Burmese Days: Keep the Aspidistra Flying. Coming Up for Air [E–pub/Kindle]

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After with that miserable excuse for a human Elizabeth She wound up better off than she deserved Flory far worse off This is a brilliant and than she deserved Flory far worse off This is a brilliant and story centered on the nature of racism and colonialism in Burma now Myanmar in the timeframe after World War I Orwell spent considerable time in that country so he has a good understanding of the society he is describing He also has a great deal to say about the subculture of the British colonists in Burma and he portrays that subculture as highly insulated and at times nearly suffocating and it s conformity and judgementalismThroughout much of this work people are grasping for status It is particularly tragic work people are grasping for status It is particularly tragic the status and prosperity of an indigenous person can well depend on a friendly relationship with even one of the British citizens in that country In such a system a lot of good people come to a sad end and a lot of small minded and even deeply corrupt and unethical people rise Institutionalised racism by the colonials provides both the context and the driving force for most of the characters Our hero if that s the right word at least puts up some token resistance When push comes to shove though he is also found to be wantingOrwell s own experiences in Burma add authenticity to his description of some pretty vapid lifestylesI m torn between four and five stars so my rating errs on the generous side The incomparable Orwell conveys the atmosphere of the exotic locale and the attitudes of the people with precision and flair He makes you feel as though you are there with the characters struggling as they are to l This

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s Edition a handy compilation of three of Orwell s earlier novels They probably have not been added very much to school course lists because I would think they have been unfairly over shadowed by Nineteen Eighty Four and Animal Farm If you haven t read these go ahead and do so I personally enjoyed Burmese Days very much Orwell spent some years in Burma as a British civil servant He constructs a very interesting and compelling plot which underscores the problems of the British Raj at the time Orwell s description of the persons place and climate put you right there in the thick of it this is a page turner all the way Reminds me somewhat of the Somerset Maugham short stories set in the East which are very atmospheric I was happy to read the Aspidistra novel and found it interesting but only slightly the main character s irrational poses become very wear. Ippi.  Burmese Days: Keep the Aspidistra Flying. Coming Up for AirOrwell invokes the spell of the orient well he has put his personal experiences in Burma s to good use An excellent author giving value for money The main characters of the saga are beautifully drawn It captured my attention to the very main characters of the saga are beautifully drawn It captured my attention to the very page This is a great book by George Orwell At the beginning he writes about the attitudes of the British towards the natives of Burma in almost an amusing way as if they were caricatures but then the book gets deeper and becomes really sad and a is chilling indictment of the British Raj in Burma and their utter snobbery and racism At that time black lives didn t utter snobbery and racism At that time black lives didn t a jot to the Raj Colonialism Love Hatred Rejection Friendship Dispare Poverty Aristocracy Loyalty Courage Rebellion Politics Treachery Injustice Burma this is what the book is all aboutBurmese Days tells the truth about how in today s world truth doesn t always triumph but on the contrary the cunning can change the false into truthThis book will leave the reader with the feeling of loss and melancholy I thoroughly enjoyed it Anyone who has lived in a remote location in the developing world will recognize the atmosphere and the types of characters Orwell creates in Burmese Days He paints a rich picture of life in colonial Burma focused on the effects it has on the Europeans trying to adapt to strange and difficult circumstances Walk through the graveyard in Penang Malaysia one of the oldest colonial graveyards extant and read the grave stones The brief description of the history of the cemetery near the entrance notes that than half of the souls there interred passed away before their 30th birthday It was not an easy life Very very few lived into their sixtiesSome will take offense at the treatment of the native Burmese in Orwell s novel But note that the protagonist s very sympathetic attitude toward them and APPRECIATION OF THEIR CULTURE IS THE SOURCE OF SOME of their culture is the source of some his greatest difficulties with his colonial counterpartsImmerse yourself in this novel to get a sense of what it might be like to make a choice that takes you far far away from everyday routines of the civilized world and for better and for worse experience an entirely different way of life I found this book highly entertaining George Orwell s account of life in Burma for the English settlers has incidents that depict the dishonesty ignorance and amazing unearned social superiority in which these white men hold high positions which dominate the indigenous Burmese The latt. 110. Er hold them in high esteem for no appreciable reason There is a pervading hilarity throughout the book The dissipated English and the servile Burmese combine in a world long gone surely There are tragedies A Burmese boy loses his eyesight for showing what looks like contempt for a bullying officer and a man commits suicide on account of a girl he loves who doesn t want him The best book I have enjoyed in a long time It is hard hitting and colourful with never a dull moment Orwell is one of my favourite authors was always ahead of his time as this BOOK REVEALS READ 1984 FOR EXAMPLE THIS BOOK RELATES reveals Read 1984 for example This book relates his time as a policeman in Burma how the experience changed his life The topic is relevant today as it revolves changed his life The topic is relevant today as it revolves racism authority the police Although written in c1932 so the format seems dated the message it conveys is for today Loved it I haved visited Burma Myanmar and after reading this want to go back I discovered this book listening to a BBC podcast titled Great Lives Orwell was the subject of the podcast and the moderator commented that in his the moderator s opinion Burmese Days was Orwell s best bookI had read 1984 and Animal Farm indeed who hasn t Neither of those famous short novels is anything like Burmese which contains no element of fantasy rather it s a novel of humans human failings emotions and romanceRomance sort of Perhaps the most telling feature of the book for me is the main character Flory being infatuated with Elizabeth Flory is intelligent and thoughtful He regrets his life serving English interests in Burma He sees roughly in the 1920 s the narrow intelligence and prejudices of his fellow Europeans he finds imperialism elements of shameful exploitation Flory is unfulfilled guilt ridden and lonely Elizabeth the niece of a fellow worker visits after her parents die and Flory thinks he is in love with herHis love would not be remarkable but for Elizabeth being cut from the same cloth as the fellow workers Flory has no respect for if she isn t worse She thinks the Burmese are sub human she has no interest in culture or art Flory would have nothing to do with her in my opinion if he weren t lonely and miserable in Burma The people and concepts Elizabeth recoils from are people and concepts that Flory has a een interest in indeed an affection forBurmese was a fast read to the end not a happy end although I found the end happier than it would have been had Flory s conscious wishes been gratified life happily ever. 3 sh. ,