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Moth To A FlameANTED TO BE GROWN TO FASTHER DAD WAS A BIG TIME DRUG DEALER AND SHE HAD EVERYTHING SHE COULD EVER ASK FORSHE FOUND INTEREST IN A MAN NAME MIZAN AND SHE FEEL IN LOVE WITH HIMSHE DIDNT KNOW IT YET BUT HE WAS POISONSHE LET LOVE GET IN THE WAY OF HER FAMILY AND OF COURSE THERE WERE GREAT CONSEUENCES FOR HER ACTIONSWHEN HER LOVE RELATIONSHIP TURNS SOURRAVEN FINDS HER SELF GOIN DOWN A DANGEROUS PATH WITH NO WAY OUTTHIS STORY RELATES TO SOME TEENS TODAYWHAT THEY MISTAKEN FOR LOVE TURNS INTO AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPTHIS BOOK HAD ME GOIN EVERY MINUTEI KIND OF FELT SORRY FOR RAVEN BUT SHE BROUGHT EVERYTHING UPON HERSELFMY FAVORITE CHARACTER WAS ETHICHE DEMONSTRATED WHAT A MAN SHOULD BEI LOVED THIS BOOK BECAUSE I FELT LIKE I WAS IN IT WITNESSING ALL THE DRAMAASHELY ANTOINETTE IS A EXCELLENT WRITER CrazyGood This was a very good book I rate it a 45 A real page turner Raven was the daughter of a ingpin in Flint MI He ept his family removed from the lifestyle and danger by residing in a suburb of Flint As Raven grew up residing in a suburb of Flint As Raven grew up wanted all eyes on her and she wanted to be older than she actually was She was very pretty and had a nice body Well she caught the attention of the wrong man Mizan Mizan was a stick up man From their initial encounter I had a bad feeling You will see the wheels turn and several decisions she made change her life forever Ethic was a ingpin as well who was low ey He had much respect from those who new him He was a man focused on family and a man of few words He was my favorite character in this book He was the bombcom

i couldn t 
couldn t enough of Ethic 5 star read Dang that ending was sooo sad man dang Wow that was so shocking smh Man I felt some type of way about that And I m glad that her son lived and didn t get hit even though Nikki died with Raven and also I m glad Mizan crab cake self got what was coming to him armas a B little nigha bih But good book definitely enjoyed it Every step of the way I found myself rooting for Raven So young trying to live a fast life and getting caught up with people who didnt have her best interest at heart A lot of tragedy went down in this book I did love the girlfriend relationship between Raven and Nikki always there for one another And who couldn t love Ethic he oozed swag and charisma as well as being street smart This was definitely a good listen The ending got me didn t expect what was coming until the last minute I guess the epilougue made me feel a little better about it lol Wow Wow This was an awesome read Sad but good Which it could have been a happy ending 4 Raven and I m glad Mizan got his. S turn to bloody lips and black eyes she realizes that Mizan is not who she thought he wasRaven becomes desperate for a way out but this time Daddy can't save her Every time she finds the courage to leave fear convinces her to stay Like a moth to a flame Raven is drawn to Mizan even though she nows he'll be the death of herWhen the hood life she chose becomes unbearable and the only way out is in a coffin what will she do.

