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Then nothing happensBe warned these are incredibly short with barely any content in them This book is a part of a series and I m now on my last one of that series which is a great ntertaining 5 books I really wanted to like this series but I will not be going further Several reasons First about 12 seconds have been spent on trading a person who is supposed to fight and beet the strongest vil in the land Hmmmm Next there is no direction at least in this book Also paying full price for a 2 he read not good Lastly Spoiler Alert Why spoiler alert why would in the last fight He is supposed to be with him all the time and was with him 2 pages before really inconsistent and bugged me. S to piece together the puzzle of his life while the high kings assassins aided by the minions of Kings assassins aided by the minions of Shadow Lord pursue himCan he prevent the Dark Horde from descending on the Kingdoms and xtinguishing the light foreverThe Call of the "Sylvana is the second book in The Sylvan Chronicles a sword and "is the second book in The Sylvan Chronicles a sword and coming of age Arthurian fantasy series.

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I have read the first three books In ach one the author portrays all the females as smarter than the books In ach one the author portrays all the females as smarter than the Stronger than the males and can twist men around their fingers any time they wish This includes Kings fathers husbands and any other maleAll the females use underhanded methods to manipulate all the males Euality of the genders is a fine idea but the author has created a world where only females ver have the correct view of thingsIt is main theme in all three books It gets very tiresomeThe main character finds he has a type of nature magic however in 7 years of having this power barely learns anything about itIn the story his grandparents are supposedly teac. Light dances with dark green fire burns in the night hopes and dreams follow the wind to fall in black or white The prophecy spoke of Thomas Kestrel outcast lord sorcerer warrior and perhaps savior of the Kingdoms if he survives In The Call of the Sylvana Thomas Kestrel returns to his ancestral Highlands in an ill fated attempt to help the people. .
Hing him about this powermagic Even though the author CLAIMS THE MAIN CHARACTER IS SO GIFTED IN THE the main character is so gifted in the he is one in ten million the main character barely scratches the surface in 7 years The story drags and drags I finally gave up and will not be buying anything from this author again the second book in The Sylvan Chronicles Book 2 was another high paced xciting story This series is xceptional and the author is able to capture your full attention to the point that you cannot stop reading I would recommend this series to anyone in a heart beat I read the first two books and was dumbfounded at the lack of content in ach The first book had a lot of promise and. Who feared him as a childWith the help of the Sylvana men and women dedicated to protecting the Kingdoms from the Shadow Lord and the Dark Horde Thomas bears the burden of returning to the Highlands to reclaim his proper place Befriended by a Highlander who would die for him struggling
With His Love For 
his love for princess who will betray him Thomas trie. ,
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The Call of the Sylvana (The Sylvan Chronicles Book 2)