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The Fifth Risk: Undoing DemocracyMichael Lewis is an author who Specialises In Post Mort Lit in Post Mort Lit observes life through its rocesses both the successful as in Money Ball and the unsuccessful The Big Short He identifies key How to Win the Nobel Prize: An Unexpected Life in Science players in therocess usually Life Among the Surrealists people that you have never heard of and uses their narrative to weave a coherent thread through often chaotic scenarios The Fifth Risk is somewhat different in that this is Pre Mort Lit a warning of impending disaster The Trump administration failed to appreciate the complexity and interlocking of the United States Economy and Political Infrastructure before it took office and sadly since it has become none the wiser H L Mencken wrote For every complexroblem there is an answer that is clear simple and wrong J P Moynihan observed Everyone is entitled to his own opinion but "Not To His Own Facts Michael Lewis "to his own facts Michael Lewis a short book that does not waste words Ä provides compelling examples that these two aphorisms are alive well and unlearnt in the Trump administration In recent months there have been three especially informative bestsellers regarding the current White House andresident Trump Each book is written by an accomplished journalist but with somewhat different angles of focus and very different insightsSome will accuse me of being tacky and The ABC of Communism promoting the other two books Frankly that is not myurpose I have no financial stake in any books being sold on or elsewhere at least not unless or until I ublish my own book So be that as it may the three books currently available are1 The gossip columnist Michael Wolff with his salacious and alarming expose Fire and Fury 2 Bob Woodward s inside story alarming us all Fear 3 Michael Lewis s cerebral studied insight that should alarm us all than the above two The Fifth Risk Of the three I suspect The Fifth Risk will enjoy the shortest time on the bestseller list Arguably though it is the least artisan sharpest insight into lessons that should be learned by observing the disarray and dysfunction inside the havoc that is the Trump White HouseIf President Trump read only the first 25 ages with an open mind I believe he actually would try to turn things around Even as much as I despise his residency on his worst days I recognize he DOES have a sharp insight and DOES have the POTENTIAL to become a GREAT leader if onlyJust as another reviewer stated I served in the Navy Ten years Made E 6 first class When The Light Went Out petty officer and departed just before Mr Carter got trounced by Mr ReaganPOV ThirdersonBLUSH FACTOR Profanities are numerous especially in uotes of the Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates president I appreciate the honest of such reporting When I was a correspondent in 1990 I wanted to accurately uote the incumbent republican congressman who utilized family values as one of his keyillars but the Oregon newspaper would not ermit me the rivilege Of course f words in a community newspaper are frowned uponTHE WRITING Straight forward but not in a just the facts manner Glance at the excerpt below to see why I enjoyed reading this nonfiction account of the Trump White House and why I am just as worried that our nation could be stepping onto the slippery slope towards one day in the distant future Failed State statusBONUS As you read the early chapters you will learn of an unsung hero working to improve the functioning of government and improving the lives of us all Max Stier I learned a great deal of encouraging deeds by our federal employees that I d not เพชรพระอุมา (ตอน 04) อาถรรพณ์นิทรานคร previously heard a thing about It alsorovides insight into mistakes or oversights of the Obama AdministrationExcerpt On his visits to the White House soon after the election Jared Kushner expressed surprise that so much of its staff seemed to be leaving It was like he thought it was a corporate acuisition or something says an Obama White House staffer He thought everyone just stayed Even in normal times the eople who says an Obama White House staffer He thought everyone just stayed Even in normal times the eople who over the United States government can be surprisingly ignorant about it As a longtime career civil servant in the Department of Energy who has watched four different administrations show up to try to run the lace ut it You always have the issue of maybe they don t understand what the department does To address that Baby Girl (Erik Ead Trilogy, problem a year before he left office Barack Obama had instructed a lot of knowledgeableeople across his administration including fifty or so inside the DOE to gather the knowledge that his successor would need in order to understand the government he or she was taking charge of The Bush administration had done the same for Obama and Obama had been grateful for their efforts He told his staff that their goal should be to ensure an even smoother transfer of 待つ [Matsu] power than the Busheople had ach. Will set your hair on end Telegraph Top 50 Books of the YearLife is what happens between Michael Lewis books I forgot to breathe while reading The Fifth Risk Michael Hofmann TLS Books of the YearThe henomenal new book from the international bestselling author of The Big ShortThe election happened And then there was radio silenceThe morning after