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Move on to A Breath of Snow and Ashes I wish I knewThe writing sucks It is not a well written series at all repetitive and worthy of many an eye roll or snort of disbelief Ms Gabaldon uses the same phrases descriptions and dialogue all the time While continuity is important the repetition becomes old very uickly This is on top of the act that the entire series is just one big very bad soap opera the kind where the villain suffers orty different ways to die but where the villain suffers orty different ways to die but survives to torment his victims Stephen Bonnet is the eighteenth century Stefano One can practically predict which major character is slated Land of a Thousand Hills: My Life in Rwanda for his or her turn at mortal peril because it happens to them all with suchreuency Yet I keep listening yelling at the characters or their stupidity and getting anxious on their behalf even though I know they all survive or at least two books I was sucked into the Outlander world and I can t seem to get outIn the beginning of the series the sex scenes were so unusual in a romance novel because they were actually vital to the story Through their most intimate moments readers learned about Clare and Jamie their vulnerabilities and their sensitivities It was never a sex scene purely or titillation but a method by which the characters developed and grew The same can no longer be said about any of the sex scenes within these later novels First of all there is nothing to learn about Jamie or Clare Readers have been with them or years now and their characters are If My Love Were a Fire Truck: A Daddy's Love Song fairly set in their development Then there is the ickactor Both are approaching 60 years of age and while I appreciate that their love life is healthy and Write It When I'm Gone: Remarkable Off-The-Record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford freuent it is not necessarily something about which I want to read Jamie s comments about Clare s body have him turning into a lecherous old man and that is just wrong Then there is the physical descriptions themselves While Jamie is clearly an ass man given his many lascivious and slightly disturbing comments about the state of Clare s derri re I m beginning to think Ms Gabaldon is a breast woman herself There is way too much attention and description devoted to allemales breasts Dresses cling to them sweat trickles between them they are ondled kissed and cupped
they leak milk 
leak milk babies release them with audible noises If there is a woman in any given scene Ms Gabaldon will inevitably mention something about that woman s breasts Frankly it s annoying and disappointingThen there is the issue with Jamie and Clare s daughter and son in law I hate Bree and Roger There I said it Bree is one of the most spoiled stupid girls in print Roger was great if a bit weak and unmanly in comparison to Jamie until he married Bree With that one act he became thoroughly uninteresting and superlative As or Bree she is just now thinking of the dangers of going back in time 200 years to the Revolutionary War after the war has started For someone *Who Is Supposed To Have Such A * is supposed to have such a mind she completely lacks in common sense as well as empathy The scenes told rom either of their points of view are just agonizing as Roger spends most of his time thinking about Bree and Bree spends most of her time worrying about how certain events are going to affect her Their sex scenes are not in the least bit erotic or even very romantic Very rarely do they contribute something to the overarching plot and most of the time their presence causes complications than solutions It goes without saying that their removal A coerência textual from the story would also eliminate a good number of pages in this very bloated seriesThe problem is that at an average audiobook length of 50 hours I have spent way too much time devoted to Jamie and Clare to uit the series now I may not be uite as vested in their survival as I once was but I would like to solve the mystery of how they die I would like closure Ms Gabaldon has not yet written her stories to provide closure and so I am stuck in this world of time travelers I will continue with the series onto book 7 and eventually book 8 when it is released next year Perhaps by then Ms Gabaldon will have made it possibleor me to say good bye Until then there will be yelling and eye rolling and general Write Your Novel!: Tips from a Bestseller frustration at the slow pacing repetitive syntax unnecessary narrative shifts and completely unnecessary sex scenes It is most definitely the book world s version of a daytime soap opera. Result will be independence with those loyal to the King either dead or in exile And there is also the matter of a tiny clippingrom The Wilmington Gazette dated 1776 which reports Jamie’s death along with his kin For once he hopes his time traveling Dogs Behaving Badly family may be wrong about theutu. ,
