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Les Innocents jRating 35 stars butust barelyIn one sentence Glow is an out of this world love story that takes you on a fast paced thrill ride I know some of you are reading the synopsis thinking spaceships sci fi that is so not your thing but Glow isn t I Was A Stranger just for sci fi fans It definitely will appeal to fans of paranormal or dystopia reads with it s great blend of romance adventure and suspense I would call it light sci fi I know that with other sci fi reads I have struggled w 255 GLOW is darkGlow is so very unexpectedly dark but that aspect only really kicked into gear sometime around 61% Frankly I am not a fan of the writing in this one thingsust took too much time However it s the twists and turns that had me covering my mouth in shock repulsionWhile sixty plus percent was a lot to go through before things got interesting I have to emphasize ust how dark things got There are people isolated people drugged and violated all acts done because of someone s vision of what others roles should be I was shocked by what they could do did There s a pervasive atmosphere of threat that s most felt by the women both on their old home and new home But there s also a shaking of reality for the boys Initially none of the protagonists did anything to gain my sy I m not uite sure how to rate this book so for now I m going with 3 nebulous stars Glow is a futuristic SciFi thriller set deep in space where two colony spaceships the New Horizon and the Empyrean search for New Earth These competing sister spaceships engage in a galactic battle against each other as they try to ensure their survival Aboard the Empyrean Waverly and Kieran are separated during this war and become tangled in a web of lies and deceit ultimately having them uestion who they can trust including each otherThere were aspects of Glow that I really enjoyed such as the SciFi element that I ve recently realized I can be a huge fan of I also liked the pacing of the story and the suspenseful scenes that never really felt drawn out The whole galactic war theme can be pretty intense especially when Ryan infuses crafty twists and turns that leave the reader doubting which players in this battle they can trustHowever there were elements of the story that had me wanting to ump ship Is it The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States just me or did anyone else feel claustrophobic when reading this book The setting was so vivid that at times I actually felt closed in I never got that feeling when I was reading Across the Universe but with Glow it felt like the walls were caving in which was frustrating at times but possibly intentional who knowsIn addition I have to point out that I felt the story became preachy towards the end I didn t like feeling that once I was drawn into the story suddenly a hidden agenda was revealed Whether it s for or against cult type following and fanatical preaching I m not a fan of storytelling with hidden motives I really didn t care for that but thankfully that was only towards the end of the bookLastly the violence towards the girls and what the protag went through while captive on the New Horizon made me sick I didn t like how that was played out and once she was violated I felt removed from the story and didn t really want to reengage fully after that I must not a fan of that type of drama view spoilerIf you re wondering how Waverly was violated she was drugged and when she was out the doctors on the New Horizon removed some eggs from her to implant in the infertile women of the New Horizon Any sort of invasion to one s body without concent is criminal and horrific I was not cool with that Ugh hide spoiler I have been trying to gather my thoughts on this book So it has been written over a few nights not ust one so be warned when reading this review It may not make any senseHOLY SHIT No other words This book was that amazing this has got to be hands down one of the best dystopia novels that I ve read in ages I m still trying to gather my thoughts I am ust blown away by the amazingness of this book I actually put off reading this for a while I mean I had it I ust wasn t bothered to actually read it But boy am I glad I finally picked it up and read it I was captivated and interested right after I HAD FINISHED THE FIRST CHAPTER had finished the first chapter could not put it down Scratch that I did put it down but only to stop and think down but only to stop and think what was happening It was that movingSo what was this book about view spoilerGlow is about two teenagers Waverly and Kieran the book is told from both their points of view s third person direct and the way it s set out is original and really smart Okay back on to what the book was actually about Kieran proposes to Waverly but she says she ll think about it heres your cue Seth is awesome let me ust say that this is not your average love triangle Well they soon find out that another ship one that left one year in advance is infertile So they basically ask Waverly and Kieran s ship to mate with them The ship says no So they take all the girls under 16 to their ship to take their eggs to have children so they don t die out Kieran and Waverly are trying to find a way to get back to each other and the stuff that happens in between WOW And I mean wow hide spoiler Here s the thing the books that I absolutely LOVE the most tend to be the hardest for me to write about or discuss Glow is no exception to this but I