Trump was elected resident the eople who ran the US Department of Energy an agency that. IevedThat had Vögeln ist schön: Die Sexrevolte von 1968 und was von ihr bleibt proved to be a huge undertaking Thousands ofeople inside the federal government had spent the better art of a year drawing a vivid icture of it for the benefit of the new administration The United States government might be the most complicated organization on the face of the earth Its two million federal employees take orders from four thousand olitical appointees Dysfunction is baked into the structure of the thing the subordinates know that their "Bosses Will Be Replaced Every "will be replaced every or eight years and that the direction of their enterprises might change overnight with an election or a war or some other olitical event Still many of the Principles of Isotope Geology problems our government grapples with aren tarticularly ideological and the Obama Ouroboros people tried to keep theirolitical ideology out of the briefings You don t have to agree with our Hollendartida i Norge: 1550–1750 politics as the former senior White House officialut it You just have to understand how we got here Zika for instance You might disagree with how we approached it You don t have to agree You just have to understand why we approached it that way How to stop a virus how to take a census how to determine if some foreign country is seeking to obtain a nuclear weapon or if North Korean missiles can reach Kansas City these are enduring technical roblems The eople appointed by a newly elected resident to solve these roblems have roughly seventy five days to learn from their redecessors After the inauguration a lot of deeply knowledgeable eople will scatter to the four winds and be forbidden by federal law from initiating any contact with their replacements The eriod between the election and the inauguration has the feel of an AP chemistry class to which half the students have turned up late and are forced to scramble to grab the notes taken by the other half before the finalTwo weeks after the election the Obama eople inside the DOE read in the newspapers that Trump had created a small Landing Team It was led by and mostly consisted of a man named Thomas Pyle resident of the American Energy Alliance which upon inspection roved to be a Washington DC Punainen metsä propaganda machine funded with millions of dollars from ExxonMobil and Koch Industries Pyle himself had served as a Koch Industries lobbyist and ran a business on the side writing editorials attacking the DOE s attempts to reduce the dependence of the American economy on carbon Pyle said that his role on the Landing Team was voluntary and added that he could not disclose who appointed him due to a confidentiality agreement Theeople running the DOE were by then seriously alarmed We first learned of Pyle s appointment on the Monday of Thanksgiving week recalls Kevin Knobloch then DOE chief of staff We sent word to him that the secretary and his deputy would Lewis Michael The Fifth Risk Forever Im Yours pp 36 39 W W Norton Company Kindle EditionBOTTOM LINEI got about halfway through the book when I realized its value exceeded Fire and Fury and even Fear Thus I stopped reading long enough to order the Audible edition For me The Fifth Risk may not have the headline grabbing gossip of Fire and Fury It may not have the inside story of Fear Lewis s The Fifth Risk is the sharpest most USEFUL insight into how the Trump Administration can be fixed and into the lessons learned we citizens should DEMAND be implemented to repairing our republic Remember as shown in this book not all blame can be attributed to Trump the republicans the democrats or even the media Each of us shares some responsibilityFive stars out of fiveI am striving toroduce reviews that help you find books that you want or avoid books that you wish to avoid With your help my improvement will help you and me improve book reviews on Together you and I can build a great customer review Basilio Boullosa Stars in the Fountain of Highlandtown process that helps everybody Will you join me It iseople such as you who have helped me improve over the years I m still learning and I have a great deal yet to learn With your help I ll improve every dayOne reuest Be respectful and courteous in your comments and emails to me I will do likewise with youThank you so much for indicating if this review helped you or for your comment Lewis highly readable book skewers the damage and costs to our society of electing the will fully ignorant ideologuesLet s hope there is a silver lining for COVID19 in reminding us the merits of competence If you were worried about Donald Trump s competence as POTUS then this book will read like a horror story If you thought he was doing a good job you may dismiss this a fake news However this book does highlight some of the enormous Honey, I Wrecked the Kids: When Yelling, Screaming, Threats, Bribes, Timeouts, Sticker Charts and Removing Privileges All Don't Work problems of getting anything done in modern America Eye opening delve into Deals with some of the mostowerful risks facing humanity waited to welcome the incoming administrations transition team Nobody appeared Across the US government the same thing happened nothingPeople dont notice when stuff goes right That is the stuff government does It manages everything that underpins our lives from funding free school meals to olicing rogue nuclear activity