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Is anthology Interview with the Jiangshi by Anne MokI assume the title of this story is a play off Anne Rice s novel but only having watched the movie nuances may be lost on me The historical parallels with the Buckland riots also went straight over my head until reading the afterwordApril and Jackson attend a convention for vampires on South Bank in Melbourne Jackson is mistaken for human due to an absence of fang in Chinese vampire style Humans protest outside while conflicts arise inside the conventionBeing a Melbournian I was olted out of the story with a sense of Wait what when South Bank appears to be adjacent to China Town instead of a brisk walk of about twenty minutes for the closest point double that from the Convention Centre This was still an enjoyable story White and red in the black by Lisa L HannettThis is a story of graziers in the outback coupled with vampires instead of the usual hazards Vampires are reframed as another Australian plague somewhat like rabbits although dangerous like packs of dingos hunting humans and livestock Dialogue is so collouial I heard it in broad Strine accents while the narrative evoked images of dry bush and flies Lady Yang s lament by Penelope LoveImagine a vampire vignette from Deadwood set in Australia focusing on the Chinese communitySome details need polishing like the orchestra I assume this means the people run for their lives I assume they left their instruments behind only to spontaneously perform musical accompaniment for Lady Yang in the street or the bush or wherever the final confrontation takes placeOverall an enjoyable story it s interesting to try to climb inside non European mythologyEditing and DesignEven before starting to study editing at university errors in books seemed to leap off the page breaking the story flow Errors were as minor as lower case for a name Or nosferatu at the beach in Russell s introduction but what really annoyed me were the ellipses of which no two were the same I can t show any examples because the box that breaks up the three little dots comprising an ellipsis ENDS THE POST AND CUTS OFF THE REMAINDER OF THE TEXT Kermit yell while waving floppy armsFiction publishing tradition dictates specific design features including indented paragraphs without additional leading line spacing between paragraphs while electronic texts should use left Plowshares Pork Barrels: The Political Economy of Agriculture (Independent Studies in Political Economy) justification text should reach the left side of the page allowing foragged ends of lines on the right side Dead Red Heart s PDF review copy complies however there were other formatting issues with the PDF copy that could be improvedI haven t seen the paper version but I d recommend looking at a paper copy before choosing your format I suspect the paper version is preferable hopefully with correct ellipses as long as you can read the small print Besides the paper is an ARTEFACT that can be autographed by the lovely authors with their willing pensIn summaryDead Red Heart is an interesting mostly engaging assortment of short stories seeking to portray varying interpretations of vampire mythology The sense of place this is Australia is the one consistent flavour of this anthology I recommend this anthology for fans of vampire fiction especially readers overseas who would like an alien setting and Australian readers who would like something uniuely ours I m also putting a reuest in for a second anthology one using The tide as a theme and premise for the world with stories telling different yet overlapping tales progressing through this fictional history Looks pointedly at Russell 45 starsI m not a huge vampire fan and it seems a difficult task to come up with an original take on vampires but there were several outstanding and original stories in this anthology There were a few that I thought weren t uite up to the high standard of the others not so much in writing but Gem is Mine but Heart is Yours just in terms of a grippingoriginal story but on the whole I loved the experience of reading this book Special mention has to go to Jane Routley for Bats Penelope Love s Lady Yang s Lament Angela Slatter s Sun Falls Damon Cavalchini s Renfield s Wife Joanne Anderton s The Sea at Night all stories I really enjoyed and Jane and Damon get points for awesome takes on the vampire myth There were so many other great stories though highly recommend reading it Katharine is audge for the Aurealis Awards This review is the personal opinion of Katharine herself and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of any American Africans in Ghana Black Expatriates and the Civil Rights Era The John Hope Franklin Series in African American History and Culture judging panel theudging coordinator or the Aurealis Award Dead Red Heart is the perfect gift book for the hard to please reader there is literally something in here for everyone From light comedy to blood curdling terror from giant mutant possums to heart warming love stories there will be something you ll enjoyAs I don t normally read short stories or Anthologies love stories there will be something you ll enjoyAs I don t normally read short stories or Anthologies am uite excited to discover one of the main reasons Thirty three stories makes this collection of Aussie vampire tales edited by Russell B Farr excellent value for money BWWM (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 16 (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 16: Billionaires Secret Baby (Interracial African American Romance Urban Baby Romance Short Stories) just on a per kilogram basis alone But it definitely ain tust about the uantity here the stories themselves are excellent and I had a ball reading the I ve started reading my contributor copy of this great anthology I m so pleased to have a story among so many great writers What I ve read so far has been excellentFinished now A couple of the stories didn t work for me but that only shows the amazing breadth of yarns in this book Some fantastic stories and so many angles on vampiric lore new and old Well worth your time As with all short story compilations I liked some than others Some new treatments on what is a very well done subject Nice to read something set in Australia A fun read. 