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Tyce (Skin Walkers Book 15)

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LaceI know that I have said this Before But I Will Say It Again but I will say it again have been a longtime silent fan of SB and watching her writing evolve over the years has been an honor Thanks again Ms B for all your hard work and talent Such a fantastic addition to the Skin Walkers series The author kept the intensity high and the story moving with the danger coming from every corner and she brought this dominant alpha to his knees by the sweetest character and her eually adorable younger sister I love how she showed the depth of emotions hidden beneath Tyce s outer shell and the way he Was Able To Win Over able to win over Angel This was a HEA that I have long awaited and I can t wait to read the next one she sends my way Re reading the series and liked this addition to it Tyce egomaniac he is it brought to his knees by the eual egomaniacal Monroe The formula for the main characters is the same as in past books but that isn t a negative What is entertaining is the main characters response to the affliction It is that which keeps you turning the page and engrossed in the story Would have loved to get information on who was after Briel which is why I dropped to 4 stars hopefully that His team have accepted is typical Self assured to the point of cockiness he knows no one is better at the hunt then he and his Apex Skin Walkers Hell he even finds it laughable that Monroe is willing to give p such a hefty financial prize for the he even finds it laughable that Monroe is willing to give p such a hefty financial prize for the retrieval mission of one human female Cake The mission is going to be a piece of cake Making an enemy of Monroe StoneCrow is a mist. ,

I love this seriesAction romance hard core sexDrags you in get lost in the story and just live in the storyLove the series great story line and you are very involved investedYou want them to succeed and be able to live freely safely and happy Not sure what has happened to the series but the women have all become so bland so nice and sweet and I just don t nderstand why Tycee would be interested in her Always read Susan s books especially the skin walker series Still waiting for the Doctors storyAnyway thought this was a good link to characters However the story finished too Dance With The Devil uickly almost as if she was bored with them as a couple and just wanted to setp the next stories Still worth a read though I have been waiting for YEARS to get Tyce s story and when Ms Bliler s muse struck she did it justice We all have that one book we wait and Wait And Wait For And Since The Anticipation Is So and wait for and since the anticipation is so it is almost impossible for the author to live Smitten up to such a buildp for the author to live p #To Such A Build #such a build so in this book I am so glad that she waited for Tyce to reveal himself rather than just throw anything out This was so well worth the wait Another large piece of the SW puzzle is now firmly in Its time for Dominant Skin Walker Tyce Steele to be brought to his kneesBriel Solomon hates Skin Walkers Because of Skin Walkers her father is dead and she and her sister are now parentless and on the run Shell have to rely on Monroe StoneCrow one last time for financial assistance but once she gets what he owes her shell be goneTyces casual indifference to the simple mission he and. Ill be told in the next book I like that we are moving Apex from Estates gives definition to the world moving to Apex from gives definition to the world worth your time and I think I love everything Susan writes and Tyce was no exception Briel brought Tyce to his knees and it was awesome to watch Too short a romance compared to the last books but still top notch writing and excellent storytellingBut I am getting a little sick at Monroe s antics I get what hes doing but kidnapping Briel by shooting her with a tranc in this book bothered me like in the last book when he treated Sam badly even Tho She Was Helping Him she was helping him needs a comeuppance I am really surprised that Shy Sam Aries and now Briel will have anything to do with Monroe Well I guess Sam wont cause Bellis was smart and took her far away from his games Monroe sed to be my fav character from the series behind Conn but lately the negatives have been piling 1898 upWhich just goes to show you how wrappedp in this series I am Its that good I care deeply and yell at the book when a character does something I disagree with and laugh and cry while reading the series I highly recommend the Skin Walker series to anyone who loves paranormal romance. Ake and taunting Monroe is going to be Tyces Night of the Werewolf (Choose Your Own Nightmare, undoing Not only has Monroe found Tyces Angel hes sending Tycenwittingly to her Unlike Monroes SkinWalkers Tyce and his Walker Sentries at Apex havent had the luxury of the inoculation that delays the afflictionthe instantaneous recognition of ones mate Tyce is about to come face to face with his destiny and the poor bastard has no idea. ,