dad clever uestions to try and trap him but he is good at wiggling out of troubleI think this is a very good book and it deserves 5 stars which I have drawn here because it meant I could stay on the iPad for longer you can see the images at day I would like to write books as good as Fortunately The Milk and draw pictures as good as this too. Ew York Times bestselling story of time travel and breakfast cereal xpertly told by Newbery Medalist and bestselling author Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Skottie Youn. Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel From Beginning to Bookend A uirky tale of time travelling dinosaurs blood sucking wumpires yes wumpires and nthusiastic pirates made ven amusing by an abundance of winsome illustrations I listened to this on audiobook during a car trip with my oldest boy Oot Age 45We both really njoyed it Though didn t get to see the illustrations we got to hear Neil himself reading it and he s a very very good narrator If you ve never heard him reading his own stuff you #Re Really Missing Out It #really missing out It a rainy morning and I felt like reading Neil s new book Fortunately the Milk So I popped on my favourite astronaut t shirt and caught the bus to my local bookstore Snuffin and Kooks I looked high #and low for neil s book but all #low for Neil s book but all was there were stacks of Paranormal Romance as far as I could see Excuse me I said to the nearest droopy yed sales attendant Do you have Neil Gaiman s new book Fortunately the Milk She rolled her yes so far back that I thought For A Moment She Was a moment she was her own sinus cavities All the hipsters have already bought out our ntire stock she repliedBut how could they Don t they know that I have been a fan of his since the Sandman days before he was cool She gave two ineffectual chews of something So you are one of those hipsters Cute Neil Gaiman s latest book Fortunately The Milk is a boisterous tale of an xtraordinary adventure time travel and milk Gaiman s is full of surprises jokes and an awful lot of just being plain silly If you can t tell already I loved this book Gaiman s tale narrated by a boy whose mother is away on a business trip and whose father had to go out to the corner store for a pint of milk for the cereal and his tea Dad takes an unconscionably long time getting the milk and when he returns the narrator and I bought the milk said my father I walked out of the corner shop and heard a noise like this t h u m m t h u m m I looked up and saw a huge silver disc hovering in the. ,
Is little sister accuse Dad of having #Stopped To Gossip At The Store Not #to gossip at the store Not insists Dad who proceeds to xplain xactly what happened while he was out getting the milk It s an astounding tale starting with an alien abduction moving swiftly onto a space time journey to the ship of a vicious pirate ueen and a near death plank walking a daring rescue by a time travelling dinosaur scientist in a
hot air balloon 
air balloon machine and thence through interference with a pre Colombian human sacrifice and many many other adventures including several involving temporal paradoxes For all the mad cappery there s a fair bit of attention here to an internally consistent time travel story with all the fun that implies By the nd we are in a kid safe place that s one part Douglas Adams one part Doctor Who and one part Walter Mitty It s uite a mix A uirky weird and fun book I wouldn t xpect anything less from Neil Gaiman P A 83% Very Good Notes Gaiman like a chef savant boldly tossing supposedly dissonant ingredients into a pot makes a heck of a tasty stew Five bucks on Gaiman throwing darts at an idea boardWhy Maybe cause of the time traveling dinosaurs unicorns wumpires and aliensFor such a decidedly whimsical book it was unexpectedly fab Fortunately I read this book HOW MUCH FUN AN HOUR CAN BE uite funny ntertaining and it s a really uick readWhat Le valeureux guerrier else can you askI did it on an hourAnd for that hour I had such wonderful time In an hour I was lost in time meeting fantastic characters and laughing PERFECT COLLABORATIVE TEAM If you decide to read it keep in mind tha A review by my 9 y o son described by the utterly lovely Neil Gaiman as the best reviewver Today I was sick My mum doesn t always believe me when I say I m sick but my sister was sick yesterday so Mum said I could stay off school BUT she said Don t think yo. Air above Marshall RoadHullo I said to myself That's not something you see very day And then something odd happenedFind out just how odd things get in this hilarious .
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