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If I Built a Car

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Mplistic straightforward and lyrical Written in rhyming couplets the narrative tells the car that a little boy growing up in rhyming couplets the narrative tells the car that a little boy growing up in suburbia would like to create The illustrations are colorful sleek and shiny reinforcing the 1950s suburbia ambiance and the narrativeThe premise of the book is rather straightforward As Jack his ather and the amily dog drive by trim lawns and plastic pink lamingos in a red wood paneled station wagon the young hero regales his staid looking The Summer House father with a description of the car of his dreams Jack gives his amazedather and eager pooch a tour of his vehicle showing off the Before My Heart Stops: A Memoir flushender skirts and retractable wings enclosed The Yankee Club fireplace swimming pool and snack bar and introduces the automated driver Robert the Robot The boy then takes his dador a ride through the neighborhood #And Onto The Lake And Underwater Before Heading Back To #onto the lake and underwater before heading back to where a crowd of neighbors applaudsAll in all If I Built a Car is a wonderful book about a little boy and his boundless imagination in creating the perfect car This picture book aimed at older kids explores the imagination of a young boy as he explains exactly how HE would design a car I love the vintage 1960s inspired illustrations The gadgets and things the boy wants in his car are antastical even or today but they made me smile I thought this book would inspire my nephew to share how HE would build a car if he could I liked the book but I didn t get any The Catholic Home: Celebrations and Traditions for Holidays, Feast Days, and Every Day feedbackrom nephew or Green Metropolis: The Extraordinary Landscapes of New York City as Nature, History, and Design family about whether he liked the book Chris Van Dusen the illustratoror the Mercy Watson series a longtime The Magic Cake Shop favorite in ouramily here presents a charmingly imagined child built wonder car Preschoolers reviews I liked all of it It was unny that they could ly and they could go underwater It was just really unny that s all Goo. With witty detail bright colors and chrome recall the abulous ifties and an era of classic American automobiles Infectious rhythm and clever invention make this wonderful read aloud a launch pad or imaginative un. Ther Illustrations I love the illustrations in this book and I think they are very creative I #like that the Colors Are Reminiscent Of 1950s are reminiscent of 1950s 1960s colors It provides a great #that the colors are reminiscent of 1950s and 1960s colors It provides a great or the storyVocabulary The vocabulary in this book is really rich and is a great source to learn some rare words Some examples are grand analyze refine contemplate zeppelins retractable keen burble and catamaran The book also includes technical words like American Hunger: The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Washington Post Series fender chrome plexiglass steel and polymer An all timeavorite Van Dusen writes the most also includes technical words like The Mother Zone fender chrome plexiglass steel and polymer An all timeavorite Van Dusen writes the most books My son has loved robots and all things mechanical since he was a toddler so this particular book was a perfect it or himAs a parent I appreciate the authors The Poke Cookbook: The Freshest Way to Eat Fish freuent use of multisyllabic words I have oftenound that my son is ull of uestions when we inish books by this author Sometimes we close the book and get right on the internet to look up some of the things described in the book Catamarans The Somme: Heroism and Horror in the First World War for instance Van Dusen manages to create a truly imaginative story but elevates it beyond a simple childrens book He literally shows children that with a great imagination all things are possible While reading his books I often have theeeling that Van Dusen not only loves the written word but the mind itself He seems to praise and encourage children to limitless heights of imagination He encourages them to be architects of things yet to be imagined and conceived to be the visionaries of the Sicilian Lives future by keeping their imaginations alive and not resigning their dreams to childhoodancyThe artwork is beautiful as well If I Built a Car is the Tattoo a Banana: And Other Ways to Turn Anything and Everything Into Art first book in the children s picture book series If I Built written and illustrated by Chris Van Dusen whichollows an imaginative boy named Jack who wants to design the perfect carThe text is rather si. Chauffeur With Jack's soaring imagination in the driver's seat we're deep sea diving one minute and Alice Oliver flying high above traffic the next in this whimsical tantalizing take on the car of theuture Illustrations packed. .
Personal response I thought this was such a un book It reminded me a lot of the movie Meet the Robinsons so it was un to make that connection The irst time I read it I thought it was just about The Radiant Child futuristic cars With read throughs I realized that it is set in the 1950s or 1960s and I thought that was a really neat perspective Purposes1 EnjoymentEnrichment Simply put kids will like this book I think boys will especially like it but I can see a lot of girls loving it too If I used this as a read aloud apartrom any special unit plan or lesson and just or enjoyment I think the kids would still like it and it would still get #THEM THINKING AS A READ ALOUD #thinking As a read aloud would use this or 1st or 2nd grade and possibly 3rd grade 2 Curriculum I can see myself using this in the classroom The Internet of Us: Knowing More and Understanding Less in the Age of Big Data for a variety of curricular purposes Theirst would be with a social studies unit on the 1950s or 1960s The book would provide discussion or how people in these times imagined the uture Another possible use would be a social studies unit on the Tempting Eden future I could see this book paired with another book that talks about time capsules Kids could imagine what theuture may be like Another purpose would be Talking to Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, for a science unit on inventing I think kids would love imagining what kind of car they would invent and It would also provideor some great bulletin board art A last possible purpose would be or some writing prompts that go along with any of the purposes above or own their own Kids could write about what They Think Future Will Be Like What think uture will be like what of car they would invent or what write about what people in the past may have thought 2015 would be like3 Independent reading A child who is interested in cars may really enjoy this book It would be Three Times the Love for a child who is advanced in reading or is in an upper grade If I built a car it'd be totally new Here are aew of the things that I'd do Young Jack is giving an eye opening tour of the car he'd like to build There's a snack bar a pool and even a robot named Robert to act as.