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Obsession: An Erotic Tale eIsher or whoever is responsible for putting it on NetGalley didn t think along the same lines I did I was told my blog wasn t a good fit for their bookLOL I thought it was a joke or I thought perhaps I had done something wrong so I sent in the reuest again And AGAIN I was told the same thingSo I had to go out and get a copy And though I didn t absolutely love this book I didn t hate itither So you were totally off publisher LOLThe world building in Dark Dealings is awesome and very creative albeit sometimes a bit confusing You really have to concentrate be on your toes and not be distracted by all the sexual tension and your desire to skim ahead to get to the sexxxy scenes LOL which of course you can guess I had problems withOkay so Ava lives among magical beings mages Confederate Cities: The Urban South during the Civil War Era even though she is a Thief a race of beings whoat magic Ava though is housetrained and is kept around as a sort of petslave to Reist one of the top mages Ava not only respects Reist as he is a fair and just man she s also in love with himThey have a very close relationship though Reist never crosses the line Then one day Reist shows up with his lover Fallon and for the life of me I couldn t keep Jimmy Fallon out of my mind Convents and the Body Politic in Late Renaissance Venice every time I read that name But don t let that confuse you Fallon is a girl LOL flaunting her in Ava s faceBut the relationship doesn t start smoothly Reist takes his new lover from another magical being anlemental named HeyerdarHeyerdar is all sorts of sexxy and Edicts of Asoka even sunbathesvery morning in the nude fans self Heyerdar who is higher in the totem pole than Reist and is second in command to the Emperor is pissed that his lover leaves him But he doesn t do a whole lot to get her back and I think he somehow thought she d crawl back to his sexxiness But when she doesn t Heyerdar begins to think of a way to get Fallon backAva likewise wants to find a way to separate Reist from Fallon as she wants Reist for herself Upgrade Soul even though she knows their relationship can never be She would find comfort in at least having Reist to herself and not sharing him with anyoneBut when murdered mages start showing up all over the city Heyerdar is sent to investigate and he picks Ava as his aide As they begin to talk they tellach other of their plan and together they hatch a scheme to separate the new loversBut in between the murder mystery something develops between Ava and Heyerdar Will Ava go on with her plan or will she decide to set her yes on who she has in front of herDark Dealings features a LOT of plot murder mystery politics you name it with umm well it s made out to be rotica but it s like sexual content to me After all that sexual tension I was xpecting out of this world swinging from the chandelier sex So when I didn t get that I felt a bit let down I m not sure if it s the beginning of a Series But I Can but I can imagine that Kim Knox created this amazing world to leave it at just one book Anyhoo there was a lot of backstory to read through There weren t information dumps you had to trudge through but you know me Fellow Readers I m too impatient to get to the sweet stuff LOLIn ither case I still Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist enjoyed reading this book So there publisher you just got served Dark Dealings totally was a good fit for my blog Dark Dealings features magic m nage themes mfm kidnapping mf strong sexual content oral sex paranormal romance magicxhibitionism sexual tensiona m nage is mentioned but not xplicitly shown Incredible worldbuilding Whodathunk of a cannibal heroine besides Kim I listened to this on audio and it was great I really njoyed the story of an unreuited love This was my first novel from Kim Knox but it won t be the lastExcellent writer I ll give Kim Knox credit for this Dark Dealings is definitely different It s dark and dgy a little disturbing and not always pleasant to read but strangely compelling at the same timeAva is a thief though not in the traditional sense of the word She hungers for flesh and bone and for that she is an anathema to the Mages who surround her All xpect for Reist He took her in when she was just a teen Took care of her Made her his protege And she fell in love with him But the feelings were one sided He never looked at her as a woman As the story begins Reist is starting a relationship with a female mage and Ava has had Imaginary Runner enoughWhen she learns that sexualnergy can feed her and fill her with magic she makes a deal with a Heyerdar She agrees to trade sexual From Cottage to Bungalow: Houses and the Working Class in Metropolitan Chicago, 1869-1929 encounters with the powerfullemental and with the magic she gains she hopes to lure Reist to her bed while sending his new woman into Heyerdar s waiting arms In the meantime Ava and Heyerdar must work together to track down a band of thieves who have gone on a killing spree in the territoryAva was a really downtrodden heroine It was hard to watch Fresh Water everyone kick her when she was down No one gave her respect or kindness Even Heyerdar didn t treat her well though he sure didnjoy her body He ordered her around and treated her like a dog Reist her well though he sure did French Daguerreotypes enjoy her body He ordered her around and treated her like a dog Reist her and ignored her Andveryone lse treated her like she was a contagious disease When #Heyerdar Finally Does Come #finally does come at the very very nd it just doesn t ring true Are we supposed to believe he cared for all along PfftThe imagery surrounding the depiction of the thieves was mighty gruesome They sucked people s insides out and left a husk of skin When Ava gets mad she wants to rip the skin from peop. Inges of society and likes it that wayWhen the man she loves takes another woman for his mate the darkness in her heart unravels and she'll do anything to get him back She makes a dangerous deal with a fire lemental Heyerdar