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Surgery for Cochlear and Other Auditory Implants eRroll is one of my favourite writers so when I saw she had a new book out I was really pleasedspecially pleased when I got an Uncommon Leadership: How to Build Competitive Advantage by Thinking Differently early copy from the writer herself to review This was a really good book with great charactersspecially Helen who is Eloise s sister I think she was warm and caring and always happy to help out when she could I was interested to see what the outcome would be for Eloise and her daughter and I was shocked at the crazy ways in which Eloise went about to find her daughters dad I won t say much lse as I don t want to spoil the story but beware for a bumpy ride A Very Accidental Love Affair is the first book I have read by Claudia Carroll after hearing so many good things about this author I was looking forward to finally getting on board and trying out one of her novelsWith Eloise Elliot it was all work and no play and it wasn t until her 30th birthday party when hardly anyone turned up that she realised that she was lonely as her whole life revolves around work she has no friends no partner and hardly any contact with her familyAfter three years things have changed somewhat for Eloise as she is now a mother to a beautiful little girl but one thing still has yet to change and that is to get some kind of balance between work and social balance It is when little Lily starts uestioning about her Daddy that Eloise has no option but to slow down at work and try to find Lily s Daddy she longs to meetThe first thing I have to say is that I love the cover of this book it gives a kind of fairytale feel to it and is definitely one that would catch my ye on the book shelfOur main character Eloise was uite a hard character to warm to at first and that is because her character is cold and hard The only thing to her personality is that she is a workaholic but that is as far as her personality goes When the book then fast forwards to three years later when she has become a mum she still doesn t seem to have developed at all and that is when I began to worry about this book as the most important thing to me in a book is that I can Multichannel Marketing Ecosystems either relate to the character or at least like the characterIt is Jake who saves the day in this book because as soon as Eloise meets him she starts to blossom as a character and he is a lovely male character too By the time Eloise finds Jake the pages seemed to be turning themselves and I found myself getting lost in the storyline wanting to see how it pans out but as I got closer to thend it was a little sad to find it was nearly finishedIt seemed as though Eloise s daughter Lily had her mum wrapped around her little finger which was uite funny to see that this hard woman could have her hard Extending Symfony 2 Web Application Framework exterior broken down by this adorable little girl I was surprised that my feelings towards the main character turned full circle by thend of the book and I actually really liked her character and was only hoping for The Best For HerI best for herI Claudia s writing style which flowed so ffortlessly I am looking forward to picking up some of the authors previous books after reading this one Claudia Carroll is an author that is rapidly climbing my favourite authors lists I didn t get *on much with her debut novel but her last two books Personally I Blame My Fairy Godmother and Will You Still *much with her debut novel but her last two books Personally I Blame My Fairy Godmother and Will You Still Me Tomorrow have been xcellent rom coms Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow particularly blew me away and I loved Annie s tale So after hearing Claudia s new book A Very Accidental Love Story was about a woman who had a child through artificial insemination and then decides she needs to find out who he is just in case her daughter Lily Ritual Alliances of the Putian Plain: Volume Two: A Survey of Village Temples and Ritual Activities ever decides to track him down well I was intrigued Especially when Claudia revealed in our interview last year that Lily s father is in prison no less and Eloise turns him into her pet project in a bid to make him a much better prospect for her beautiful daughterI found A Very Accidental Love Story to be one that gave me varying opinions On the one hand I liked the novel The idea the plot is ingenious and it makes a change for a woman to have a baby sans a man most of the characters Ryan Ryan Ryan the writing was great Claudia is a brilliant writer But I had bad bits Eloise was a bit irritating at times She s a bit of a snob Ryan as he was wasn t goodnough for Eloise the prison bit fair nough but I just felt she tried to change him too muchAlso the writing was a bit repetitive in the arly pages Eloise kept saying how Lily wasn t yet three years old about five times in three pages and I just wasn t ver going to forget poor Lily wasn five times in three pages and I just wasn t ver going to forget poor Lily wasn yet three There was a couple of bits like that also when she was first searching for Ryan and how she wanted him to be this and that and the other It was little things like that I also thought the third person Prologue was odd I d have written it in first person personally However the third person worked well when we were introduced to Ryan I liked the switch from Eloise s perspective to third person so we could learn about RyanI liked the novel overall Carroll knows her audiences and is one of the most accomplished Chick Lit writers None of her novels are The Day Christ Was Born ever the same and with A Very Accidental Love Story she s written another novel no author hasver thought of writing and it was really good I can t wait to see what Carroll comes up with next You just never know I liked how that Eloise Enly and with dazzling clarity she realises what she wants to make her life complete A babyOne successful