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Dead Red HeartA terrific selection of vampire short stories inspired by Australia From urban to rural settings using mythologies from Aboriginal legend to Chinese vampires in the 1850s goldfields the stories have breadth and depth of imagination If you re looking for som Fantastic edition to my collection Not normally a short story reader this was recommended by a friend Excellent tales of red dirt blue skies and even some adapted First People s stories Each story is accompanied by a short explanatory note from the author which really rounded out the book and I have found myself thoroughly entertained and delighted with the imagination that my beautiful home country has inspired within my favourite genre It s always interesting to see how other authors approached the anthology theme Dead Red Heart was no different There was a wide range of stories with a wide range of vampires As with any anthology not all were to my taste but I simply umped ahead to the next story This and reviews interviews etc are on Dark Matter Zine an online magazine This review was written by Nalini Haynes for Dark Matter ZineThe review summary is at the top because most people won t read the full reviewIn summaryDead Red Heart is an interesting mostly engaging assortment of short stories seeking to portray varying interpretations of vampire mythology The sense of place this is Australia is the one consistent flavour of this anthology I recommend pausing between each story as many authors have built disparate worlds Gotham Academy, Volume 3: Yearbook jumping suddenly from a traditional vampire to a pregnant vampire to an Aboriginal vampire can be somewhat disconcerting I recommend this anthology for fans of vampire fiction especially readers overseas who would like an alien setting and Australian readers who would like something uniuely ours 35 out of 5 stars this anthology would have done better if some stories were culledIntroduction and The tide by half of Australia s SFF communityBefore I wend my way through brief comments on each of the stories in Dead Red Heart I confess this is the first vampire anthology I ve read I don t generally read vampire fiction with a few Whedon esue exceptions My vampire viewing tends to be limited to things like Buffy Angel Underworld and a few seasons of Vampire Diaries with limited purpose driven research including Interview with a Vampire and Lost BoysI m saying all this to declare up front I am not a vampire fiction expertRussell B Farr of Ticonderoga Publications offered me a copy with strings attachedWrite a reviewSo here is my review The Tide was without a doubt the best offering of the entire anthology A collection of newspaper clippings over a period of time The Tide reveals the transition from vampires as unwanted refugees to respected citizensI would have adored it if the rest of the anthology expanded upon thisourney instead the anthology was a collection of disparate imaginings of vampires Each story reuires an open mind prepared to grapple with the rules of a new world so I recommend pausing between stories rather than continual reading Mutiny on the Scarborough by Shona HuskVampires are deported to Australia as convicts the vampire says But I am human The only difference is the food I crave This was an interesting twist on vampire mythos coupling a shift in focus with an alternate history Sun falls by Angela SlatterThis was another favourite for its descriptive prose with a dad like vampire who is about 40 years out of date instead of about 20 like normal dads I enjoyed the twist Such is life by Jeremy SadlerEntertaining and slightly subversive this reinvention of Ned Kelly was engaging Apologetoi by Chris LawsonEmphasising Australia s history that of immigrants effectively pushed into emigrating from their homes Apologetoi underscores the longevity of that social impact when the immigrants are themselves long lived However this is background to a detective story engaging with concepts of barbarism While I enjoyed the short story I felt this could be enlarged to explore incomplete threads Punishment of the sun by Alan BaxterSet in the outback with a dysfunctional family this story builds the Strine ness Strine Australian of the anthology alongside a suspenseful vampire story Red delicious by Felicity DowkerA confrontation between loggers and greenies set in the Huon Valley contrasts with characters working in a tattoo parlour creating a sense of Tasmania as a place of contrasts and conflicts I grew up in Tasmania it really is like this Just a matter of economics by Yvonne Eve WalusAttending a vampire conference this initially anonymous character threw me Gradually I discovered he s
male and sexually 
and sexually in a female character I was frustrated though without any physical description or even an initial indicator of species although he s a point of view character I spent the first act of the story focusing on grounding myself with this character with less focus on what occurred around himAn undercover detective story unfolded rapidly after getting some clues about the point of view character uarantine by Patty JensenThis was the first of the vampires pregnant with human babies stories While Joss Whedon pulled a vampire pregnancy off in Angel there were special circumstances to enable that pregnancy I had issues with the world building for each of the pregnant vampire stories in Dead Red Heart unfortunately there were also difficulties with the plot and characters in this one Out of the grave by Amanda PillarFollowing the buddy cop trope where the cops haven t bonded yet these two cops one vampire and one human investigate a vampire murder Enjoyable this short story felt like the beginning of a series Desert. Grizzly Heart | Red Dead Wiki | Fandom The Grizzly Heart is an animal item found in Red Dead Redemption Characteristics It is the most valuable skinning product in the entire game barring legendary creatures selling for a very high price The player does not receive a Grizzly Heart every time you skin a bear therefore making it very valuable Even with the Expert Hunter Outfit receiving a Grizzly heart works out to around A Dead Red Heart The Dead Red Mystery Series A Dead Red Heart The Dead Red Mystery Series Book Kindle Edition by RP Dahlke Author