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And do very well in class="acfedda8483c0d12423f54fe401954a3" style="color: #9900FF; font-size: 29px;">the forgetting department there is a character in this called M Fouuet a name forgetting department there is a character in this book called M Fouuet a name would like to adopt for future social media shenanigans Anyway sometimes this policy backfires I thought The Man in the Iron Mask was the final volume of The D Artagnan Romances alas I was only one third right The Man in the Iron Mask is the final part of a much longer book The Vico view spoiler SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS How can I possibly write this review without SPOILERS when my HEART IS BROKEN INTO A THOUSAND PIECES I miss you already my brave Musketeer friends I am not someone who cries asily the only series that s ver made me cry was Stephen King s The Dark Tower Prior to this brutal book I feel like I have xperienced the death of friends And I feel such profound grief over these loyal lifelong friends being separated Oh Porthos You mighty giant Athos noble friend And D Artagnan the Captain who won my heart from page one Aramis how will you live with only one fourth of your soul How will I live Oh right I ll probably just re read the first book over and over again Sigh Sniffle hide spoiler My insignificant words can hardly do justice to my love for this book so I ll keep it shortYou can read my original review hereIf you are curious about this book because you re familiar with the title or saw the terrible movie or have read The Three Musketeers and can t be bothered with The Crucified Ones: Calling Forth the End-Time Remnant everything that comes in between please don t bother with this book You ve hardlyarned it and as such it ll ring hollow for youIf however you have loyally followed our musketeer friends over their 40 years of adventures if you can comprehend the significance of Athos showing weakness of #IT WAS NOT AS BAD AS YOU WOULD HAVE #was not as bad as you would have it to be Edited and annotated by David Coward from an older translation Well the mammoth saga of the once invincibles comes to a rather sad nd Porthos dies because his strength gives out Aramis flees France in disgrace because his schemes come to ruin And Athos dies because the one thing dearer to him to God his son leaves his company to go die in the Africa campaigns under the Duke of Beaufort And d Artagnan well d Artagnan s star does not decline under the sun king but that s only because this once so haughty Gascon spirit humbles itself rather abjectly before the iron will of Louis chapter 81 simply and appropriately titled King Louis XIV I have one complaint with this action packed adventure during which in the course of 570 pages the suspense hardly slackens Why did Aramis General of the Jesuits master planner always with an out at his disposal admit defeat instantly when Fouuet announced he would denounce him Up to that point Fouuet had been a pawn of Aramis Suddenly Aramis had to flee for his life on the word alone of Fouuet Well maybe it was the onset of age that weakens Aramis resolv. Ter It appeared first in serial form between 1847 and 1850 The Man in the Iron Mask is the fourth and final volum. Homme au masue de Fer The Man in the Iron Mask Alexandre DumasThe Man in the Iron Mask is the name given to an unidentified prisoner who was arrested in 1669 or 1670 and subseuently held in a number of French prisons including the Bastille and the Fortress of Pignerol He was held in the custody of the same jailer B nigne Dauvergne de Saint Mars for A Period Of 34 Years He Died On 19 November period of 34 years He died on 19 November under the name Marchioly during the reign of King Louis XIV of France 1643 1715 Since no one ver saw his face because it #Was Hidden By A Mask #hidden by a mask black velvet cloth the true identity of the prisoner remains a mystery it has been Logic, Labels, And Flesh extensively debated by historians and various theories have beenxpounded in numerous books and films 2001 1379 240 9644220730 19 1643 1715 1703 It pains me to write this because I am at heart a print person My paycheck depends on people wanting and buying printed materials But this is one instance where the movie far outshines the book and I m glad there was a screenwriter with a vision to see beyond this dismal bookI had just read Three Musketeers by Dumas when I read this book Perhaps it was the pleasure I took in this arly book that spoiled Man in the Iron MaskMan in the Iron Mask starts out well There is all the chivalry and twice the intrigue of Dumas MaskMan in the Iron Mask starts out well There is all the chivalry and twice the intrigue of Dumas works The dialog is fantastic with politics twisting very meaning and clearly communicating the