ll do my best And I write about or discuss Glow is no exception to this but I ll do my best And I 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts just going to admit it this is now a favorite of mineFirst of all I hate comparing books to one another especially those by different authors But I am going to compare something about Glow to The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins knows how to end a chapter meaning they ended in a way that made me want no like need to read the next one and the next one and the next I couldn t stop This is exactly what Glow did for me There wasn t one point in the entire book that allowed my mind to wonder or bored me I hung on every word Two ships the New Horizon and the Empyrean are headed to New Earth to inhabit a new world Unfortunately the affects of deep space has caused infertility issues among both ships However those on the Empyrean discovered a cure for the infertility and were able to conceive children to continue the population But something goes horribly wrong aboard the New Horizon the cure sent by the Empyrean sterilizes the women taking away any hope of conceiving future generations for New Earth Was this done on purpose orust a terrible accident Either way the captain of New Horizon decides to take drastic measures to ensure the ship s survival and fulfill their mission Waverly is a 15 year old girl who was one of the first born aboard the Empyrean she feels that there is to her life than simply. One of School Library Journal’s Best Fiction Books of 2011If a violent battle destroyed the only world you’ve ever known would you be brave enough to save who was left Would love be strong enough to survive the fight Either way there’s no turning backThe Empyrean is the only home 15 year old Waverly has ever known Part of the first generation to be successfully conceived in deep space she and her boyfriend Kieran will be pioneers of New Earth Waverly kno.

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Glow Author Amy Kathleen RyanThe situations the characters are in are awful and kept me in a near constant state of unease Also it s an interesting experience to read a book where I feel repulsed by almost all of the characters In fact it s probably the unrelenting gloom the persistent evil to varying degrees of a large number of the characters that made it difficult to read When I eventually began to connect with the writing I then felt trapped by anxiety at the direction the plot threads were takingTo be fair though this driving of the story and characters further and further down a frightening path sets the stage well for the seuel Rather than dropping in a last minute cliffhanger Ryan has crafted a finale in which the characters identities and motivations are so much at odds with each other that it sparks genuine curiosity at how they will ever achieve some kind of peace amongst themselves if at all Essentially the book leaves the unpleasant feeling that things are very very wrong and not a whisper of a clue as to how they can become right again While the cover of the UKAus edition is reminiscent of Across the Universe and there are some surface level similarities the tone and execution is vastly different Glow is a disuieting book The content is uite heavy and writing at times distancing However it does leave an impact and raise some interesting stakes for a continuation of the series I didn t expect to like this book as much as I did but I really enjoyed reading this oneIt s a fast paced sci fi with a dark plot and complex charactersThe narrative switches between Kieran and Waverly who are the oldest teens aboard the Empyrean and have a flourishing relationship despite Seth s intimate feelings for Waverly and hate for KieranHowever things turn for the worst when the New Horizon attacks and kidnaps all the girls aboard the Empyrean leaving the boys and adults in a desperate situationThe plot is so good and surprisinglyuite darkPersonallyI enjoyed the darker elements of the story as many YA books don t delve into dark themes whereas Glow most definitely doesThe plot even takes a grim route for both Waverly and Kieranas they both face very different but serious challengesThe sci fi aspect completely enthralled me and I loved the settingas the story takes place on a ship which is heading for a distant planet in hopes of repopulatingThe plot never bored me and I was continuously entertained and anxious to know what happens nextAll the characters in this book are written brilliantly as they re all complex and not unrealistically one sidedThis makes it hard to even hate the villains or people who make uestionable decisions as they display at least one good uality like compassionThis caused me to freuently change my opinions on the characters because I always felt like there was to uncoverAlso their actions weren t predictable which created an even exciting plotThe love triangle between KieranWaverly and Seth wasn t very pronounced in this book thankfully but I feel it will be in later booksSeth was mostly annoying and Waverly was ultimately my favouriteI loved her eagerness to survive and her developed braveness to escapeHoweversome of the action scenes did annoy me like a certain one with the girls where their plan is ust terrible and how easily they get caughtAlsoI didn t like how the ending began to play out with a suggestion of a cult motiveAs a whole I loved the book and it was a well worthwhile readI ll definitely try to pick up the next oneI wouldn t recommend this book to anyone who is repulsed or frightened by dark themes I rated Glow somewhat higher than I normally rate this type of books due solely to the incredibly strong emotional impact