Format Kindle Edition out of stars ratings See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions Price New from Used from A Dead Red Heart Ladybug's Doodles A Dead Red Heart pm March Book might have been better if it had been edited and checked for mistakes It absolutely drove me crazy BOOKS Blog Shelf Timeline Reading Challenge Currently reading Si. Blood by Marty YoungToby and Sarah s ill fated romance was a weird little horror story the first and in my opinion the best of the Aboriginal vampire stories While I enjoyed this story as much as I m going to enjoy a horror story I am concerned about the appropriation of Aboriginal mythology for white invader centric stories Thin air by Simon BrownVampires The Roman Catholic Church Poetic Diamond in the Dark justice An interesting little tale Did I mention I likeustice Kissed by the sun by Jodi CleghornStrong themes of dysfunctional family and teenage romance cross over into the vampire genre in this story Exploration of story and characters occur while events unfold The setting was very much contemporary urban Australia Enjoyable especially if you re into teens romance and vampires Bats by Jane RoutleyAn aging actress struggles with alcoholism her partner replacing her with a younger model and her career at a cross roads A vampire frightens her then she wonders if this could be the answer to her problems This one is a must read Black Heart by Joanna FayA vampire tired of immortality comes to Australia to grieve and die Very short this story is most notable for its prose like Now her flesh its frozen time unbinding into looped and knotted threads forced her to suck air like a fish in a dried river bed Renfield s Wife by Damon CavalchiniThe point of view character is a human who willingly serves his vampire mistress although she is animal like than traditional vampire in her muteness and relationships Developed as an interesting possibly uniue story I particularly enjoyed the unexpected ending Listening to Tracy by Jen WhiteTold in the present and as post Cyclone Tracy historical remembrances this is an exploration of those who inhabit Darwin A mystery with character development this is an enjoyable read Breaking the drought by Jay CaselbergThis is a dreamtime story Australian Aboriginal mythology Well told my only concern is that of appropriation Jay looks very white to me Children of the cane by Jason NahrungCharacterisation shines in this short story however a trigger warning for pedophilia is appropriate The end was very distasteful and I thought a young adolescent mowing the lawn was unlikely although not impossible To explain further would spoil the story The sea at night by Joanne AndertonGood characterisation and descriptive prose combine to present an exploration of the Australian cultural landscape beaches are prominent in this aftermath of loss Sky in the morning by Sonia MarconThis little horror story has a twist I visualised in Ray Harryhausen s stop motion medium I expected the ending but was entertained by the ourney Taking it for the team by Tracie McBrideNarcissistic footballers are probably my least favourite people group so I felt like cheering this little number All that glisters by Pete KempshallDetermined to succeed financially after failing socially in earlier life Hanson plots a take over at Markham s expense but Markham has a few secrets of his own The vampire in this story is uintessentially Australian May this vampire meet bloodsucking mining execs The rider by Martin LivingsTelepathy of sorts couples with the vampire trope to create uncertainty and suspense Vitality by George IvanoffThe opening scene totally lost me a vampire hung two human bodies from a hills hoist to bleed out over the ground He was supposed to be full but going to this extreme is like a human taking time to decorate the backyard with the unwanted remnants of a mealThis story seems to be a snapshot in the life of Michael from the Vampire Diaries except that the vampire drinking vampire s blood or the super supernatural trope was omitted Other details didn t add UP EITHER THIS STORY STRUCK ME AS INTENDED TO either this story struck me as intended to horror first without a focus on plot and plausibility Coming home by Kathryn HoreA story of two people separated by illness but united by love this story was engaging although I felt the opening scene didn t uite dovetail with what followed It seemed two separate stories were pushed together to create a whole where a pared down opening would have served better Once the protagonist is inside the house the story is fairly consistent and engaging characters choices past and present are sometimes surprising yet believable The little red man by Raymond GatesThis is another Aboriginal vampire story focusing on what appear to be two white Australians going camping one enthusiastic while the other longs for the comforts of home My concerns about appropriation have been mentioned before but this story had added plot holes If Karen so desperately wants to go home why does she act against her desires and common sense when things go wrong I didn t buy it Deathborn light by Helen StubbsDefinitely the best *of the pregnant vampire stories with character work and development If you move past the idea of a cold blooded presumably *the pregnant vampire stories with character work and development If you move past the idea of a cold blooded presumably creature getting pregnant and having a human baby then it s a good story The life stealer by Donna Maree HansonAnother Aboriginal based vampire story the point of view character Jake is part Aborigine working as a ranger view character Jake is part Aborigine working as a ranger apropros while engaging with traditional yet contemporary tribes people I felt this was the most appropriate of the Aboriginal based stories because the characters are mostly Aboriginal in a suspenseful tale Behind the black mask by Jacob EdwardsOf all the Aboriginal based vampire stories this was my least favourite The prose was verbose overblown although admittedly in character for the storyteller The narrative felt like smoke rudely blown in my face interspersed with indecipherable comments from Aboriginal characters This was also the second re imagining of Ned Kelly s capture in th. 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