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Simply couldn t get into it I spent my May reading The Merry Month of May and it was probably the best decision how to spend my last student life spring reading a book about Parisian students in turmoil The story bring you back to 1960s when striking and my favorite city occurred to be a total mess Btw for those who watched The Dreamers with Eve Green yep it s exactly the same period Spectator acclaims that Jones is the new Hemingway of our time I Bottom Line FirstThe Merry Month MayJames Jones is at his best describing the military aspects of the is at his best describing the military aspects of the student revolution in May 1968 Paris His place descriptions read like he is seeing them as a military man laying it out for defenseThis revolution serves as a backdrop the action described "But Not Influenced By His Main Character "not influenced by his main character could have been a The only one of my contemporaries who I felt had talent than myself was James Jones And he has also been the one writer of any time for whom I felt any love Norman MailerParis May 1968 This is the Paris of the barricaded boulevards of reb. Rotest in Paris 1968 Photographs by Serge Hambourg published by Hood Museum of Art Dartmouth College 2006 see my Goodreads list for this 5 start book and photos from the Fall 1968 issue of CAW Students for a Democratic Society archival and rare I own it but won t put it on my list What you see are slacks ties and sports jackets turtle necks and sports jackets leather shoes and sweaters and overcoats Paris was cold and rainy after all even in May And for the girls skirts and dresses flats and low heels There were some in slacks but almost no blue jeans And always sweaters and wool coats The image of the rowdy hippies was nowhere to be seen Jones made up a stereotype of unrespectable ids to score political points and to paint an entire generation with a broad brush as grubby spoiled worthless and anarchical. Htening social uicksand of 1968James Jones 1921–1977 established himself as one of the greatest American writers of the 20th "Century With His WWII Trilogy From Here Eternity National "with his WWII trilogy From Here to Eternity Award winner The Thin Red Line and Whistle. The Merry Month of May

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Etter novel There are several related themes but "a lack of cohesion Characters can be sympathetic only to become pathetic and vice versa There is a "lack of cohesion Characters can be sympathetic only to become pathetic and vice versa There is a at the end that almost ruins the entire novel Over all I can recommend This is a mean spirited book by the author of the iconic World War II novel From Here to Eternity James Jones observes the 1968 May Revolution from the lofty perspective his protagonist a middle aged intellectual grumpy and self righteous One description tells all about his viewpoint uniform of the Revolution blue jeans flannel shirt running shoes ie tennis shoes and a large bandanna notted loosely around the throat page 62 This would possibly describe a uniform from San Francisco In The 1970s But What I in the 1970s but what I from 1968 and particularly in Europe is corroborated by a book called Elling students' strongholds of the literati the sexual anarchists the leftists written chillingly of a time in French history closely paralleling America in the late '60s The reader sees feels smells and fears all the turmoil of the frig.