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I did not realize that I Was Listening To An was listening to an audio version of this novel until after 3 hours of listening I came to an nd This was not written anywhere when I looked it up at my library nor on the copy I borrowed Not Dance Real Slow even sure I should count it having read it Also the narrator was a surprisingly poor choice He sounds like he is having an asthma attach while reading so I heardvery heavy intake of his breathe for 3 hoursBased on what I did hear I am giving this novel 3 stars I cannot write a review because I must have missed much of the story I guess there was a plot But I think it was all a thinly veiled cover for writing about an old man s penis Seriously Every page includes some reference to this horny old man s sexual The Art of Memoir escapades It s gross And a little depressing Which isprovocative I guessEDIT I redacted my initial hatred filled review I mightven consider re reading this from a non sophomoric perspectiveI was a sopho in high school when I sophomoric perspectiveI was a sopho in high school when I read this and hated it DNF So disappointing An The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life extremelyngaging six page intro leads into a choppy ntirely sex focused story that fails to develop atmosphere or nostalgia the way the author intends It felt like being stuck at a bar next to an old drunk dude wanting to tell you very detail of his life story how he used to be a musician and slept with just about very chick in NYC at the time Bully for you guy Can As the weather heats up it is asy to nvision oneself on a beach with a rum and Coke in hand The preferred beverage in Cuba before Castro s take over rum invokes images of Havana as a city teeming with night life and rivaling Miami as the gateway to Latin America It is with this sensuous imagery at hand that I selected Oscar Hijuelos Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love as the next book in my ongoing Pulitzer challenge The first Hispanic to win the award Hijuelos stea. 1949 Dos jóvenes cubanos músicos salen de la Habana y llegan al gran teatro de Nueva York Es la temporada del mambo y los hermanos Castillo uienes trabajan duro durante l día pronto se convier. ,

The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love

Review The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love

My book transports its readers back to a classy time when Mambo and its musicians were indeed Kings Brothers Cesar and Nestor Castillo hailed its musicians were indeed Kings Brothers Cesar and Nestor Castillo hailed the Oriente province of Cuba From the simple peasant class neither had much of a future Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography especially with a demanding father whoxpected them to stay on the farm One day Cesar heard a local band leader practicing demanded "lessons and the rest is history Soon Cesar played his way out of "and the rest is history Soon Cesar played his way out of to Santiago Havana and The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, eventually New York Regarded as a top band leader alongside Nestor a gifted trumpet player the brothers founded the Mambo Kings band and catapulted to the top of the Latin music circuit in New York during the late 1940s Leaving Cubaven before the revolution was not without its share of anguish Cesar pitomized Hispanic machismo culture and bedded one woman after another He tried his hand at marriage but grew restless and his wife divorced him forcing him to leave his daughter Mariela behind on the island Nestor did not share his brother s cockiness A introvert and brooding man he fell for a pretty girl named Maria and ngaged in a long affair with her only to see her marry another man Nestor never got over this heartbreak ven after marrying his wife Dolores in New York and having two children Eugenio and Leticia This torment the brothers felt lead them to write their one hit song Dulce Maria de mi Alma Beautiful Maria of my Soul that nearly lead them to stardom A chance meeting with Cuban star Desi Arnaz lead the brothers to perform Dulce Maria de mi Alma on the I Love Lucy Show At the time specially as Castro continued to gain power in Cuba all Cubans living in the United States stuck close together The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl even Arnaz who had made it big as a Hollywood star After this performance Cesar dwelt on thispisode for the rest of his life reminiscing on his one shining moment and remindin. Ten Exile and Pilgrim en lasstrellas de la noche n las salas de baile donde ue su oruesta toca la música sensual y vibrante ue les gana l título de Los Reyes del Mambo Esta s su juventud una época ue treint. ,

G all of his friends and acuaintances that he is the famous Mambo Kings who once performed with Desi Arnaz Nestor tragically passed away a few years later leaving behind famous Mambo Kings who once performed with Desi Arnaz Nestor tragically passed away a few years later leaving behind young family but Cesar continued to look fondly at this xperience on television for better or worse Hijuelos writes this poignant tale as a two sided record complete with coda He tells Cesar s story in flashback as both Cesar and his nephew Eugenio look back at a time when Cesar was the Mambo King of New York In addition to leading a band Cesar worked a full time day job to support HIMSELF AND HIS SISTER IN LAW AND HER FAMILY and his sister in law and her family to support himself and his sister in law and her family well as his friends and musicians and a myriad of Cubans just off the boat Cesar also oozed machismo until his dying day bedding one woman after another in true Latin lover form The prose dripped of sensuous love mixed with pain of both love lost and the schism of Cubans in the United States and the island following the revolution As I read this tale of lust and heartbreak I kept singing Cuban hits such as Guantamera in my mind setting Cesar Castillo s conflicted life to music The Mambo King will be long remembered by me as I felt a twinge of sympathy for this man who could not relate to women xcept in bed while leading a conflicted life With luscious writing that is could also be construed as an homage to his native Cuba Hijuelos has merited the Pulitzer for his poignant tale A story of immigrants who brushed with fame were scorned by love and maintained their machismo Cuban culture throughout their lives The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love is a scintillating tale I had previously read Hijuelos The Fourteen Sisters of Emilio Montez O Brien and as before was nad by his writing A worthy torch bearer as being the first Hispanic authored book to arn the Pulitzer Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love is a jewel of a book for me at 45 sparkling star. A años después recordarán con nostalgia y afecto En Los Reyes del Mambo Tocan Canciones de Amor Oscar Hijuelos crea una obra rica y fascinante sobre la pasión y la muerte la memoria y l deseo.
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