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The potential to write poetry that resonates but I almost

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like she trying to hard to be artistic and therefore either too vague or too specific which in turn lead to the book s overall disorganization I wanted to relate to this poetry collection so badly I wanted to laugh I wanted to cry but it just wasn t there I mean c mon it s Lana Lana Del Rey is a MASTERPIECE of human beauty her words her physical beauty and her relationships expressed through her words are TRULY beyond beautiful thank ou for sharing our story with US Lana You Are A GIFT are a GIFT ou for this beautiful book THANK YOU for releasing it on vinyl as well YOU ARE A GIFT I m not sure what to say as I expected this book would be as beautiful as the picture Lana paints with her music I feel like the poems were no than a ramble on topics Lana has touched on before I felt like I was rereading the same sentence over and over again I love Lana but I must say this book was mediocre and uite pretentious if I m honest Lana has a way of glamorizing sadness depression heartbreak and longing and I m honestly bored of it There were a few good poems but I honestly think this book was of random thoughts scrubbed on scrap paper not a real poetry book. Oleumand many This beautiful hardcover edition showcases Lanas typewritten manuscript pages alongside her original photography The result is an extraordinary poetic landscape that reflects the unguarded spirit of its creator Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass is also brought to life in an unprecedented spoken word audiobook which features Lana Del Rey reading fourteen select poems from the book accompanied by music from Grammy Award winning musician Jack Antonoff. Ll written and completely Phew Alright so I have a lot of thoughts I absolutely love Lana Del Rey and I m obsessed with her Lana if Make You Mine you see this I m so sorry Let s link up okay I had high expectations for this book but I am sad to report that I was very much let down I have been a huge LDR fan forears and I ve always expected her poetry to be outstanding For instance when she speaks in the Ride monologue I was blown away by her words Moreover all of her lyrics are poetry It s obvious that Lana has a gift with making us feel things and making us feel them intensely This is a big reason why I will always call Lana Del Rey my favorite artist She s amazing but I have to be honest with this review I ve read a lot of poetry books and not just Milk and Honey like every millennial but REAL poetry I think this book is written well and it s aesthetically pleasing with the it s vintage photographs but the content is just not there It seems disorganized both within each poem and throughout the entire book Additionally I feel like almost every line in the poem is too oddly specific to be relatable While I greatly like almost every line in the poem is too oddly specific to be relatable While I greatly Lana s vulnerability throughout the book I was not impressed by its contents I know that LDR has. What they are and for that reason Im proud of them especially because the spirit in which they were written was very authenticLana Del Rey Lanas breathtaking first book solidifies her further as the essential writer of her times The Atlantic The collection features than thirty poems many exclusive to the book Never to Heaven The Land of 1000 Fires Past the Bushes Cypress Thriving LA Who Am I to Love You Tessa DiPietro Happy Paradise Is Very Fragile Bare Feet on Lin. ,

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A very beautiful moody and picturesue poetry book Love the added touch of her own photography throughout the book and the edited wordsPoetry "very similar to the style of Lana s music As a fan I found it "similar to the style of Lana s music As a fan I found it soothing and compellingCan t recommend enough Can t wait for cocc so intimate beautiful meaningful ou can tell that she s writing from her heart especially LA Who Am I To Love You so impressed a Book To Treasure Absolutely to treasure Absolutely book Very beautiful inside and out with amazing poems that I go back toPs Lana put on a damn mask I laughed I cried Beautiful Beautiful book the pictures are great So ou know how Beautiful book the pictures are great So The Courage to Stand Alone Letters from Prison and Other Writings you know how Lana Del Rey oversimplifies things or kind of repeats themes the pale moonlight amongst others The recurring theme here is California and like general modern living but here s the catch it s really well written It s even clever I love Lana and her music but I d never really call it clever It s sort of a moodou know This is the mood a different mood many moods and it s a wholly thought out concept The book is really beautiful and relatable regardless of age I m incredibly impressed and absolutely loved reading this Our ueen has blessed us with another amazing body of work incredibly we. THE SUNDAY TIMES TOP TEN BESTSELLER THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED DEBUT BOOK OF POETRY FROM LANA DEL REYVIOLET BENT BACKWARDS OVER THE GRASS Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass is the title poem of the book and the first poem I wrote of many Some of which came to me in their entirety which I dictated and then typed out and some that I worked laboriously picking apart each word to make the perfect poem They are eclectic and honest and not trying to be anything other than.  Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass