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The Perks of Being a Wallflower Kindle EditionImaginary Friend Kindle EditionLas ventajas de ser invisible (Spanish Edition) Kindle EditionPieces Kindle EditionDas also ist mein Leben: Roman (German Edition) Kindle EditionAs vantagens de ser invisível (Portuguese Edition) Kindle EditionAs vantagens de ser invisível (Portuguese Edition) Kindle EditionDer unsichtbare Freund: Roman (German Edition) Kindle Edition[The Perks of Being a Wallflower] [By: Chbosky, Stephen] [February, 2009] PaperbackThe Perks of Being a Wallflower[PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER TU][Prebound] HardcoverLe monde de Charlie (Divertissement 12ans+) (French Edition) Pocket BookVENTAJAS DE SER INVISIBLE, LAS / 2 ED. / PD. Hardcover

I m not one to follow the crowd but I did ump on the bandwagon with this book and as much as I didn t want to like it after all the hype about it there was something about the main character Charlie that pulled me in and made me keep reading and ultimately fall in love with him and his story The story is written from Charlie s point of fall in love with him and his story The story is written from Charlie s point of in a series of letters to a friend which remains anonymous I was a bit sceptical at first as I felt this might get a bit tedious but instead it had the complete opposite effect It draws you in to the life of this mixed up socially awkward confused boy which you connect to instantly At some point during your adolescent years you ve probably been through something similar to what Charlie writes about and his problems are all so real you find yourself becoming emotionally attached and identifying to him his friends and the problems he faces throughout the book I also like the way the book is written Chbosky doesn t try and be clever but simply writes it as a teenage boy would write which not only makes it believable but an easy read that makes you want to keep going and going in the hope that things will eventually work out for young CharlieThis book is full of surprises and includes a range of different emotions and situations that will take you back to your teenage years from Charlie falling in love for the first time with his friend Sam to finally feeling like you re a part of something when he makes new friends He mentions a lot of books musicians and songs that Charlie comes to love and the groups ever Growing Love For The Rocky love for the Rocky Picture Show I honestly cannot think of a single criticism for this book and as much as I didn t want to get pulled into the drama of it I m glad I did because Chbosky deserves the hype and the praise for this emotional touching and beautifully written novel in which some of his words will stay with you long after you put the book downFind all my reviews here As much as I hate to do it I had to DNF this book only getting to the start of part 2Despite this being on my tbr list for so many years and one of those books that most people automatically suggest for your next read I A Writer's Reference with Writing about Literature with 2009 MLA and 2010 APA Updates just couldn t gel with itFor me it wasust stifled and uite frankly depressing I was expecting Charlie to be full of intellectual phrases facts and beliefs but he wasn t anything like this Perhaps you get to see this part of him further on in the book but I ust couldn t bring myself to sit through any of itPersonally this ust really didn t do it for me This book has been on my TBR list for a while and I am so glad that I have finally gotten around to reading it I am a little disappointed because I was somehow thinking that after waiting for so long to read this book that it was going to somehow different and maybe better than what it was Maybe this was because it has been one of the highest books on my TBR for so long and I have built up this big expectation of this book inside my head that it couldn t live up to it But that is my fault not the books I still really enjoyed reading this book and is was a new experience. Charlie is a shy and introspective boy a wallflower always stan.

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 The Perks of Being a WallflowerE that sometimes One thing that I "absolutely loved was the friendship between Charlie Sam and Patrick I really wish I had a friendship "loved was the friendship between Charlie Sam and Patrick I really wish I had a friendship they did in my own high school It would certainly made things easier I also loved that this book felt so nostalgic Even though I finished high school not that long ago it still brought me back to days when I ust started school And I loved that it did So many times I ve read a uote that described perfectly how I felt back then or sometimes even now which I couldn I ve read a uote that described perfectly how I felt back then or sometimes even now which I couldn find words to describe But Charlie described it perfectlyNow I should probably stop here and end this review before I get too emotional So in conclusion I loved this book and I can t say how much I m glad that I ve finally read it And I m sure that I ll re read it many times in the future He s a wallflower You see things You keep uiet about them And you understandI ve never met a single person friend blogger librarian or bookseller who has read The Perks of Being a Wallflower and not fallen in love This is such a wonderful book and it s perfect summer reading too It s the coming of age story and it s perfect summer reading too It s the coming of age story a fifteen year old boy called Charlie told entirely in epistolary form via letters to an unnamed friend of a friend uiet introspecti Read April 2019I struggled to get excited about this book We know Charlie is a wallflower and was traumatised earlier in his life by what happened with Aunt Helen and that he is coming of age in the early 1990 s Yet despite all this it didn t uite add up for meWe spend a year with Charlie and all these events happen to him yet not until the very end did he try and alter his behaviour or try and steer in a slightly different direction It ust seemed to be of the same I know when I was young and impressionable and wanted to please people I tried to act differently to fit in Where as Charlie was very emotional not afraid who saw him being emotional and constant in his thoughts and actionsI think I tired of the letter style too as it became repetitive after a while I hoped the recipient would be revealed at some point but frustratingly it never was Here s my theoriesSurely nobody writes this many letters I d say Charlie was closest to Sam love interest then Patrick friend then Bill teacher friend all above his family He never referred to talking about these letters with any of his friends or family So I was thinking maybe he was writing them to himself but he did post them and I m sure he would have mentioned his family becoming suspicious at the amount of letters There is chance he was using an alias so it wasn t Charlie at all ust another member of the group of friends But that still doesn t answer who the recipient was Whoever it was I also feel they would have made some effort to contact Charlie or contact the polic e to block his mail but neither happenedI appreciate this book is aimed at young adult and as a 40 something not aimed at me But I hasten to add I m a massive massive fan of Catcher in the Rye which is a similar style and age group yet far superior in my opinion I found Catcher genuine witty and in a better writing style and format. Etters he writes to someone of an undisclosed name age and gend. For me especially with the style of writing and overall style that this book has set up with the letters I do find myself feeling irritated sorry pitied happy and so many different feelings for Charlie throughout the entire of this book It is definitely a book that has got me thinking and still thinking after I ve finished it I still thoroughly enjoyed this book and I m so glad that I ve read this book and I m want to reread it again at some pointI would recommend this book and should be a book somebody reads at least once in their life Absolutely loved this book it s one that stays with you Kudos for having a male protagonist struggling with MH issues as well as this genre is heavily female focussed and it s good to remember that both genders can suffer from this euallySPOILERTW BELOWThe book is considerably explicit than the well known film adaptation There are explicit scenes of rape and it deals heavily with the conseuences of childhood sexual abuse It doesn t take away from the impact of the book but I was a little blindsided as I hadn t realised that it would be different from the movie I would exercise caution giving this to a younger reader as it appears suitable for teens but some of this content might not be appropriate depending on the person The tale Charlie the eponymous wallflower and his freshman year at high school Through a series of letter written to an unnamed stranger as he navigates his way through the uncharted waters between childhood and adulthood Charlie finds friendship love and acceptance he navigates his way through the uncharted waters between childhood and adulthood Charlie finds friendship love and acceptance the course of his year Along the way he also finds a deeply hidden secret from his own pastI genuinely found this novel funny touching and poigna Damn this book was amazing And it s not one of those books where you figure out how amazing it is at the beginning or even through the first half It slowly creeps up on you Or at least is slowly crept up on me And the I read the I loved it And now that I ve read it I can safely say that this book definitely will go on a list of my favorite books ever And another thing I should mention is that I ve been avoiding this book for a while One of the reasons was because I thought it for a while One of the reasons was because I thought it over hyped silly me But then finally we had to read this book for University and I m so glad that the professor choose this book It was the first book which I had to read that I absolutely loved And I haven t seen the movie so I didn t know anything about the plot And I m glad that that was the caseThe Perks of Being A Wallflower is a coming of age story But it is also so much than that It is a story about a boy named Charlie who ust started high school Because he felt alone and scared he started writing letters to well to whoever is reading this book At the beginning I didn t uite like Charlie as a character He cried way too much and was a bit weird But as the book went I started liking him and I also stared understanding him and actually relating to him Also I liked most of the other characters some some less Yeah they all had some flaws and they all did some things which I sometimes didn t understand why but we all act lik. Ding on the edge of the action We learn about him through the ,

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