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Described as a fiery passionate person determined to live very single waking second to the fullest Cabaret: A Roman Riddle even when that meant doing things that ultimately cut her life short booze drugstcAlthough her addictions were sad and possibly ven tragic I didn t feel pity for Piaf after reading this book She lived her life on terms AND DIDN T FEEL MUCH PITY FOR HERSELF SHE didn t feel much pity for herself She strong lady ven when her body was weak I find that admirable In the same league like Lady sings the blues read ngrossing probably mbellished tale of artistic life that appealed a lot to me in my younger days but struck somewhat differently chord today Berteaut claims to have been Piaf s half sister documents tell different story but no matter who she was apparently she knew Piaf from arliest days so she does have a tale to tell Author basically lived parasitic life next to her successful sibling and trough the book constantly paints herself as an innocent accomplice in frenetic party marathons that cost Piaf money health and ultimately life Everything that made Piaf into a passionate artist she was on a records and stages made her also uite a difficult person to be with it does not diminish my njoyment in her music but makes me slightly uncomfortable with the fact how grown up I became For one thingI don t think that roaming the streets barefoot and hungry is romantic any Strange how we change and see things from a completely different perspe. Scandals herself Written by Simone Beteaut Edith Piaf's half sister and lifelong partner in mischief when they sang for tips. My hairdresser had movie night with me a physicist a mild agoraphobic And A Massage Therapist a massage therapist watched the movie about Edith Piaf which really is oe of the most depressing movies ver But fascinating Had to read the book This is a well researched book on the life and times of Piaf who was a giant in French singing culture and later in her career became internationally known and appreciated This book follows the turbulent arly life of Piaf who was never able to shake off that sense of insecurity and mental unrest dating back to her difficult childhood As a singer she was very demanding of herself and her ntourage often forcing them to rehearse through the night Piaf had a Rock

roll lifestyle many 
lifestyle many before it xisted She was drug dependent a heavy drinker and had a string of lovers who were ach devoted to her This book is a must read for anybody looking for a fascinating memoir of a Parisian chanteuse who was and is widely respected for her massive contribution to French song This particular biography is written by Simone Edith Piaf s best friend and half sister They were very close for most of Edith S Life Suffering Occasional s life suffering occasional outs which never lasted forever The book seems a lot longer than it needs to be mostly because the description of Edith Piaf s love life was so repetitive that it could have been boiled down to one chapter Piaf sueezed a lot of living into a very short number of years She is. The true tumultuous story of Edith Piaf the Parisian waif who ntertained France and the world with her songs her loves her. .

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Ctive later its one of the reasons why I love to re read old books again Sincere beautiful recollection by person who knew her well Her life was to re read old books again Sincere beautiful recollection by person who knew her well Her life was sad it was almost too beautiful to be true Highly recommended A biography so beautiful and loving that it reads like a ulogy This book makes you feel as though you are walking through Paris right alongside the tornado that was Edith Piaf Just like being there alongside M Piaf Especially the start on the streets through rough poverty Through France In The 20s France in the 20s 30s through adventures colored by seedy streets and alcohol smoky cafe and bistros through all hours of the night with the colorful characters of the cabaret set Countless love affairs and tragedies than you can count on hands and feet balanced out by ou I found the book in a bookstall somewhere before I ven realized who Edith Piaf really was and my copy has been lost over the years But it introduced me to a woman who is for me the symbol of France I have always loved Edith Piaf s amazing voice An aunt of mine recently died and I was given Simone Berteaut s biography of Edith from her state It is a 1969 hardbook 1st dition and a little dog Just Cause eared but from the first page I was hooked You would not have to be a fan of Edith s tonjoy this riveting biography so lovingly and honestly told by Edith s half sister I recommend it wholeheartedly to lovers of biographies God but she was a wonderfully crazy person. In the streets suares cafés and military camps while living in a succession of Cheap Sualid Hotels During sualid hotels during arly yea. Piaf AUTHOR Simone Berteaut