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What stupid ass storiesWho would believe in such talesYet if you were AskedWhat Is The Most is the most thingin the world the head or tail of a fishWhat would you answerNo matter what answer you giveit Will Be WrongThose Who Tread The Carabao be wrongThose who tread the carabao taildo NOT SPEAK FROM TAGATAC IN IFUGAO speak from Tagatac in Ifugao A great poetry collectio. The uintessential Pilipino American poet storyteller and co founder of the Kearny Street Asian American Writers Workshop in.

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Rappin' With Ten Thousand Carabaos in the Dark PoemsL story telling returning to this collection after almost twenty years i was surprised by the second and third SECTIONS ON LAND NATURE BUDDHISM AND JAPANESE FIGURES on land nature Buddhism and japanese literary figures poems on Wounded Knee Olangapo and Tiaoyu Senkaku Islands convey Robles generous global vision solidarity and rich symbolic vocabulary. Ers factory Workers Zen Monks Pool Sharks Cooks Children Zen monks pool sharks cooks children preachers pinups young bloods musicians barbers and Buddhas. .
N that honors the lives of the Manongs by breaking away from the conventional geographic identity markers and focusing on individual stories and experiences Manong Al s poems live at the intersection of jazz Portsmouth Suare Ifugao Mountain political poetry the International Hotel the Pasig River and the heart of ora. San Francisco tells THAT SPAN A CENTURY OF PILIPINO span a century of Pilipino in His poetry is inhabited by families farm labor.