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Er having a violent showdown with THE BADDIE BUT THERE WAS NO baddie but there was no I was putting the book down until I d Land of a Thousand Hills: My Life in Rwanda finished The only real plot hole that stood outor me was that the drawing Aiden did in the hospital ended up in the papers despite Emma Having Taken It Home With taken it home with you want a gripping read you can do worse than to get Silent Child but bear in mind it doesn t stand up to harsh critical analysis So will I be making a point of seeking out self published writers Probably not but I ll be than happy to read other books by this author Slow Predictable Boring How can this book has so many good reviews I had to skip pages chapters to inish it The premise was intriguing but the writing was painful it read like a irst draft desperately needed an editor I don t know how it got published Also the outcome was simply not plausible just no Don t waste your time If you ve hesitated on this one because of the subject matter that it may be too dark or graphic or too many uncomfortable details sharedyou don t have to worry This is one of the cleanest thrillers I ve read Clean in the sense that the author doesn t go into any detail about the abuse that Aiden suffered All we know is that bad things happened and that s scary enough I hesitated to read this or these reasons I love a good thriller but didn t really want to read anything graphic Some authors go there I just prefer not to I was very pleasantly surprised with this story because it implied what happened and left it to our imaginations The book is very well written one of the best I ve read in this genre Complex characters and the story really looks at what happens after a child comes home It s Literally read this in three evenings The picture is how ar I got by the second night I LOVED this bookI was going through a real crimedrama binge when I ordered this not really thinking about the plot as it came up as a suggestion When I read the Wow Talk about a psychological suspense I put off reading this book simply because it involved the kidnapping of a child which cut close to home as I am a mother I m glad I If My Love Were a Fire Truck: A Daddy's Love Song found the courage to read his story Iinished this book in one day So lost was I in unraveling Aiden s story while at same time reading about the courage and perseverance of a Mother s love It will leave you hunted but not disturbingly so because the author gets to the point without getting too graphic The analogy of people and the many masks they wear bore truth and had me looking to my neighbor wondering what secrets or Write It When I'm Gone: Remarkable Off-The-Record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford facade did he or she hide under Every character was done well and with detail Theeral child Ready for Summer finally speaks once his warrior mother defeats the demons that kept them apartor so long You will cry You will chant encouragingly but most of all the end you will encounter Aiden a peace But most of all the peace in knowing that Emma is now complete with Rob Aiden and Gina It actually became

after half the book My Cyberselfish A Critical Romp Through The Terribly Libertarian Culture Of High Tech feeling was that youelt the presence of the author trying to come up with strange and messy characters Not recommendable I am than disappointed in this book A coerência textual for theollowing reasons a Write Your Novel!: Tips from a Bestseller first of all I can tigure out why it has such a high percentage of good reviews which is what influenced me to buy it b the writing is awkward is in severe need of editing c the plot alternates between not making sense and being boringly predictable d the ending was preposterous I just wish I knew of a way to avoid Dogs Behaving Badly falling into a pitfall like this again when reviews appear to be so goodor a boo. Hat readers are saying about Silent Child Everyone buy this book it's brilliant I just kept reading it instead of cleaning Now I'm sad it's endedA tense haunting story which I had to First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There finish in one sittingWhat aantastic read Kept me on the edge of my seat 'til the end One of the best books I have read I stayed up most of the night to read itI read this book rom cover to cover in one sitting It's been a long time since a book has captivated me so much to do that Gripping and ull of twists and turns. Wful I m pretty sure it was never edited or the editor didn t know what they were doing The writing is very simple and repetitive The story is absolutely ridiculous and you can guess who did it within the April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers firstew pages The narrator is whiny and annoying and makes really terrible decisions that leave the reader shaking their head in disbelief There were so many points in this story where I said that would never happen in real life Minor spoiler a prominent igure in the town is arrested and the detective working with the lead character ills her in on the case before the arrest has been made public That would never happen before the arrest has been made public That would never happen you ve read anything by Gillian Flynn Stephen King Kimberly Belle or Mary Kubica you ve experienced good writing and you will not enjoy this book Emma has to Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome face one of her worst nightmares her child disappearing Years later she hasinally got her life together and even though she misses her son desperately life is as good as it can be or her That is until her son turns back up againHaving your child making a reappearance again after all those years you could eel the mixture of emotions that Emma was experiencing Whilst she is over joyed to be back Aiden is ar rom the child who disappeared all of those years ago and she has to Space Kid face what has happened to him whilst he was held captiveMy heart literally brokeor Aiden I didn t even want to try and imagine just what he had been through Like Emma I wanted answers and Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town for whoever was behind Aiden s disappearance to be suitably punishedThe story is set at a steady pace with a darkeel to it and shrouded with mystery The tension mounts as the police as well as Emma and her ex close in on the guilty party As the police take in different people or uestioning I was really torn to who it could be Whilst I had my doubts the author kept throwing little red herrings keeping me on my toesSilent Child is a dark and at times uncomfortable yet compelling read I loved the build up of tension and all the second guessing at who it was The author managed to keep me totally hood winked and whilst I had guessed some things partly right I was well off the mark on the rest A must read or ans of a chilling psychological thriller It wasn t until I opened the book to start reading that I noticed the lack of a publisher s imprint and realised that noticed the lack of a publisher s imprint and realised that was self published I wasn t best pleased having paid 1099 or it Now before angry indie authors gang up on me in their droves yes I have heard the success stories of authors who started with self publishing and proved their worth and yes of course some stuff Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus from mainstream publishers is garbageor example The Teacher by Katerina Diamond published by HarperCollins Still Reach for the Rainbow: Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse for obvious reasons the dross to gold ratio is much higheror self published books than you
with mainstream publishers therefore I t expecting much Troubled Waters from this at allIinished it in one sitting It really is a page turner and I didn t guess correctly how it would turn out but then I almost never do The writing isn t going to knock Dickens off his perch there are a lot of overdone metaphors of the worms ate into my brain and a nuclear bomb went off in my heart variety not a direct uote and there are a ew grammatical infelicities but both are alas all too common in the psychological thrillers that lood the market these days That said there was little if anything in the writing that spoiled the narrative or meThe ending is rather ar etched a pregnant woman runs through the woods while going into labour aft. Ry of his decade long disappearance The historic broken bones and injuries cast a mere glimpse into the horrors Aiden has experienced Aiden never drowned Aiden was takenAs Emma attempts to reconnect with her now teenage son she must unmask the monster who took him away rom her But who in their tiny village could be capable of such a crimeIt's Aiden who has the answers but he cannot tell her the unspeakableThis dark and disturbing psychological novel is a page turner you will not be able to put downW. ,