it had on 
had on Some of the characters in it might prove forgettable in time but I will never forget the pressing claustrophobic feeling it left me with I ve read a few reviews in advance and I was prepared to be unsettled by it but nothing could prepare Me For This Story In Which People Every Last One for this story in which people every last one them were monsters usually hidden behind a very pleasant fa ade When decades ago two identical ships were launched into space on a mission to find New Earth ships were launched into space on a mission to find New Earth settle everyone thought their chances of survival were pretty much the same After all the only difference between them was the religious conviction of their respective crews Weaverly and Kieran belong to the first generation of children born on the Empyrean the ship with a non religious crew They are both fifteen and thinking about getting married in their circumstances children are always welcome no matter how young the parents They have their lives planned out for them and they re happy with the way things are going But the New Horizon crew hasn t had as much luck They haven t been able to procreate at all which means their crew is fairly old and they are pretty desperate Their solution is to attack the Empyrean and steal all their girls nearly destroying the ship in the process Suddenly Weaverly and Kieran aren t even on the same ship and each of them is dealing with a different set of disastersThe name Weaverly seems like an odd and unfortunate choice especially for third person narration Since Ryan seems to harbor a strong dislike for personal pronouns it s used in almost every sentence and being a mouthful it clogs the natural flow of sentences and makes the already thick narrative even harder to read That is writing wise the only objection I really have Amy Kathleen Ryan showed unusual skill and controlBecause so many awful hateful things happen in it Glow is a hard book to like There is no real warmth between the characters nothing even remotely positive or hopeful ust violence horrible moral choices and violence One couldn t exactly call Kieran a hero not by any stretch of the imagination and the same goes for the rest of the characters They behaved exactly as one would expect people in such an isolated environment to behave they have deviated drastically from moral and ethical standards of societyFaced with a crew made up entirely of rebellious boys Kieran decided to lead them through a religion he pretty much made up on the spot The ease with which this decision was made and the way those boys accepted it was incredibly creepy and eye opening Their sudden faith in Kieran was alarming and the speed with which this cult of personality arose staggering There are many things that unsettled me and kept me awake at night but writing about them would give away too much of the plot It s best to go into this book knowing very little about it Fortunately I have the seuel Spark on hand but I m not brave enough to read t right away My poor little heart needs a lengthy brea. On The New Horizon’s leaders are desperate to populate the new planet first and will do anything to get what they need young girls In one pivotal moment Waverly and Kieran are separated and find themselves at the helm of dangerous missions where every move has potentially devastating conseuences and decisions of the heart may lead to disasterPulse pounding and addictive  Glow begins Amy Kathleen Ryan's Sky Chasers the most riveting series since The Hunger Gam. ,

Expanding the population When disaster strikes it falls to her to become a leader and to make sure the girls are safe Kieran is a 16 year old boy who is expected to become the next captain and happens to be in love with Waverly But can he become the leader the ship needs when the time comes Not only are these two main characters well written but the supporting characters are well done also The author did a wonderful ob at developing all of them They were complex making some hard to flat out love or hate There were characters who were awful but after finding out about them and the situations it was easier to understand why they were behaving certain ways or held certain beliefs And sometimes it s the people who you don t like who turn out to be the biggest allies There was so much that I loved about Glow and I really really really hope people don t try to compare this book to Across the Universe That would be like comparing Star Wars and Star Trek ust don t do it Though they re both really good books they are their own thing So saying that I highly recommend this book would be an understatement I am already dying for the next installment of Glow and this one hasn t even been officially released yet Full Disclosure This book was given to me on a GR giveaway So thanks GRI honestly didn t expect this I really didn t On the back of the book it s written in huge letters that this is the most riveting series since Hunger Games and that s not true in the leastThis book beats Hunger Games to a bloody motionless pulp laying on the ground with its limbs positioned in odd wrong angles I mean it I doesGlow don t let the cutesy name fool you there s craziness to go around in this book starts with Kieran and Waverly two teenagers aboard the spaceship called