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The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide Five Complete Novels and One StoryI think I might need to lie down and cry a little now Prtf 25 stars I ended it after four books to lie down and cry a little now Prtf 25 stars I ended it after four books I felt like the fourth book epilogue not included had a nice ending and also I m bloody sick of it definitely am overdue to reread this comic scifi classic I remember laughing all the time at the uirky that Adams conjured up but admit to have forgotten many of the detailson my 2018 TBR It s that book you Baby Girl (Erik Ead Trilogy, pick up and feel obligated to love if only to escape grievous fanersecution Well Here goes Let s start with the humour Yes it s everything that humour should be For a while you are oh so amused and impressedbut then you weary of being so amused Akin to being kept on the At last in aperback in one complete volume here are the five novels from Douglas Adams's Hitchhiker series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxySeconds before the Earth is demolished for a galactic freeway Arthur Dent is saved by Ford Prefect a researcher for the revised Guide Together they stick out their thumbs to the stars and begin a wild journey through time and spaceThe Restaurant at the End of the UniverseFacing annihilation at the hands of warmongers is a curious time to crave. ,

Dge of your seat for a good few hours something s going to get sore It s just such a strain I skipped ten or so Brainwashing of the German Nation pages near the middle but I m sure those tenages were like the rest of the book terribly witty and sickeningly cleverThe Encounters with Rauschenberg: (A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture) plot takes twists likeah what s a good analogy A snake on LSD That ll do Don t get me wrong they re good twists and Adams is admittedly superb at making the inherently illogical seem orderly andrecise but they just don t stop coming And after a while the worst happens and the reader just stops caring I can see why this book has achieved its cult status it deserves its cult status in many It deserves its cult status in many There are moments of startling originality that knock you back and. Tea It could only happen to the cosmically displaced Arthur Dent and his comrades as they hurtle across the galaxy in a desperate search for a Vögeln ist schön: Die Sexrevolte von 1968 und was von ihr bleibt place to eatLife the Universe and EverythingThe unhappy inhabitants oflanet Krikkit are sick of looking at the night sky so they lan to destroy it The universe that is Now only five individuals can avert Armageddon mild mannered Arthur Dent and his stalwart crewSo Long and Thanks for All the FishBack on Earth Arthur Dent is ready to believe

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Spin your world to a crazy new angle but when the whole book is all but filled with these moments the crazy new angle begins to all but filled with these moments the crazy new angle begins to you dizzy and irritated At the end I m still feeling oh so amused and impressed but also oh so relieved I can stop Just as funny as advertised but I made the mistake of reading the collection of all five novels and what s trying to read them all in one go Once I got about halfway through Life the Universe and Everything it had stopped being funny and had gotten a little confusing Adams is excellent at HUMOR NOT SO MUCH AT PLOTSO not so much at lotSo clarification 5 stars for the original Hitchhiker s 4 for The Restaurant at the End of the Universe and 3 stars for the others. Hat the ast eight years were all just a figment of his stressed out imagination But a gift wrapped fishbowl with a cryptic inscription conspires to thrust him back to reality So to speakMostly HarmlessJust when Arthur Dent makes the terrible mistake of starting to enjoy life all hell breaks loose Can he save the Earth from total obliteration Can he save The Guide From A Hostile Guide from a hostile takeover Can he save his daughter from herselfAlso includes the short story Young Zaphod Plays It Safe. ,