who. Le s bones It s not a comfortable read But the world building was uniue and interesting And ven though parts of the book bothered me I didn t Doris Salcedo ever think about putting it down Maybe it was morbid curiosity but I wanted to see how it would allndIf a bit of darkness doesn t bother you and you don t mind watching the heroine take some hard knocks you might Twelve Days of Pleasure enjoy itRating C ARC Provided by Carina Press via NetGalley Originally Posted on Confessions of an Opinionated Book Geek35 StarsFavorite uote He died in a way that befitted his audacityWhen I finish reading a book I immediately open Microsoft word Tumblr orven notes on my iPod touch to write down my thoughts I always find that my immediate feelings are my most honest and sincere Not this time After reading Dark Dealings I needed to take an hour or so to process what it is I readI have to give author Kim Knox credit for how different this book is I cannot recall a book that is uite like Dark Dealings Not just in terms of the fantastic world building Knox uses sex and approaches characterization in a very uniue way Ava is the main character the heroine and for most of the book I could not tell if she was the good or bad guy Sure I understood that she wasn t responsible for the crimes she investigated but her actions and desires make it impossible to really call her good I have to say that I loved that aspect of the story I didn t know how to feel about anyone and I didn t really know whom to root for until the last third of the bookThis world is filled with brash vicious and magical creatures Mages Thieves and Elementals are all savage in their own way They feed and use magic in different variations and cannot seem to get along for any reason The characters live in the Institute which I imagine is a magical city but could also maybe be a large university type situationAva and Heyerdar are different beings of dark old and forbidden magic and they are both the only of their kind within the Institute walls Ava is a thief a creature who consumes the flesh and magic of her victims She is an outcast The pet of a higher powered mage She is feared hated and distrusted by the people around her Heyerdar honestly how do you pronounce that is an Gods Choice elemental with power over thearth and gains his strength from the pull of the sun He is also the Emperor s left hand and one of the most powerful men in the Institute Together they use their forbidden magic harnessing their sexual Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye energy to drive a couple apart Ava wants her master and friend Reist to herself and Heyerdar wants Fallon back in his bedAva and Heyerdar have to work together to investigate strange deaths within the Institute walls This is obviously a ploy by the author to get them next toach other and talk about sex After ten years of living in the Institute and never speaking suddenly there is a case that forces the two to interact closely It s convenient but it works well While investigating the murders obviously committed by Thieves Ava must fight her baser instinctsAva s situation is nough to make anyone angry This is a woman who has given ten years of her life in support make anyone angry This is a woman who has given ten years of her life in support the Institute the Mages and their Emperor and they do not respect her At all They keep secrets of her very nature from her and she realizes how little respect they have for her There are scenes where these people actually spit at Ava It is disgusting and really makes you feel for herAva s main interest in this book is not finding the murderers The problem that consumes her is how to get Fallon away from her beloved Reist The issue with this is that Ava secretly views moments between Fallon and Reist that makes it clear that they probably love ach other After reading a tender moment between the couple I rolled my Camus and Sartre: The Story of a Friendship and the Quarrel that Ended It eyesvery time Ava talked about how Resit should be hers I really wanted to slap some sense into her and tell her to move onKnox then complicates my feelings again While Ava is selfish and closed minded about her relationship with Reist it seemed to me that Reist knew how Ava felt about him Who do you root for in this situation Do you hope that the girl that is willing to use undermined means gets her man Or do you hope that the guy who Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild enjoys her attention without the commitment get his cake andats it too Then there is the domineering alpha male Heyerdar I was never sure if I wanted Ava to run to him or from him By the Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets end of the book you will pick a side and know which characters to love and which characters to ignoreUp until that point it is a bumpy rideThis book is reallyntertaining It has great dialogue a uniue world strong sensuality and a love story that takes you by surprise It is a very satisfying readI recommend this book for Paranormal Romance lovers readers of fantasy and anyone who likes a good sex scene or ten One of those books that s really hard to find a meaty fantasy with complicated characters that s sexy as hell Man this one was a WILD ride

i loved loved 
