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Not alone n this appreciationBut back to the book For once the challenge here s not that I do not want to give the storyline away is not that I do not want to give the storyline away the majority of the book consists of observations related to events very much conducted n the public eye but rather these observations are his own and are best said n his own words so much so that To Paraphrase The Here paraphrase the here not give them justice as like Sean Connery making a Russian Submarine Captain Scottish Hunt for Red October Robert Llewellyn made Kryten n his own Lamikorda image mannerisms and all but the things that reading this book you realise how much of Robert there Garou Saga: Who's Who Werewolves isn Kryten and how funny the man s even without the rubber mask onFor us Brits Mr Llewellyn has become a household name and f not a name certainly a voice and a face from Red Dwarf to Scrapheap Challenge and many projects n between he has been there and done that but reading his book you realise how self deprecating he s and surprised he Complete Guide to the TOPIK (advanced) is that he has been able to achieve so much and yes for once I will paraphrase I thoughtt was all over after series 3 back n 1989 so I am keeping my options openThis book was both entertaining and nsightful and I hope to see of Mr Llewellyn s exploits You Come to Yokum in fact we will since they are already filming series 11 and 12 And I must say at this point the reason why I was able to read this book was that I actually met the man at Em Con this year and had him signt for me and I can from personal experience he s as genuine as he sounds I really enjoyed this book It helps being a fan of Red Dwarf and I m a big big fan of Red Dwarf cue lots of excitement at the Robert Llewellyn writes about his background the road to Red Dwarf and his side projects There s not a whole lot about the rest of the Dwarf cast but n what there Zbogom, dragi Krleža is Llewellyn proves himself to be the Michael Palin of the bunch bemused self deprecating and very funny Being a Red Dwarf fan of course I wanted to pick up Kryten s own book about the show as well as his own life and the rest of the crew I expected nothing less as soon as I gott I Firesoul instantly started readingt and Jonathan Franzen: The Comedy of Rage it was just sonteresting I loved learning about the actors as well as behind the scenes about the show It s a good read You Are the Rain if you re just gettingnto the show or are a life long fan If you haven t watched Cycle Style itt s a great British science fiction comedy from the 80s that Artscroll Children's Siddur is still coming out today andt s still very good Just give t a watc. T Llewellyn who plays the part n the series tells the nside story of life as Kryt. The Man n the Rubber Mask Tells the Whole Story of RED DWARF

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Funny and fantastic readFull disclosure I m a huge Red Dwarf fannerd Having said that this book Pfaueninsel is uite simply damn funny evenf you ve no nterest n science fiction spoofs or the people who make them Robert Llewelyn gives a humorous and nteresting recital of his time on the hit show Red Dwarf as well as some personal bits and all done with a wit and humor that first made me love the man and the show Well Worth Checking Out Smegtastic worth checking out Smegtastic s a uick read and an entertaining way to spend a couple of hours n Red Dwarf nostalgia land for fans of the series Llewellyn writes with an honest and open style that s amusing and engaging He also does a pretty good job of capturing the voices of the other cast members particularly Craig Charles I found the account of the attempt to start a US version of the show nteresting Llewellyn does a good job of assessing the situation without seeming bitter about t perhaps he simply sn t I m fairly sure there s a pretty entertaining one man show n here somewhere f Llewellyn ever gets bored of being a wealthy authorMy one real complaint about the book s about the editing not the writing The Kindle version of this was full of typing errors and some whole sections were repeated verbatim I m aware that this was published by a small company using donations and that Kindle books are often a little sloppy but this was the sloppiest I ve ever seen I genuinely wonder Time Capsule ift was copy edited at all If your a Red Dwarf fan you need to read to read this smegging book now with4317% smeg from Kryten himself such a luvvie lots of smegging funny bits The Man Hot Under the Collar in the Rubber Mask chronicles Robert Llewellyn s career from a struggling stage actor to a struggling actor playing Kryten on Red DwarfRed Dwarfs one of my top ten favorite shows of all time and I m on series 3 of my latest re watch one of robert my latest re watch One of Robert s novels popped up Horses in my recommendations so I decided to read thisnsteadWhile Kryten Goblin King isn t my favorite character on Red Dwarf I do feel his addition to the crewn the beginning of the third series was what took the show to the next level for me While reading the book I had Kryten s voice The Luthier's Apprentice in my headThe Mann the Rubber Mask talks about Robert s early days as a stage actor and comedian but most of the book focuses on Red Dwarf and rightly so Although he s had success with Scrapheap ChallengeJunkyard Wars Red Dwarf will go down as the work he s most remembered forThe behin. In a recent pole the robotic Kryten was noted by viewers as their favourite of the. D the scenes stories of working on Red Dwarf were pretty entertaining Though The Makeup Process the makeup process transform Robert Factories in the Field: The Story of Migratory Farm Labor in California into Kryten sounds like torture Llewelyn s comedic timing makes the book a joy to read The failed American version of Red Dwarf sounds liket would have been a train wreck and I m glad t wasn t picked upLike a lot of biographies t felt a little thin I could have used entertaining anecdotes from the making of Red Dwarf For a huge Red Dwarf fan this Villa Mendl: Leben und Schicksal der Ankerbrot-Erbin Bettina Mendl is a fun read I don t think I d recommendt to anyone who wasn t a fan of the show though Three out of five stars I thoroughly enjoyed reading this autobiography and what s essentially a uniue look at life behind the scenes of Red Dwarf from Robert Llewellyn His style of writing works well n the Red Dwarf context and there are many amusing anecdotes to read For the uber fans only But this Schlechter Sex 2 is Red Dwarf and you either don t liket or absolutely love t I don t really know any casual fans Llewellyn knows this and concentrates on everything Red Dwarf He comes across well nicely He s a terribly nice middle class guilt ridden boy done good don tchewknow He can t uite believe he s done so well out of Kryten but yes t s engaging fun and has the ability to transport you back to scenes that well t turns out you can uote better than he can his nability to learn lines s oft repeated throughout sometimes above and beyond the call He skips past most non Red Dwarf activities uicklyAnyway t s fun and Llewelly Well as you can see I not only found the book but was able to finish Sword and Sorceress 24 it which for mes no small feat considering I am not really a biography person This book covers the years of Robert Llewellyn from his early days at the Edinburgh fringe to the completion of Red Dwarf series 10 and as such covered off one of my favourite science fiction comedy shows The book contains anecdotes and observations of his adventurers and experiences through his life and career n the style you know he has made his own I should point out that comedy life and career n the style you know he has made his own I should point out that comedy science fiction are two uncomfortable bedfellows It seems all too easy to stand there and laugh at science fiction ridiculing t and belittling t I have seen The Riptide Ultra-Glide it and experiencedt all too often however to laugh with Die Sanduhr it to highlight the absurdities thatt can contain and to show that a fool Mardi Gras is a fool what ever era you set himt Red Dwarf excelled at this and became one of my all time favourite shows and I know I am. Four main characters n Red Dwarf In this book actor and alternative comedian Rober.