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T come to grips with how she really feels about Leon If you are a fan of mystery thrills and adventure you ll njoy this oneI received a copy from the author for my honest review A uick read of the back cover to Leslie J Sherrod s Without Faith shows a lot of action We have an abandoned wifesingle mothersmall business owner who 1 is worried sick about her son gone missing on a church trip 2 has a secretive new couple as a client whose shenanigans bring danger and drama to her front door and 3 has not one but two men "Knocking On The Door Of "on The Door Of Heart And Hoping She Will Open Up door of heart and hoping she will open up let them in I wasn t sure how she could pull all this off in 300 pages and have it make sense but she most definitely succeeded Social worker Sienna St James came through the worst time of her life with her head held high After years of waiting for her Wanton Nights estranged husband RiChard to return she has moved on She bought a new house started a new business and officially started her new life Unfortunately her desire to keep her head down andnjoy living outside the shadow of her husband is scuttled not only by her new clients. Hispers that there is trouble in their respective pasts Couples counseling is what they've showed up. First time read for this author and it was a good "read but I should get book 1 for the back "but should get book 1 too for the back fast paced page turning read just as good as the first and left me on the While My Soldier Serves edge of my seat sienna her adventures get meach and very time Sienna may be a competent therapist but that doesn t mean her personal life isn t rife with problems In this second installment of the series her son vanishes during a church sponsored trip in a vain ffort to find his absent father But before she can deal this mega problem Sienna herself is in deep trouble a couple who sought her services puts her at risk of bodily harm A fast paced adventure with well developed characters and with just the right amount of romance and religion thrown in the mix In her second installment in the St James series Leslie J Sherrod writes another book full of drama and adventure While trying to get her life together with her new practice a new home and new clients Sienna is pulled right in the middle of a journey full of twist and turns In the midst of it all Sierra must deal with her own personal issues with her son and she of it all Sierra must deal with her own personal issues with her son and she A diva and a gentleman They've got loads of cash and present as high class but something about them

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But also by her own sonA wealthy new couple s rampant mistrust of one another pulls Sienna into danger ven as her son sneaks one another pulls Sienna into danger ven as her son sneaks from a church trip to Arizona to find the father he never knew xcept through sporadic gifts and letters that stopped coming three years ago Sienna finds herself waging a war on two fronts find her son and figure out who is in that red Lexus that keeps following her around Every answer she seeks morphs into two uestions Why is this couple so secretive What is the man hiding Who is Silver and why is she so important to the resolution of this mystery And will Sienna find it "In Herself To Open Her "herself to open her to the man who loves her and is patiently waiting for her to love him backI found this to be a major thrill ride the characters were real to me I found myself scolding Sienna in my head when she did something that I felt was careless or not too bright and held my breath as ach new plot twist and turn was revealed Without revealing any plot twists let me say that the book moves fast hits hard and takes no prisoners I look forward to seeing of this character in future work. For to deal with their secrets and their anger but now Sienna the therapist is the one who's in dange. Without Faith
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