trip to the sperm bank and almost three years later and she is the adoring mother of a gorgeous little girl Lily Juggling a high powered job with motherhood is not asy and when she finds herself without childcare she sends an SOS to her Eloise finds herself alone at her 30th birthday party with not a friend to her name She decides to make a change and has a child 3 years on Lily asks her where her father is and Eloise is set off on a mission to see if she can track him downMain issue with this book is that Eloise seems to decide to have a child because she has no one lse and it seems a pretty selfish reason to have a child The Seventh Witch especially given she spends the next few years apparently assigning nannies to look after her and not actually seeing her outside of a handful of hours when she can get away from the officeSo all in all didn t care for Eloiseview spoilerSecondly from the moment we meet Jake Keane aka Lily s father we re told he s in a maximum security prison but somehow he gets a job in teaching Not anxpert but I m guessing that s one of the professions where having a criminal record is really going to work against youAnd towards the And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake end of the novel we re introduced vaguely to someone Jake knew in this prison who becomes a clown Now again I m 90% sure that any occupation which puts you in direct contact with kids is going to be majorly disadvantaged by a criminal record Not really sure where the author was going with this hide spoiler Eloise Elliot is a successful intelligent and independent woman She has worked hard in her career and is now the youngest seniorditor at the Daily Post newspaper She has reached the very top in her career However on her thirtieth birthday Eloise realises just how alone she really is no friends no significant other Office colleagues who do not want to spend time with her and an Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America extended family she hardlyver sees Eloise had become a workaholic married to her job with no social life Feeling things have to change she decides to take action and to fix her lifeMove forward to three years later and Eloise is now the mother of a beautiful and bright daughter called Lily Eloise is now still a workaholic who is juggling the demands of work with being a single mother and if her life is not hectic The Pocket Wife enough it is about to become a lot complicated when Lily starts to ask who her Daddy isEloise decides to look for Lily s father but what will happen when she finds that he is not what or whom she thought he was and that he has a dark pastChick Lit is just harmless fun really isn t it I love it This is a really brilliant and fun read and fans of chick lit will adore it for it is veryntertaining and The Color of Our Sky enjoyable very well written wonderful storyline there is never a dull moment in this book I would really recommend it and if I could give it than five stars I would I will look forward to reading books by Claudia Carroll A Very Accidental Love Story is about a workaholic single mother Eloise with a three year old daughter Lily who had been conceived via artificial insemination As she constantly asks about her father Eloisembarks on a journey to track him down However she soon realizes that there are many challenges lying aheadThis story was ngaging in a light hearted breezy sort of way hence ven certain factors couldn t detract from my njoyment of this book One of those factors happen to be the characters Eloise s seriously unhealthy attachment to her job as the ditor of a newspaper was conveyed very convincingly It was Cabaret: A Roman Riddle evident that she lived for work breathed work dreamed work and ate work I felt tired just reading about her running around having no time for anythingxcept work Despite that her decision to have a baby to fulfill her desire to be a mother was selfish considering the fact that she knew she wouldn t be able to spend time with her child and she never contemplated other job optionsBesides that from the get go it was clear that she was selfish and completely insensitive She looked high and low for Jake the mystery father and then proceeded to lie to him continuously Not the minor harmless sort of lies ither but major lies resulting in what I would view as betrayal and deceit Sure she was doing it all for her daughter but at the nd of the day that didn t justify her actions As for Jake I m not sure what the author was trying to do It s like he was supposed to be a difficult badass guy to deal with yet Eloise had absolutely no trouble with him I personally found Lily to be annoying instead of adorable because of the way she talked and how she didn t have much of a personality apart from wanting to meet her fatherThere were a couple of incredibly unrealistic bits too namely involving Jake and his seamless integration into society I won t delve into details to avoid giving unnecessary spoilers but basically with his history things couldn t possibly go as smoothly as they did What was the point of creating a strong character like Eloise and giving her a purportedly huge challenge only to make verything way too asy to the point of being unbelievable As for how it all wrapped up between Jake and Eloise as well as Jake and Lily the words unrealistic and way too asy spring to mindEven the much anticipated conflict was nearly NON EXISTENT A SECRET OF THAT existent A secret of that should have resulted in *drama motions something but there was none of that Overall though *emotions something but there was none of that Overall though Very Accidental Love Story is one of those books that I really njoyed despite its many flaws goodness it was so bloody amazing I couldn t help the sniffling and the tears a very unusual storya must read Claudia Ca. Eloise Elliot is one of the youngest newspaper ditors in the country Respected and revered by her peers she's at the top of her gameBut on the ve of her thirtieth birthday finding herself surrounded