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Hmmm I am not sure I finished it but was not that taken in Seemed to be a lot of finished it but was not that taken in Seemed to be a lot of over same points again and again that got tedious Lots of making excuses and debunking of some of the Kennedy s involvement I still believe they

a big part in her Story skims her early life tho does a fair job of it then gets into a very in depth detailed account of the final weeks days leading up to her death focussing on her private public contexts leads to his somewhat open conclusion as an accidental death from an overdose He e examines some myths about this hints at her men friend Home: The Story of Everyone Who Ever Lived in Our House relationships the later public enuiry into the scope of th I cannot say I wholly enjoyed this book I am uite the fan of Marilyn and this book simply didn t hit the mark for me The writing waseasonable save for the odd spelling mistake or missing wordThe writer seems to gloss over some very serious aspects of Marilyn s treatment namely at the Cal Neva Lodge Sexual mistreatment is not what I would Call That I Think We that I think we to go a bit further thereHe also seems to be writing the book solely to exonarate the Kennedy s Now whilst the evidence can potentially exonarate them it can also implicate them and not enough is made of thatThe writer believes that Marilyn died by way of an accidental drugs overdose Chicken Licken rather than any kind of conspiracy This is all well and good with the theory being that the doctors covered it up to save their own careers. «La dinamica delle ultime ore e degli ultimi minuti di vita di Marilyn Monroe è estremamente vaga Ma dopo anni diicerche e dopo aver separato i fatti dalle invenzioni e la verità dalle bugie sono fermamente convinto di poter finalmente sciogliere un enigma che perdura da cinuant’anni come morì Marilyn Monroe la più grande star del cinema la più leggendaria icona sexy del mondo» Keith Badman Tesi 1 fu un suicidio Tesi 2 Marilyn fu uccisa per volere dei Kennedy a causa delle sue amicizie compromettenti e della sua inaffidabilità Keith Badman non crede né all’una né all’altra versione Per uesto ha trascorso cinue anni a icostruire gli

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Ause the boarder who took her into his Mindfulness for Black Dogs Blue Days: Finding a Path Through Depression room didn t actuallyape her it was actually not a big deal Similarly her being subjected to photographed sexual abuse at the Cal Neva Lodge at the
of some associates of his trivialised as mistreatment A big part of the book is to mostly exonerate the Kennedy brothers from any link to her death If the various facts about their being in completely different places during most of the alleged meetings are correct then it seems that this is mostly gossip he correct then it seems that this is mostly gossip he agree a one night stand happened with the President though it is alleged that his brother talked too frankly to her about state matters which then made her a person of interest to the security servicesFor anyone not convinced that her death was accidental produced by taking drugs prescribed for sleep disorders by two different doctors which in combination were fatal as he narrates the material about the bugging of her house and alleged visit by Robert Kennedy on the day of her death in Koshka's Tales: Stories from Russia response to her it seems not seriously meant threats toeveal all at a press conference in etallation for their unkindness might point the other way It could be argued that the book should consider these various alternative explanations and use facts to discount them ather than pick one option and steer everything towards that especially given the lack of cited sourcesAll in all I can therefore only ate this as an OK ead that is 2 star. E fascicoli d’archivio The London Marathon ricevute fatture e testimonianze oculari – una mole di documenti molti dei ualiitenuti da tempo perduti – Keith Badman si cala nei panni dell’investigatore con l’obiettivo di separare la verità dalla finzione le notizie autentiche dalle sciocchezze il mito dalla ealtà A cinuant’anni dalla scomparsa un libro che dà isposte definitive ai molti interrogativi che ancora oggi circondano Marilyn e la sua leggenda identifica il padre naturale; mette fine all’interminabile dibattito sul suo The Courtship Maneuver (The Alpha Billionaire Club - Book 2) rapporto con i Kennedy eicostruisce nei minimi dettagli la notte della morte e le manovre di “insabbiamento” che seguirono. Etc This doesn t delve into some of the other theories for Marilyn s death and a good book ought to explore all theories before eaching a conclusionThe author "SEEMS TO HAVE REACHED HIS PERSONAL "to have eached his personal first without actually showing us how he eached it He then uses the evidence which fits
conclusion and leaves out anything doesn t On a whole somewhat disappointing I definitely would not ecommend this book to someone just starting to learn about Marilyn The timeline kind of This is billed as a book that dispels the myths and conspiracy theories about Marilyn Monroe s death On the whole it seems to do that and yet there is a lack of sources no footnotes for any of the assertions despite the author casting doubt on previous books or persons who claimed to know MM One of the problems I had with it was that despite the author telling us that his subject was a great actress which he does in the section dealing with the coverup at her death and the aftermath he doesn t actually show that In fact to me her ability was trivialised and the book concentrated on her spending on food booze clothing and other items There were a lot of itemised bills which were possibly included to add versimilitude but I would have found it convincing if there possibly included to add versimilitude but I would have found it convincing if there been attributed sources for the various statementsThe other issue that he downplays all the very serious sexual abuse to which MM was subjected both as a child it seems that bec. Ltimi giorni della diva e a vagliare centinaia di documenti iuscendo a illuminare uelle zone d’ombra su cui fino a oggi si facevano solo ipotesi e congetture infanzia negata aborti tentativi di suicidio festini erotici dimagrimenti improvvisi depressione abuso di barbiturici e alcol freuentazioni con i boss della mafia e con i fratelli Kennedy elazioni sentimentali e scappatelle False voci sulla diva circolavano sicuramente anche mentre era in vita uando una volta nel 1962 le chiesero che cosa ne pensasse lei si limitò a Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey replicare «Considerate la fonte» Tenendo a mente ueste parole e attingendo ad appunti interviste fotografieitagli di giornal. Gli ultimi giorni di Marilyn Monroe