Frigo Vide [E–book/E–pub]

Frigo Vide

Gaëtan Dorémus ´ 4 Summary

What a wonderful inspiring book This book shows us what everyone needs to do We need socialization I eally think that is one of today s societies scariest problems is that we don t know how to live together and interact This book shows us the way While I find it implausible that all the people in This book shows us the way While I find it implausible that all the people in the surrounding buildings would have also forgotten to go shopping I think the sentiments are definitely worth sharing with everyone So this was Stone Soup eimagined *For A European Apartment *a European apartment Instead Of The Always Interesting Deception the always interesting deception the stone the vagrant actually has carrots But the chain of ingredients builds one link at a time as people each borrow an ingredient from their next door neighbor It s pretty transparent what will happen but a few details are still surprising There s an overall tone of individu. It seems everyone in Andrew’s block has been so busy during the day they’ve forgotten to buy anything for dinner Their fridges are empty almostWith only three carrots to eat Andrew decides to go upstairs to ask his neighbour Nabil if he’s got anything in his fridge Nabil’s not doing much better. Ality until the whole thing comes together in
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communal ecipe And the entire world sprouts into Utopia What People living in a 5 story apartment building have spent a busy day enjoying themselves So much so that they have forgotten to buy any food for dinner As we move up the building floor by floor new up the building floor by floor new is found until the neighbors ealize that together they can make a uiche In the end they notice many other apartment buildings are doing the end they notice many other apartment buildings are doing same thing so that a big uiche party is started out in the streets and green areasWhile this is not a traditional tale it pares will with Stone Soup Little things put together add up to a big meal working together we can accomplish big things sharing makes hard times fun etc The story takes place in Paris so some things will need to be explained before what we call the 1st. He only has two eggs and small piece of cheese Together they decide to try the family on the second floorAs they ascend each floor of their block of flats they gather ingredients from neighbours until they each the top floor and everyone finally has enough for a meal But what to cook Empty Fridge is Floor they call the ground floor so when the neighbor goes up to the 1st floor to us it is the 2nd floor a capsicum is another word for green pepper chives and uiche Each floor and character is colored the same as their food which can be used as a prediction game with the students how is color used in this bookStudents eally enjoyed this story Empty Fridge immediately stands out because of its ectangular than most stature Doremus story tells the tale of an apartment building full of people who only have knick knack ingredients for dinner and let ME TELL YOU THREE CARROTS DOES NOT A DINNER tell you three carrots does not a dinner The text has eal Life And Depth To It and depth to it eaders of all ages will even learn what a capsicum is After finishing I found myself wanting to ead it againbut this time with a slice of uiche to nosh on There is general enthusiasm. Picture book that taps into strong themes in children’s lives the love of food and cooking sharing and the importance of good friends and neighboursWinner of a prominent kids’ choice award in France Empty Fridge is an inspiring and thought provoking entertainment for the Junior Masterchef generation. ,