And I was disappointed with how the author handled this character There was a potential there or something really interesting the author handled this character There was a potential there or something really interesting she decided to make the character boring instead But overall it was entertaining The paperback edition of what is the sixth book in the Outlander series is over 1500 pages long and sorry to say I did not hang on every word Who could There s so damn many of them Talk about bloated Diana "Gabaldon s editor must love her a lot or is just too "s editor must love her a lot or is just too or the business Kill your darlings remember that timeless piece of advice rom Mark Twain I love Jamie and Claire not so much Roger and Brianna and have been hooked since Outlander but the series is April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers floundering and has beenor some time I could not even inish the ifth book The Fiery Cross As Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome for Breath of Snow and Ashes how many times can any handful of people escaperom prison mob scenes near death kidnappings etc etc Maybe I m just cranky because while I was reading this tome I could have inished at least our other books on my to read list But I sacrificed I persevered and I wanted to LOVE this book I really did But alas it was not meant to be There was enough Jamie and Claire antics and classic Gabaldon humor to recommend this title but only to hardcore Outlander ans Remember 1500 pages is a huge chunk of prose which translates into a huge investment of your precious reading time Approach with caution Where I got the book audiobook rom AudibleI have spent the best part of a year listening to the Outlander series and honestly by this point the books are just blending into one another Most of the time the story isn t really a story so much as a container that holds a whole load of smaller stories some resolved uickly others left Space Kid for later If things slow down one of the women gets kidnapped raped or threatened with kidnap or rape or all of the above Which probably happened uite a bit in pre revolutionary AmericaAnd then Jamie turns up and rescues everyone and takes Claire to bed Considering she s about 55 by now she s doing pretty darn well they don t seem to go much longer than 3 days without a good bonk Jamie never has eyesor anyone else and he likes it when she puts on a bit of weight because it goes straight to her lovely round arse The perfect man indeedAfter hundreds of hours of listening Gabaldon s writing is pretty predictable She never passes up the chance to use a well worn phrase endlessly describes what Jamie s hair looks like and loves to go off on a tangent about 18th century science or doctoring Narrator Davina Porter never lags although I have known her to mix up an accent here and there And you know what I ll miss these books when I m done They may be rambling and way too long but they re un to listen to One day I ll probably go back to the beginning again I eel I have already written a review with all the updates I did Where to start We know these books are long It s taking me on average updates I did Where to start We know these books are long It s taking me on average weeks to read them So you sort of have to be dedicated to the genre and writing style to appreciate themJamie and Claire are living in North Carolina Their passion is still alive their love is still true I absolutely love this couple Have loved watching them grow older together Ye ve no idea how lovely ye look stark naked wi the sun behind you All gold like ye were dipped in it A lot happens in this book and some uestions rom the previous books are answered I canna look at ye asleep without wanting to wake ye Sassenach His hand cupped my breast gently now I suppose I Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water find myself lonely without ye Her writing is very descriptive and she pays a LOT of att Theirst book had me completely absorbed in the little details and Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus fascinating plot the second book made me angry by the huge jump in time and then made me happy while the third book continued to hold my interest Theourth book was a little slow The Reach for the Rainbow: Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse fifth book made me wishor all that time spent listening back again because really however many pages an author should devote to homesteading Ms Gabaldon surpassed it at least ten Troubled Waters fold The sixth bookrustrated me with its plodding story with its hyper attention to detail and with the continued and inexplicable use of multiple narrators This does nothing but prolong the agony If the last two books have been less than ideal and even somewhat of a waste of time why did I continue the series and. Kwoods of North Carolina isolated cabins burn in the orestWith chaos brewing the governor calls upon Jamie Fraser to unite the backcountry and safeguard