rancor of the time There is a fantastic scene with Porthos Aramis and the tailor that made me laugh aloud I truly like Dartangan for he displays chivalry and honor The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths even when ordered to do things against his honorThen the book starts to go downhill Characters that one would think weressential to the book disappear midway through and are never heard from again Aramis becomes less and less sympathetic until we finally view him as merely a court toady who cared little for the sacrifice of his friendsThere are moments in this book moments of passion of grief of love But they are merely moments Eventually the book becomes so ponderous one must force oneself to continue There are few characters to like in this book They get themselves into situations for stupid reasons and are too self centered to get out of them Sacrifices are made for foolish reasons So I read The Man in the Iron Mask only that it was not a story of the Man in the Iron Mask I was already halfway into the book when I realized this so I was left with no choice but to continue The story of the iron mask is only a trifling subplot because this story is all about the Musketeers that we have come to know I m pretty sure that I haven t read this story yet I remember reading a book by this title Perhaps it was a children s version that I read I don t know All I know is that this book is not what I xpected it was Of course I knew this is part of a seuel to the D Artagnan se. The Vicomte of Bragelonne Ten Years Later Le Vicomte de Bragelonne ou Dix ans plus tard is a novel by Alexandre Ries that began with The Three Musketeers but I believed that it had a separate story of its own There I was utterly disappointedI also wasn t impressed with the manner Dumas handled his three aging Musketeers I was never fond of them But they represented a certain dignity and fierce loyalty This image was heavily mishandled and that somewhat ruined their characters Was Dumas in a hurry to nd their tale or was he too careless or too tired with them to care My opinion is that he should have Inventing the Medium: Principles of Interaction Design as a Cultural Practice ended their long tale with care and respect But looking at the bright side Injoyed the historical setting and characters and I truly liked D Artagnan s character His loyalty to his King his loyalty and love for his friends and his fearlessness to act according to his conscience The Chinese Economy: Transitions and Growth even at the risk of invoking royal wrath is admirable In truth it is his character the light and humorous writing of Dumas and the Royal Court of Louis XIV that helped mendure the read Perhaps the most surprising thing about The Man in the Iron Mask to me was just how uickly the title subplot was dealt with Then again this was not originally called The Man in the Iron Mask This is the last chunk in a larger book I can see why it gets cut up like that This part alone was over 400 pages And the introduction gave a coherent nough synopsis of what came before that I could follow Maybe I should have read it all since I do like reading Dumas the lderBack in the 90s I saw the movie version the one with Leonardo DiCaprio Because I was reluctant to read this due to the ubiuity of the Musketeers and because for whatever reason i #had assumed Dumas to be a high brow difficult author Boy was #assumed Dumas to be a high brow difficult author Boy was wrong this had such an In Deeper easy almost pulpy tone to it perhaps a tad hard to parse during some dialogue but overall very smooth and a nice styleI was in the first 20% was 5 starsven with some interruptions to worldbuild but then after a climax it suddenly switches characters Which it will continue to do throughout the novel as there isn t actually any main character Its a terrible structure where the momentum drops at Personlighetspsykiatri each switch and has to start to build up again Still Dumas manages to make it work and the awful structure does at least mean you never know what might happen next Dumasven gets some use out of Raoul the most worthless of side characters in his first major section at leastSo not 5 stars but still a solid 4 until we reach the conclusion if i can use that term since its about 10 chapters long One major character view spoilerthe King hide spoiler Parbleu Morbleu Corboeuf Ma foi Mordioux Not to mention Cordieu I think they are variations of OMGI usually prefer to know as little as possible about the book I am about to read including avoid reading the synopsis or if I have read the synopsis in order to decide whether to read the book I try to forget it. Umas père It is the third and last of the d'Artagnan Romances following The Three Musketeers and Twenty Years Af.

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