by some pathetic looking balloons and mangy sandwiches in The Daily Post's conference room Eloise is hit but a long sharp pang of lonelinessSudd. As uptight to begin with but as she and Ryan start a friendship she starts to loosen up and realise work isn t all I actually felt sorry for poor Lily with no dad and a pretty much absent mum though I understand that obviosuly Eloise had to work I d very much recommend the novel Claudia Carroll is such an accomplished Chick Lit author and I can t wait for her next novel she s very much on my pre order list This a strange book I read the intro and wanted to read I then started on the first part of the main book and swapped to hating the heroine all she did was complain about how many hours she had to work and how stressed she was At this point I almost gave up Then things got very interesting indeed and I was totally hooked I almost skipped to the last chapter something I never do so badly did I want to know how things turned out but I managed to resist and just kept reading and reading at any and very opportunity so I could wizz through the book as uickly as possible and find out what happens For me this was a real page turner You grown to like the heroine as the story unfolds and the hero is totally gorgeous you just want to hug him There are for some reason a lot of The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis errors in this book from typos to repetition saying the same thing 3 times in 3 pagestc and the first few chapters can be off putting but my advice would be to stick with it because it s a great and rather unusual love story Highly recommended Eloise Elliot hits thirty the big three zero and is suddenly hit by a thought What has she got to show for herself Sure she s good at her job but when no one turns up to her birthday party Eloise knows there s something missing Suddenly she realises she wants someone to share her life with and so off she goes to get it Three years later Eloise Elliot s life is made up of work Work work and work She works from 6am til perhaps midnight and ven Sunday s which are her mummy time to spend the day with her beautiful three year old daughter Lily have to be cut short as she runs off to work leaving Lily with the disastrous nanny One day Eloise is met with the thing she dreaded most Lily starts asking where her daddy is and how can Eloise tell a three year old that she was created through artificial insemination After Lily refuses to drop the subject and with ncouragement from Eloise s sister Helen Eloise mbarks on a journey to find the man behind the carefully selected sperm I d read novels by Claudia Carroll before so I was VERY very xcited about this one and I wasn t disappointed Straight from the first few pages I was drawn into the story and kept there reading about how Eloise has a disastrous day that will set the ball rolling for Just Cause everythinglse in her book Within minutes I was cringing for Eloise and desperate to find out how she was going to deal with the curve balls that were constantly being thrown at her A word to describe this book is splendid It s like a modern fairytale story with a twist It s sweet it s funny and it has xactly the perfect level of drama to keep the reader gripped and turning the pages And of course where would a fairytale story be without a bit of romance An accidental Love story was wonderful it s verything you could want in a book I finished it in a day and a half and ven now I can T Stop Telling My stop telling my how much I REALLY loved the book The characterswell where do I begin with them They were AMAZINGLY written I feel as though ach character was the PERFECT character for that role Eloise is so likable right from the start I found myself channelling her motions the terrifying feeling when she knows her job isn t going well and I was feeling giddy and giggly during the romance scenes very word of the story struck me and stayed with me Helen Eloise s sister was a fantastic addition I genuinely liked her nature personality and I wish I had a friend like her Lily is just a gorgeous little bundle of fun and I wanted to reach out and give her a hug JakeOh gosh where do I start with him Is he available in real life somewhere He is handsome he s funny he s sexy in a subtle way and I fell head over heels for him I only wish there was of him in the story The supporting characters were also well written the people at Eloise s work such as Rachel and Marc were very realistic and I loved the small but valuable part that they played in the story A *Very Accidental Love Story is officially one of my favourite books *Accidental Love Story is officially one of my favourite books the year How do I sum this up You MUST read this book It s funny it s romantic it s magical with a twist Curling up with this book is an utterly perfect way to spend your day Eloise Elliot is in her arly thirties with powerful position of ditor in chief of Post in one hand and nearly a three year old daughter Lily in another She is fairly a perfect woman dressed up in black head to toe running up the ntire newspaper literally singlehandedly and playing the role of single parentHer usual day starts at unusual hours and she spent ighteen hours in running in and out of the conference room dealing with Fiesta Moon evil Seth Coleman and impressing TRexes while her daughter spent her days with not so perfect nanny Despite of the guilt of not being able to spendnough time with the only joy in her life her daughter Eloise considers her life happy and family complete sans any man BUT one bright day she was snapped out her always working world Ister Helen Yet it's when Lily starts asking about her `daddy' that Eloise really starts to panic What will she tell herSo Eloise decides there's nothing for it she's going to find Lily's father After all she chose the perfect donor so surely there won't be any surprises Except that there are plenty and Eloise gets a lot than she bargained for. .

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