I read this over a few days whilst on holiday and whilst some of the plot was entirely guessable rom days whilst on holiday and whilst some of the plot was entirely guessable rom beginning I did not see the Owls: Birds of the Night final twist comingUnfortunately the style of writing is below average with the same words repeated multiple times in sentence Silent Child is one of those novels that I wanted to love but sadly I didn t it wasn t all bad there were some things I loved about this novel and thought worked really well however they were outweighed by the things that didn t work uite so wellMyavourite Thing About This Novel Was Denzil S Writing Style I about this novel was Denzil s writing style I the way she chose to tell this story Bon Bon Voyage (A Carolyn Blue Culinary Mystery, from Emma s perspective this allowed you toeel her emotions along with her her despair at losing Aiden her Bon Bon Voyage frustration at him not speaking her determination as a mother to save her child There were some really powerful momentsor example when Aiden went missing Emma talks about what it really means to lose control it demonstrated how powerful words can be in conveying a parent s grief It was paragraphs like these moments were Emma s pain was so raw that really made me appreciate Denzil s writing abilityThere was also a creepy undertone present throughout this entire novel Who knew a child that didn t speak could be so unsettling it really did give this novel its darker edge And the suspense oh my the continuous building of suspense was brilliant it had me desperate to know what happened to Aiden Now here s where this novel ell short or me the suspense ar outweighed the ending and left me eeling utterly underwhelmed There was one line earlier on in the novel that hinted at who was involved in Aiden s ordeal and I didn t mind knowing said individual was involved ahead of time because I think it was pretty predictable based on their actions throughout the novel however as Emma comes to know the truth I thought the way it played out was exaggerated and unbelievable Emma is heavily pregnant yet she appears to have this invincibility about her and I just didn t buy it and it led to me rolling my eyes several times Even the parts of the ending I didn t see coming were so underwhelming and again the actions of some of the characters at certain times had Me Rolling My EyesWhat Started rolling my eyesWhat started as a powerful novel ull of suspense concluded in a dramatic and unbelievable ashion so much so that it overrode all that I did like about this novel Would I recommend this novel Sadly not Would I read another Denzil novel Absolutely the writing ability is there A Look Over My Shoulder: A Life in the Central Intelligence Agency for me the plot just lost its way towards the end25 stars Emma Price is a young unwed mother who lives with her parents while still seeing theather of her child When her child is 6 years old a torrential rain hits and causes intense looding She gets a call rom the school telling her that the roof is leaking and parents are to pick up their children immediately Arriving at the school she Ravishing Ruby finds that her son has wandered off and is not to beound Later his jacket is retrieved rom the river and he is presumed dead Ten years on her parents are dead and she is married and expecting a child She gets a call rom the police telling her to go to the hospital immediately Her son has been ound What ollows is a tense psychological thriller that kept me reading until late in the night Usually I can pinpoint the villain within a chapter or two An unexpected twist surprised the heck out of me I really enjoyed this book and look Old Yeller forward to readingrom this author I would love to know how this book got so many good reviews because this book is In the summer of 2006 Emma Price watched helplessly as her six year old son's red coat was Flying by the Seat of My Pants: Flight Attendant Adventures on a Wing and a Prayer fished out of the River Ouse It was the tragic story of the year a little boy Aiden wandered awayrom school during a terrible Lincoln: An Illustrated Biography floodell into the river and drownedHis body was never recoveredTen years later Emma has inally rediscovered the joy in life She's married pregnant and in control again until Aiden returnsToo traumatized to speak he raises endless uestions and answers none Only his body tells the sto. .

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Silent Child: Silent Child Book One

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