the colony or King and Crown But rom his wife Jamie knows that three years hence the shot heard round the world will be ired and the. Poke Poke PokeAAAAHHHHHH What thewho theWhen theStephanie wake up It s Claire Fraser What are you doing here And you be driving that contraption You smell like a s Claire Fraser What are you doing here And should you be driving that contraption You smell like a Jesus H Roosevelt ChristwhaaI m not hicup a saxtly sure how I ended up here Oh lookheehee I m sitting on the time mowerKemper ish going to be sooo pissed at me but what else is newhaaaaaaaa slowly sides off time mower in heap Claire what happened to her Jamiedo you remember Stephanie She s another time traveler like me but she s rom somewhere in the 2010 s The corner of Jamie s mouth twitched in a wry smile Aye I do I d say that lassie is drunk he rubbed his knuckle on his long straight nose Holding my hand up That s because I amvery very drunk Ya see I read another book hic in the series that has been written about your lives A Breath of Snow and Ashes Don t ask me how this is poshsible I don t know but it s most likely something to do with you messing about with time Anyhow just or unnzies I decided to make a drinking game out of the book whenever you said Jesus H Roosevelt Christ I took a shot of whiskey since you all drink the stuff like water and I thought whatzz good er the goose is good Owls: Birds of the Night for the ganderHaaaaaaweeee Why would you do that Not a wise move if you asked me I say that ALL the time Said Claire I KNOW That was the pointWell I didn t ask you Claire because I don t think you make the wisest choice with the whiskey yourself By the way who the hell do you think you are judging me about my alcohol consumption Around here it s the answeror everything Pregnant Drink some whiskey Just vomited Bon Bon Voyage (A Carolyn Blue Culinary Mystery, from being sedated with homemade ether Drink some whiskey Been gang raped Drink some whiskeyokay that one makes sense Whatever is going on the answer is drink whiskey One has to admire that It s a damn good thing that I didn t pick the words wry knuckle or rubbed or I would be in an alcoholic coma or worse dead Jamie looked at me and narrowed his cat eyes If our lives and the words the lady who writes these books uses bothers ya so much why do ya keep reading them The corner of his mouth twitched in a wry smile and he rubbed his long straight nose with his knuckleagain That s an excellent uestion Jamie and I don t have a good answeror you other then that I can t uit youeither of you sigh Awe Stephanie that s so sweet I could cry I think we need to drink to that said Claire Suuurewhat s a little whiskey gonna hurt at this point Said I Jamie pours us all a dram of whiskey says something in Gallic and we all drink it down in one swallow He then rubs his long straight nose with his knuckle and smiles wryly One thing I can say in the positive about the authors Diana Gabaldon word choices is that she never ever uses the words throbbing and member together and with all the sex scenes in all of these books that s saying something Blushes She writes aboutmm hmm What happens at night between meand my wife asks Jamie Oh surebetween the two of you and between Roger and Brianna between any two people who may cross paths I m pretty sure that s why so many people read the books I said She s also obsessed with describing hair Seriously how many times must we hear about hair I know everything there is to know about everybody s hair in the history of ever Yours Jamie is always a ire know about everybody s hair in the history of ever Yours Jamie is always a ire Claire you constantly have escaping curls I said but I guess that s better than the last book The Fiery Cross where Diana was obsessed with describing every detail about every dirty diaper or clout as you call them that adorable little angelic Gem produced Forget about the obsession with lactating breastsand sex with around and about lactating breastsand the sticky aftermath I couldn t even come back and talk to you about it any review I tried to write just came out dirty and not always in a good way That sounds disgusting Said Claire At times it was I said Well I better get this thing back to its owner before he misses it I m not scared of the guy he likes to pretend he s evil and all by wearing ake elt mustachesbut he doesn t ool me I said and then set the time mower or home instead of Kansas if Kemper wants his time mower back he ll just have to come to Ohio and get it Haahaa haMwa ha haMWAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAA I did enjoy this book than the previous one It s a 35 There was a new time traveler rom her time that enter the story. A Breath of Snow and Ashes continues the extraordinary story of 18th century Scotsman Jamie Fraser and his 20th century wife ClaireThe year is 1772 and on the eve of the American Revolution the long use of rebellion has already been lit Men lie dead in the streets of Boston and in the bac. ,