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Ry successful drug dealer That makes her feel special important and privileged Her parents love her and want to protect her from the world they live in But she can t help but want to get into the world of drugs guns and danger She is drawn to it Like athat s rightmoth to a flame She had no idea that her past was just waiting for the right time to sneak up on her No matter how hard she tried she would never be able to run from her past sooner than later she was going to have to face itMizen is a bad guy Not one redeeming uality Normally I love these guys But Mizen is also mean to Raven He wants her so he can have control and power over her and her family Raven is just a pawn And she brings a world of hurt of everyone Ethic is also a bad guy He lives in the same world of guns and drugs But he wants To Keep Raven Away Because He Knows She Is Trouble keep Raven away because he Close to Hugh knows she is trouble any woman is worth He sees the trouble she is bringing to her family He suffers for his sense of right and wrong They all collide in a big bang of HOLY CRAP The story starts with the end so when things start to go right younow they are going to go back to bad So bad Holy Crap Bad And you can not stop reading for readers BRIEF SUMMARY Raven grew up the princess of Flint MI With her father being Benjamin Atkins no one touched her until her path crosses with Mizan an up and coming hustler Mizan manipulates everything around him to get what he wants and what he wants is Raven and her father s thorn as the top ingpin in FlintTHOUGHTSA great novel but I cringe and detest the ending because selfishly it s not what I wanted I felt that I went through so many different stages of emotions with Raven that I can t grasp the ending I thought this book was well thought out and put together with each character leaving you riled up excited happy sad or disappointed I can t begin to explain how evil I found Mizan I think he s the devil s reject put on this planet to make everyone s life miserable Raven s life was that of a na ve teenagerwoman who was easy to manipulate Her decisions will frustrate you but her intentions were good but misplaced The PATH SHE CHOSE HER LIFE she chose in her life a domino effect in her path that involved her and everyone around her Rich Mizan s friend is sick a deranged Nikki Raven s best friend is a great friend and Ethic he has a big heartI would definitely recommend this book it is storytelling at its best Length 4010Storyline GOODEnjoyment GOODIntimacy Level GOODRomance Novel Junkies THIS WAS A VERY GOOD BOOKI ACTUALLY FINISHED IT IN ONE DAYTHIS STORY WAS ABOUT A GIRL NAMED RAVEN THAT But when Raven's young heart gets claimed by Mizan a stick up id in search of a come up there's nothing Benjamin can do about losing her to the streets She chooses love over loyalty and runs off with Mizan but her new role as wifey soon proves to be than she can handlePuppy love always feels right but things turn stale and she soon finds that everyone she loves has disappeared All she has is Mizan but when hugs and isse. ,
45 I m taking off a star for inconsistencies in the storyWow This was a wild ride I read this all in one sitting Mizan Ethic and Raven had my anxiety on high Mizan is a psychopath and I hope to find out why Raven was a clueless spoiled girl without a brain She s completely THE SAYING if you don t now who you are then people will tell She s completely THE SAYING if you don t Charity know who you are then people will tell who you are She had me sighing out loud I m sad for all the chaos that dummy set in motion Morgan poor Morgan that little girl has been through the ringer She s seen a whole lot If you want to see into a world where the ruthless live then here s your chance uick late night thoughts RTC Minor Spoilers included in this Review5STARSGenre Urban Romance Don t be the moth that flies into the flame Justine in Moth to a FlameIf this book was written by Shakespere himself it would no doubt be a Tragedy Oh yes this one is a tear jerkerThis book was about a 17yr old girl Raven who meets a street hustler named Mizan age 22 Mizan imo was the devil incarnate in fact he is the second character i have read this year that brought out deep hate i nevernew i had Good job Ms Antoinette Mizan is not aware of Raven s real age when they meet but when he finds out that her father is Benny AtkinsDrug Kingpin it no longer matters he decides Raven is worth it and that she alone will be the come up he s been waiting forThe day Raven decides to be with Mizan against her alone will be the come up he s been waiting forThe day Raven decides to be with Mizan against her will is the day her life starts a downward spiral She has no clue that Mizan s intentions are no good He becomes obsessive and a control freak with Raven he beats her and introduces her to cokeblow He eventually makes her BELIEVE THAT HE IS ALL SHE that he is all she got and convinces her to turn against the one man that would actually die for her Her Father Everything that ensues after that is chaos and when Raven finally escapes an old habit inadvertently brings it back ten foldThis tale was gritty and not exactly my cup of tea Moth to a Flame was very well written and had some very good secondary characters as well I really wish this book had a different ending But life is not that way all the timeMy RatingsCharacters LikableWriting Style GoodPlotStoryline IntenseOverall A goodread 4 Holy Crap StarsThis book was recommended to me by a fellow reader I thought she liked me But apparently not I like a bad boy book I like hard to love characters But these people They take that to a whole new level They are mean And the girlRaven I want to slap her She caused so many problems OMG She gets a gold medal in na ve and stupid And it hurts everyone around her Raven is the daughter of a ve. From bestselling author Antoinette comes the gritty harrowing tale of a young woman who finds herself drawn to a seductive street hustler who will be the death of herIn the little city of Flint MI the good die young and the people left standing are the grimiest of characters With reign over the city's drug trade Benjamin Atkins made sure that his precious daughter Raven was secluded from the grit that the city had to offer.