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Xt is large and easy to read which is great for new readers The Illustrations Are Fabulous illustrations are fabulous funny which children Will Love A Great Book love A great book have in the primary classroom suitable for children aged 5 and above Nostalgic I learnt to read on this series and have been wanting esperately to read it again Finally finding it on kindle has made me smile Mrs Wobble was one of my favourites You can be ifferent and with a little help find your niche in society Mrs Wobble the Waitress is an excellent book to read to primary school aged children particularly aged 5 It is about a waitress called Mrs Wobble and follows her life It is about a waitress called Mrs Wobble and follows her life in a restaurant where she unfortunately has troubles Mrs wobble tends to wobble alot when serving food to customers which leads to all sorts of isasters such as Karen vs Alien dropping a plate of jelly onto a customer She eventuallyropped some food on to her Managers head eek which lead to her getting the sack Mrs Wobble was very upset and her children Gendered Citizenships decide to help her get her job back Back at the restaurant Mrs Wobble is given another chance and starts serving customers Her children help her by wearing skates so that they can uickly get to Mrs Wobble and catch any food she may haveropped Alien Disclosure at Area 51 due to her wobbling before it lands on a customerThis story is great for new readers as the text is large and very short on each page There are excellent and veryetailed pictures which follow the story Some of the words that each character says are written in speech bubbles making the book similar to a comic at points which is fun for the reader The language used in the book is very simple and the words are often repeated within the story so it is good for the less confident readers to practice This book is very funny which engages the reader from the beginning Children will like this book as they will enjoy finding out what silly things happen next thanks to Mrs Wobble wobbling The book is a good size for children to read and gives a great message about family and how you can help each other It is also a confidence builder as it shows that you may not be perfect but can achieve what you want in the end A funny easy read for beginners. And gets the sack She fears her wobble will stop her working ever again but Mr Wobble has a plan. .

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Mrs Wobble the WaitressHappy Families series what can I sayThroughout My Younger Years I Have Read Them younger years I have read them Each and every one of them was a joy to read Mrs Wobble the Waitress is my younger sister s favourite book of the series so I ecided to re read it and then write a reviewThe story tells the tale of the Wobble family and how they triumph over Mrs Wobble s Wobbles as a family after she loses her beloved job The book is a lovely fun loses her beloved job The book is a lovely fun of turning something that is seen as a negative into a positive with hard work and teamwork Mrs Wobble the Waitress by Allan Ahlbergis a story about a waitress who cannot control her wobbling and as a result is always ropping food on customers and is getting told off by her manager at the restaurant Mrs Wobble eventually gets the sack after an episode where she Alchemic dropped a jelly and it landed on her manager s head InsteadMr and Mrs Wobbleecide to set up their own cafe in their house Wobbles Cosy Cafe The cafe is a huge success as the children Miss and Master Wobble are on had to catch the food that their mother rops gaining a reputation as a juggling cafe This fun well illustrated story would perhaps be suitable for slightly older readers in late Year 2 to Year 4 The theme which seems to run through the readers in late Year 2 to Year 4 The theme which seems to run through the is the importance of team work I would use the book for individual guided reading or have it in a book corner Recommended humorous read This is a elightful story about a waitress called Mrs Wobble The only trouble was she wobbled when she served food to her customers One Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ day This is a cute little story and fun to read to toddlers And wobble is a great word to say One of my first stories from childhood that I remember most vividly I guess old fashioned cafes look at the food and waitresses are my thing as a British girl Charming humourous and funThere is nooubt that wobble is a great word to repeat over and over again Wibble wobble wibble wobbleFinal Score 45 Mrs Wobble the waitress is a great book for young children It is written by Allan Ahlberg and is illustrated by Janet Ahlberg The story follows Mrs Wobble who works as waitress However she isn t the greatest waitress as she has a bit of a problem she Mrs Wobble loves her job as a waitress in a cafe but there's one big problem she wobbles She wob. Obbles As a result of her unavoidable wobbling she rops a chicken on a customers hat and even rops jelly on her boss As a result Mrs wobble is fired and is drops jelly on her boss As a result Mrs wobble is fired and is worried that her waitressing Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change days are over However Mr wobbleevises a clever plan and that is for the family to Open Their Own Restaurant However Will Mrs Wobble Be Able their own restaurant However will Mrs wobble be able control her wobbling This a very humorous book that children would loveThe pictures are all very etailed and some of them have speech pictures are all very etailed and some of them have speech with people saying things The actual story is very well written and uses easy language which is perfect for children learning to read I knew the author and was familiar with the title of the book but it was only when I read the first page that it brought back memories of reading it in my early childhoodMrs Wobble works in a caf as a waitress and has a name that fits her perfectly Unfortunately being a waitress who wobbles when serving food Rebuilding does not goown well with everyone especially not the caf manager who ends up with a jelly on his head Poor Mrs Wobble gets the sack Mrs Wobble s family try their best to comfort her but to no avail Mr Wobble then comes up with the idea of setting up their own cafe But how will they overcome the Intro to Alien Invasion disasters that come with Mrs Wobble s wobblingI love theetailed illustrations and feel good factor that comes with this book It s another lovely book by Allan Ahlberg suitable for young readers in KS1 This book is about a waitress called Mrs Wobble who wobbles alot She get s herself into trouble because of her wobbling Mrs Wobble is very upset as a result of this Her family then come up with a plan to try and resolve the problem together This book is engaging and children will find it very funny Children will love the silly things that happen as a result of Mrs Wobble s uncontrollable wobbling The story is great and I like the way it is showing children that we are all uniue and can have problems beyond our control Problems have solutions which is what is portrayed in this book Great for confidence buildingThe importance of family and family support is also shown throughout the book which can open Therapy of Love discussions with the children The te. Bles so much that sherops a chicken on a lady's pretty hat then she Democratic Phoenix: Reinventing Political Activism drops a jelly on her boss.