loved loved the world building and there s no denying that it was steamy but there were a few things that made me want to punch the characters in the face or at least throw the book against the wallPlus the hero s name is Heyerdar which I kept pronouncing as Hurrderr in my head which made it hard for me to take him serious as the big bad alpha that he is PAnd Electromyography for Experimentalists even with those things I HATED it s still a solid 45 Very well done Full review to follow. Has a vested interest in agreeing together they'll use forbidden magic harnessing their sexualnergy to drive the couple apartBut soon their pact pushes them both into a dark sexual obsession One that Ava may not be able to contr. This book caught my attention with the blurb It sounded pretty interesting and I hadn t read much paranormal lately so I thought I d give it a go I m so glad I did This book had Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society, ca. 500-1100 everything I could wantgreat world building well drawn characters suspense sharp banter between the main characters and strong sexual tension with a fantastic payoffThe world includes magiclementals mages thieves civil servants and humans Mages are not fond of thieves and since thieves can at you until there s nothing left but your husk this is understandable The city is ruled by the Emperor The Emperor has a Right Hand Highest Mage Reist and a Left Hand Heyerdar the lemental Thieves are feared obviously so the mages ward against thieves being able to Runaway Wedding enter the city but somehow one was dropped on the doorstep of The Institute where the mages liveThis thief Ava has grown into a woman while living in the Institute and working for Reist She fancies herself in love with him and is thrown off balance when Reist begins a serious relationship with a new loverTo complicate matters she s lent to the Left Hand to assist in an investigation of a string of deaths at the hands of thieves And since she struck a deal with the Heyerdar to assist in some sex magic meant to break of Reist and his new lover lots of tension flowsTo further complicate matters since Ava was a virgin when she and Heyerdarxecute their deal she now has a connection to Heyerdar that Wicked Loving Lies enables him to turn her into a uivering mass of need at the smallest touch Yeah it s that goodI really liked the main characters of Ava and Heyerdar and to a lesser degree Reist I trulynjoyed the banter and tension between Ava and Heyerdar as their feelings for one another developed It was interesting to see how Ava grewhow she realized what she thought she wanted wasn t what she wanted or needed Not that I didn t like Reist but there was just something about Heyerdarhe definitely had that alpha male draw going for him And the mystery kept me guessing I didn t see the twists and turns coming I thought I d figured it out but then the author threw me a curve ball The author did a fine job of incorporating the investigative La heredera del mar element crime scenes and interrogations in with the love story Originally posted at Novel ReveriesThis book is truly unlike anything I ve read so far I loved the fantasy world the author has created as well as the characters and the roles they play The story developed wonderfully as a mystical fantasy mixed with a sex drenched sci fi becomes a book that s hard to put down Ava Kalle s character is very likeableven with all the animalistic deeds and primal urgesShe was a stealer of life nergy with nothing inherent in her soul Thief The nicest name for one with her rhythm of magic She was the stuff of nightmares A monster loc 100I totally fell in love with Heyerdar ven before Ava knew what hit her and I seriously never trusted Reist Perhaps it was in the personification of the two #men that I leaned towards one than the other arly on #that I leaned towards one than the other arly on the book This contained the weirdest unreuited love triangle and I loved it for that uniueness The xternal conflict of the story was interesting as well while the realm was witnessing gruesome murders and it was their job to get to the bottom of the mystery The internal was witnessing gruesome murders and it was their job to get to the bottom of the mystery The internal mostly resided in Ava and became irresistible as she struggled to get her motions and intentions under control on her uest to to get her Aramaic Bowl Spells: Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Bowls Volume One emotions and intentions under control on her uest to Reist s heart He was a bastard for not seeing how much she d always wanted him loc 1213This book brings together so manylements of interest with it s mysteriousness sexiness mysticalness and darkness In all this book was wonderfully done and I seriously want to get into of Kim Knox s worksFirst Line Sunlight gilded his muscled body loc 69Last Line You really do say the sweetest things loc 3534 uotesThe thief basis in old magic shortened life comapred to other magic users Xenophon And His World (Historia Einzelschriften) evenphemerals the mages derogatory term for humans the need to feed on flesh whether living or dead to contain her dark nature soul stealing skin wearing She winced what she was was disturbing loc 329Heyerdar was a riot of hatred He wanted Fallon and Reist had stolen her Something held him back but the sliver of magic that had touched her wasn t Geography of the Gaze: Urban and Rural Vision in Early Modern Europe enough to reveal of his thoughts his soul Years as a spy for the mages had honed her curiosity Did the new Highest Mage have something over him loc 407The mages wanted her dead She winced It was strange to be at the othernd of a lust for blood and death loc 2442Galley provided by Carina Press via NetGalley 35 4 5 starsThis is the kind of story which has me confused Meaning I don t know if I loved it or just thought it was below averageYou have two plots First Ava teams up with Heyerdar to use sex magic on her friend Reist and his Groove: An Aesthetic of Measured Time ex Fallon She s been friends with her master Mage for ten years and in love with him just as long but never said anything Heyerdar was in a relationship with Fallon up until the moment she dumped him and got with ReistAva is a thief She has no soul but she can suck the sould out of someone She s got herself under control which is rare for a thief but the scary Before I begin my review let me begin telling you my journey with this book and Jimmy Fallon I firstncountered Dark Dealings on NetGalley where the cover blew me away and I just had to read it Well wouldn t you know it the publ. There are monsters in the city And one of them is herAva Kalle's mpty soul devours magic And her hunger is deadly She's sharp uick and can live in shadow making her work as a spy for the Mages a natural choice She lives on the fr.

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