Empyrean whose mission is to traverse space to New Earth from the old dying Earth they left behind Whilst crossing a nebula however they re I graciously received GLOW from a Goodreads First Reads Giveaway and the book was provided by the publishers St Martin s Press Thank you all for this wonderful opportunity Actually this is closer to three and a half stars but I don t do half stars so it s fourThere are some books out there that are completely clear in their intentions whose characters are completely either good or evil whose plot is simple enough to be easily understood Let me tell you know that GLOW is not one of those books GLOW is not a book you sit down to read intending to finish it in one sitting and move on with your life GLOW is one of those books you sit down to read intending to savor it and become engrossed in the not so clear intentions of the characters and the constant twists and turns of the plotGLOW is written in third person perspective something which doesn t enhance anything about it and seems to kind of disconnect you from the narrator characters The reader feels emotionally attached to a character who speaks from the first person perspective because you think What if I was experiencing this With third person perspective you think someone else is experiencing it and you don t pay attention to what is really going on The perspective of the book is one of the two factors I feel chopped off a whole star from meImagine it like thisScenario 1 Third Person NarrativeYou re watching this on TVHow do you feel Maybe you laugh say Wow that would probably hurt and carry onScenario B First Person PerspectiveYour friend tells you Wow I got in a really bad ski accident which plays out like this in your headHow do you feel You are starstruck say Oh wow I m so sorry I bet that really hurt and feel bad for themWhich would you rather read about The emotionally detached one or the intense attached oneThat s how I you rather read about The emotionally detached one or the intense attached oneThat s how I about GLOW like it would ve majorly benefited from a re vamp perspective wiseNow I have the other reason GLOW is only four starsThe conclusionWhich it shouldn t be called because the story felt in no way concluded at all Ryan s lame attempt at a cliffhanger didn t help either If you ve read this book you know what I m talking about How it resolved felt in no way resolved and like Ryan was ust setting you up to buy the next 11 installments of the SKY CHASERS Series The main persistent problem set up within the first 60 pages of GLOW isn t even resolved Something else is minorly wrapped up but when I closed the back cover of the book I felt in no way satisfied by the endingGLOW is an extremely enticing read with twists and turns around every corner but it lacks emotionally with main characters written poorly and an open ended conclusion that doesn t fully deliver The cast of supporting characters is suspicious enough that you don t know who you can trust and when you do you re wrong High octane action and suspense make GLOW a hit 25 stars I like to be unsettled by books I mean this in the sense that I appreciate books that shock surprise and challenge me Books that demand my attention when I m away from them that creep into my thoughts after I ve closed the covers I like Kafka s idea that books should be an axe for the frozen sea inside us But there was something wholly unpleasant about the ueasy stomach I was left with at the end of Glow and the way I wanted to brush my arms as if I could sweep away the feeling of something crawling on my skin Arguably a strong emotional reaction is a good thing Better to have feelings that tend heavily one direction than to feel underwhelmed and decidedly meh about the whole thing in my opinion But in this case it s proving difficult for me to step back and simply respect the skill it took to create such feelings which I do because it s hard shake my instinctive revulsion to the events of Glow This is a dark story that deals with complex often unpleasant subject matter So brava Ryan for choosing to write a story that tackles heavy themes and does not shy away from taking unexpected turns and doesn t replace plot with vapid love triangle angsting This is certainly not Matched In Space I won t write a synopsis but take some general ideas from Lord of the Flies manipulative zealots and a pervasive atmosphere of sexual threat put them in deep space and you ll be in the ballpark of the premise Initially I did not enjoy the writing I found it thick and impenetrable preventing me from connecting with the action or the characters While this eventually changed and it captured my full attention I had to push myself characters While this eventually changed and it captured my full attention I had to push myself the first half and fight my waning interest However this is likely down to my personal taste rather than a criticism of the mechanics of the writing The latter half of the book is fairly dense with a sense of claustrophobia and mounting dread. Ws she must marry young in order to have children who can carry on the mission and Kieran the handsome captain to be has everything Waverly could want in a husband Everyone is sure he’s the best choice Still there’s a part of Waverly that wants from life than marriage and she is secretly intrigued by the shy darkly brilliant SethSuddenly Waverly’s dreams are interrupted by the inconceivable – a violent betrayal by the Empyrean's sister ship the New Horiz. ,