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A Daughter's Dilemma


R the heroine said yes but there was one big problem the heroines motherI thought the angst and passion were pretty good "in this book despite the fact the storyline was nbelievably simple I wished for a "this book despite the fact the storyline was Nuestra propuesta inconclusa. Ecuador-Perú unbelievably simple I wished for a drama I m not sure who is deranged h or me Re A Daughter s Dilemma Miranda Lee keeps it in the family in a Typhoon of Tackiness with this one This is a continuation of the Forbidden Series and also a ML mini series that is followed by Maddie s Love ChildThe h is a 24 yr oldnicorn groomer who has been caretaking her mother for the last ten years The mother is finally married off to a very nice but bullying man who guilts the h into overseeing his house refurbishment while he takes his bride off on a honeymoonThe problem is that the architect for the house is a former tenant of the h s mother the mother fell in love with him and then had a total nervous breakdown when he dumped her The h was 14 at the time and has been devotedly taking care of her very fragile mother ever sinceThe backstory is that the h s mother was 19 when she fell in love with her married college professor They had an affair and he left his wife and family for the mother professor They had an affair and he left his wife and family for the mother died before the divorce was final and he could marry herThe h and her mother survived by taking in niversity students as boarders and the H was 24 to her mother s 33 when the big affair happened The h remembers seeing her mother and the H together then the H abruptly left and her mother went almost catatonic after having hysterics the h called the family doctor and The h called the family doctor and set about figuring out a way to support her motherThey spent two years on a farm with some family and then the h moved her mother back to the city got a flat and got a job at a hospital Since then the h who has the body and hair of a blonde goddess has avoided men and devoted herself to a chaste and iet lifeNow she is thrown into the company of the H as she supervises the house redesign and the Lurve Force Mojo between them is fierce So naturally the two of them are all about fighting and bickering in the name of hiding the attractionThe H does the Diccionario trilingüe Miskitu - Sumu-Mayangna - Español usualptight prude accusations and the h does the The Very First Christmas Stocking the Gifts of the 7 Coins usual accusatory lady buffet sampling remarks The moderator between the two is the H s female interior designer a free spirited lady who claims that the H is a incorrigible rake and leaves heaps of ladies on the dung heap of discarded affairs. Er that the architect her stepfather had commissioned was Vaughan Slater the man who'd turned her lifepside down 10 years agoIt seemed that Vaughan wasn't deterred by Carolyn's hostility To .

A Daughter s DilemmaI have had this book for awhile Started to read it several times This story revolves around two people knew each other when she was fourteen years ago "SHE SAW HIM WITH HER MOTHER "saw him with her mother go down hill from there Now ten years later they meet again But things are not going good She has memories of that time And his actions now just confirm her beliefs about him Can two people go from clouded pasts to love Confusing a bit and not the type of characters you could feel a bond to This is one of those HPs where the conflict and plot seem to depend on the characters bearing no resemblance to adult humans The main women are particularly egregious having "NERVOUS BREAKDOWNS FOR UNREALISTIC REASONS OR "breakdowns for Twisted (LOST, unrealistic reasons or in mindless lashing out as an apparent default responseite tiresome OkaySeriously I found myself than a little confused and bewildered when the hero finally fessed p to loving the heroine Why would he let some woman put his hands on him and continue to go out with her even platonically if he had slept with her at one point and was trying to establish a relationship with a woman he KNEW had issues with his lifestyle her perception of it at least AND with some stuff that happened with her motherAn just eww
I Don T Care 
don t care cute he iswould you really succumb to a man you believed your mother had had sex with Heck for that matter even passionately kissed Justwrong I put off reading this book for several months because I wasn t sure about the whole girl sleeping with the same man as her mother had already slept with but it wasn t like that at alla misunderstanding by a 14 year old girlnow a 24 year oldCarolynI am glad I finally picked it p and read it The story is wonderful What a funny guy Vaughn is He was so determined to see her when she dead bolted the doors that he did his version of a James Bond leap Face it Carolyn you were never going to get away from himhe loved you too much and you know you loved him too Loved it The heroine thought the hero was responsible for her mothers break down when she was a child Obviously part of that was true however not all of it For the hero once meeting the heroine again had fallen deeply in love with her and would do anything to convince hr of that fact The heroine was instantly attracted to the hero and once a certain time had past eagerly gave p her virginity When the hero wanted to marry he. Look but don't touchCarolyn was delighted when her mother married Julian She waved off the happy couple on their honeymoon and prepared to oversee the renovation of their new homeonly to discov. .
Tho the lady has never slept "WITH THE H HERSELFTHE INTERIOR DESIGNER "the H herselfThe interior designer a friend of sorts after the h its her hospital admin job after being sexually harassed by one of the doctors and punching him in the face The h s new stepfather sends a letter telling the h she should come to live with them and he will help her find a jobThe h now being A Fearless Heart : Why Compassion is the Key to Greater Wellbeing unemployed andsed to looking after her mother decides that is what she will do and then she lets the interior designer do a nude painting of her This leads to the big Unicorn Grooming License revocation moment with the H and we get lots of Purple Passion MomentsThere
Is A Big Fight 
a big fight them the next morning and the h starts to feel she might have been wrong after the H kicks her out and his mother dies Then the h sees the H with his OW and goes back to thinking she was right the first time The H forces his way back into her life again and the h just folds in the face of her massive Treacherous Body Syndrome tho she isn t sure if the H is lying about not sleeping with her mother because she saw them partially Soap Making Bible undressed and making out at 14 The H and h are lurving itp every chance they get and the h is totally in love We find out the H also supports several brothers and sisters and then the h s mother comes back from her honeymoon The h is very worried that seeing the H will set her mother off on another breakdownThe big confrontation arrives during the housewarming party the h s mother and stepfather host and the mother admits that she never had an affair with the H at allshe tried to seduce him and then life just got to her or something and she totally melted down because she had PTSD over the h s father deciding to leave her to go back to his wife right before his fatal heart attackThis frees the H and h to lurve it p and they both make big love declarations and decide to get married for the big HEA This one suicked me out and I really did not care about any of these people I guess we can be happy that the h is happy but really the whole situation was pretty twisted and I am just not a fan of the h s mother being the third part of an hH triangle even when nothing really happened Still that is a personal suick bias and the story does have a lot of intensity it just isn t my idear of a great HP outing So I will run away screaming if I see it again but other HP voyagers might have a better time with it. Im those past events were hardly his fault; now he wanted Carolyn in a way he'd never wanted a woman before Did he mean that this time he would seduce her make her fall in love with him and sta.