[HellFire] Free à Mia Gallagher

Mi karma y yo lThis was aast grab at the ibrary and I Enjoyed It Much Than I Was Expecting ToI Did Not it much than I was expecting toI did not the ending at all and the story kept me interested and turning pages throughout Usually with books so ong there are parts which get boring and a bit draggy but that didn t happen with this book Very pleased I read it My actual rating is 35 stars Very different from what I expected basically tells the ife story of a heroin addict rating is 35 stars Very different from what I expected basically tells the ife story of a heroin addict several decades in the slums of Dublin Lucy the addict narrates so the writing is conversational and terse The dialect takes a bit getting used to but I commend Gallagher s boldness for writing Lucy s character so in depth and detailing a story with very Charlie O. and the angry A's little redemption not for the weak of heart Don t attempt this book unless you have got aot of time on your hands it is The Sisters of Sinai long and rambling or unless you have a strong stomach as it is unrelentingly grim with some sickening violence and graphic descriptions of drugs and their effects as well as social deprivationIt is the story of a junkie set in Dublin in the 80s and her attempts at finding some meaning to herife I did get a ot out of it despite it being way too ong and it does have some moments of poetic beauty but it was also uite hard work I picked this up in an airport in 2006 on a whim mainly because I found the cover attractive It was a ucky pick for me as I would say this is my all time favourite bookYes it s ong the Dublin dialect is initially hard to endure but by the end of a few chapters it just faded into obscurity and actually made the characters real and solid in my imagination It s a tale of ove family dynamics probably not the good kind characters real and solid in my imagination It s a tale of ove family dynamics probably not the good kind drug abuse violence and even magic Mia Gallagher did an exceptional job with it and I kept American Military History and the Evolution of Western Warfare looking for further books from herI ve read it several times since first purchasing it and each read through makes me pick up of the story I m still shocked and sa. On a midsummer’s evening a young Dublin woman Lucy Dolan prepares for a showdown that will help make sense of a heart breaking and brutal atrocity that happened thirteen years earlier changing herife forever As she waits for the arrival of the charismatic figure. Ddened by the ending With it being so ong I just want Lucy to be happy She becomes so real in my head as does Naylor and I so wish for a happy ending every time I read it there isn t a book I ve read since with characters as in depth as Lucy and none have made me empathise with them uite as muchI think it will forever be my favourite A gorgeously devastating epic narrated by a violent junkie who s just been released from prison It took me a few chapters to warm up to Lucy but she uickly became one of the most uniue and fully realized main characters that I ve ever encountered She addresses her story to a man from her past and as she tries to make sense of a tragedy that fractured their tumultuous relationship she narrates not only her own childhood but also her family history and the birth of gangland Dublin Hellfire is difficult to catagorize It s violent and unrelenting but also touching and sweet It s part impeccably researched historical fiction part poetic The Vanishing Man: In Pursuit of Velazquez literary masterpiece part YA coming of age part multi generational family saga part furious social commentary and part magical realism It s a big book and the first half is slow going at times Once Lucy s story reaches the night of the event she s been building up to however all the strands start to come together and the story gallops off at breakneck speedeading to one hell of an ending that stayed with me Easy Breezy Miracle long after I finished The ending gets a bit too mystery novel exposition y but overall this is a pretty riveting read that justifies itsength I earned pretty much entire Dublin was a ghetto until recently I earned what The Hellfire Club Legend I Learned A Lot Of Hellfire Club Get Fast!: A Complete Guide to Gaining Speed Wherever You Ride legend is Iearned a The Pleasant Light of Day lot of words in dublinese I now know what a Jo maxi isThe book tells the story of Lucy from childhood to adulthood a poor family in a poor area of the city with not many prospects It was completely different from what I expected and what the dark side of Harry Potter uo. Who is the key to the mystery she recounts herife story – a rich and extraordinary tale spanning two generations of storytellers and deal makers fortune tellers and gamblers businessmen and warlords and the people that feared served and betrayed them With each tw. HellFire

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Te on the cover indicates but a real page turner Rarely have I had such mixed feelings of the main character and had so ittle clue as to how the book will end I enjoyed the book obviously it s set in to how the book will end I enjoyed the book obviously it s set in and is primarily about constructing a LIFE STORY OUT OF UNRELIABLE MEMORIES SO MY SCHOLARLY story out of unreliable memories so my scholarly are piued but it was probably at east 30% onger than it should have been Additionally at east 30% The Go-Between longer than it should have been Additionally of the blurbs on the back cover is fairly misleading The darker grungier flipside to Harry Potter Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell which made me a bit impatient with the book at times That s a shame because it s uite good at what it does which I suppose is dark and grungy but the fact that there are some mostly background supernatural elements to the novel doesn t warrant a mention of two other texts that are doing uite different things with the supernatural Ioved this book I oved the characterisations and the way the story unfolded as the book progressed I couldn t wait to get back to it when I wasn t reading it I thought the spelling to affect the Dublin accent might soon grow to irritate but instead it faded into the background and wasn t noticeable after a whileDark menacing brooding but always captivating This is a book that crackles It is one of the finest books to come out of Ireland in the ast 10 years It brought me right into a world that s right under my nose the world of the gangland The voice of the character is so strong You really feel you know what it s ike to be one of those Merchant s uay junkies It takes real skill to get readers to sympathise with a character you d otherwise run across the street to avoid The plot is a ittle hard to follow at times and it s written in Dublinese This may explain why the book didn t uite the attention it deserved from the The Prodigal Prophet: Jonah and the Mystery of God's Mercy literati but if you want a read thatl stretch and invigorate you this is it Fervently hope Mia s second novel sees the Deal Maker (Mixed Messages Book 2) (English Edition) light of da. Ist of this tumultuous story Lucy revisits her childhood and early adolescence – trying to get her head around the things people do in the name ofove and hate greed and desire – and she pieces together afresh the events that Godmanstone Blues led to the night that still haunts