to redicting extreme weather events It steps in where. He forgotten army of government workers grappling with unsexy but completely critical issues I was gripped by the insights and grappling unsexy but completely critical issues I was gripped by the insights and I always enjoy Michael Lewis books My only complaint is that I felt as if this was half a book which started to explore a fascinating landscape but ended abruptly Bob Woodward s Fear was the big A Spectre Is Haunting Texas picture what happens when a demagogue who doesn t give a tuppeny damn about government is supposed to be running the government but doesn t Woodward describesolicy being made on the fly and the Tilak Kathalu problems of managing someone who shoots from the hip If you didn t read this during the Trump Presidency read it now for all the chilling insights into how four chaotic years would unfold Absolutely engrossing well explained fastaced well thought out chronicle of art of Trump s vandalism Again team Trump is exposed as not expecting or repared to winOnce they had won they took the spoils of victory in a mean and thoughtless way This book is really good at giving us an insight into how the US government actually works Michael Lewis interviewed many talented and dedicated eople who worked in various departments and came up with a little mantra for these eople what matters is the mission not the money All the work his interviewees did was valuable but if one department stands out it s The Why Cafe probably the weather folks at NOAA For decades they ve beenroviding increasingly accurate forecasts and sharing their data without charge It goes without saying that this information is enormously valuable to a wide range of eople farmers fisherfolk ilots insurers etc etcLewis describes how regime changes normally happen The day after a new Satisfying Mommy’s Pregnant Needs (A Psuedo-Incest, Mother-Son, Sleep Sex, Pregnancy, BDSM, Erotic Romance) president is elected teams ofeople chosen to lead the departments go in and receive extended briefings which are very necessary because the work is complex and often unexpected The Department of Commerce for example deals with commerce very little Its task is about collecting data Needless to say many departments waited and waited and waited When an appointee finally did show up it was often usually someone spectacularly unsuited for the job uninterested in the job desperate to make heavy cuts keen to fire anyone who had the gall to be interested in climate change for example and without a backup team In short an utter shambles What this did to morale and the ability to attract talented young eople to this area can be guessed atLewis is very good as far as he goes The book ends rather abruptly with no summing up or reflection on his findings It would have been good to get information on other departments as well though that may have made the book much longer and would ossibly have been of the same The author gives the reader a tour of several major government departments or agencies With that background we learn that the Trump administration was than derelict in filling important Soul of Dust posts and in every instance eventually filled theosition with Shadow Game political cronies or abject fools There is no direct criticism of the Trump administration so this is not among the books that undertake that task The author very evenhandedly however makes clear the blame involved on theart of an administration totally unprepared to govern and the hardships for the career employees of those departments and agencies This is a very important book It is also useful in demonstrating that most ERIS: The Patsy (Warped Comedy Adventure Book 1) people simply don t understand what it is that government does or used to before Trumpism I was often angry as a read about the complete shambles that has been made of important government functions You ll learn a lot too about department functions that don t seem to follow the names of the departments that are addressed Advocates of small government have the most to learn by reading this but those not given to such GOP talkingoints will find We Give a Squid a Wedgie plenty of reason to workolitically against the ideological excess that has led to what is described in this volume Again he gets to the nub of so called democracy The author commenced well and commanded attention Unfortunately the script descended rapidly into what appeared "To Be Name Dropping In "be name dropping in absence of succinct information Lewis has joined the army of media Trump haters We are told that Obama went to great lengths to repare for the transition but Trump ignored his efforts Maybe Obama knew he would be leaving but Trump didn t know he would be arrivingThere are lot s of scary statistics and statements from clever hard working bureacrats most of whom claim their efforts are not appreciated and their departments are under fundedLewis has written some great books displaying insight and wit but I found this one very disappointing. Private investment fears to tread innovates and creates knowledge assesses extreme long term risk And now government is under attack By its own leadersIn The Fifth Risk Michael Lewis reveals the combustible cocktail of wilful ignorance and venality that is fuelling the destruction of a countrys fabric All of this Lewis shows exposes America and the world to the biggest risk of all It is what you never learned that might have saved you. ,