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This book running at 66 pages is like a pamphlet then a book Being such as is it The Book Is A Concise book is a concise uide on how to summon the Jinn and bind them to do your will One thing I liked about this book is that it entreats the reader to treat the Jinn with care and to be courteous with them The Jinn are many ways like us They have a lifespan although their s is longer They have free will and they have bodies While humans live for maybe up to 100 years the Jinn may live up to thousands They have bodies of smoke and fire while ours are made of clay They live in their realm and we have ours although there are times that they intersectThe Jinn used to be masters of this world Like us they were very warlike and almost destroyed the planet much warlike and almost destroyed the planet much we are doing today Alah s angels came in to clean house and isolate them on certain islands After that mankind was allowed to take over When Allah created mankind they were made of clay Allah had all his angels bow down to the man and everyone did except for Iblis who was the king of the Jinn Iblis was allowed to hang out in heaven with the angels and that was a big honor But he lost that honor and has vowed to vex mankind until judgment dayThe Jinn have different religions as well Some are Muslims while others are Christians or jews A few might be pagan and others can be evil Sometimes humans and Jinn have otten married and produced offspring Jinn tend to live in abandoned areas toilets and caves Jinn have psychic powers and can move real fast Sometimes Jinn are shape shifter and like to appear as a black dog or cat There are different classes of Jinn The first type is the Efrit These first type are uite wise and are conniving and manipulative These were Solomon s JinnThe second type of Jinn is Marid or rebellious one They are large with an imposing presence They like ritual that involve bodies of water Wishfulfillers The third type of Jinn is a houl which means to seize These At Stake: Monsters and the Rhetoric of Fear in Public Culture guys are monsters and one would not wish to deal with them The fourth type is a Vetala theseuys posse. This audiobook will not be like the other books I have written I will introduce to you a class of spiritual beings unlike those you have dealt with before These beings at least according to the second largest religion on this earth Islam have incredible sway over our daily lives In fact they may even be considered demons to some in the West I will explain that in a moment As I have stated in many of the other books I Jinn Magick: How to Bind the Jinn to Do Your BiddingReat them well thank them with every reward talk to them and Be Their Friend Don their friend don ignore them When you feel it s works for you follow the instructions in the book and release them Be it on you head if you don t Ask them if they want to stay then they can of their own accord to build a friendship but do release them Good book and easy practical working on a little known magical praxis recommended uite a cool little book has some serious stuff in it in beginning to like this author I liked this book and found it useful for my research However in trying to understand the concept of jinn I see it as different cultures calling the same phenomenon different names Other indigenous cultures and perhaps Kabbalah have been doing similar rituals Like how is anyone to really know the difference between Black Nationalism: The Search for an Identity guidance and help from Guardian Angels spirituides ancestors Black and White Strangers: Race and American Literary Realism ghosts elemental energies fire air water God etc For myself I having tried several different religious practices over several decades and I discovered that it didn t matter who or what I called out to for help help came and I have plenty of abundance in my life without doing rituals and spells Just simply living life brings peace and abundance This is not a subject you see in paganism that often or in the west I can t say i have had any experiences but on the flip side on that this house i live in is awful for rituals its like a dead zone if youet my meaning these rituals are well worth trying the book is short but its to the point i Boggs: A Comedy of Values gave it 5 stars so yeah i enjoy his books areat deal Short and to the point I have used it once and was successful It s hard to explain but I ot what I wished for Did it hurt It was a literal pain in my a Was my reuest filled Yes I like the way jinn are presented here and it aligns pretty well with my path Good item Trusted seller Fast delivery Thank you Foction mixed with facts to mislead people Complete waste of time item Trusted seller Fast delivery Thank you Foction mixed with facts to mislead people Complete waste of time contradiction to islamic teachings Informative But filled with superstitionread between the lines for the truth. Ts with our own is one of the most frightful propositions For others it is uite enriching To know that we are surrounded by spiritual beings adds a kind of magic to our day to day existence If you are an occultist then you are in constant interaction and know very well that everything around you and all the actions of the universe are imbued with magick In fact all things are derived from magick in some way shape or fo.

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Ss dead people and reanimate Them The Last Type Is The last type is Sila these uys like us and are uite ready to helpThe Jinn are ruled over by 7 Jinn kings each one corresponding to a day of the week and each one is asked for a different thing For Sunday it is Al Mudhib For Monday it is Murrah al Abayad al Harith For Tuesday it is Abu Mihriz For Wednesday it is Baruan Abu al Adyab For Thursday it is Shamhurish For Friday it is Abu Nuh For Wednesday it is Baruan Abu al Adyab For Thursday it is Shamhurish For Friday it is Abu Nuh normally consists of at the front a mirror closer to the operant is a black and white candle one on each side Then comes your incense and your crystal For these ritual you do not need a whole of stuff At the end there are instructions for releasing the Jinn What can i saywell written some info on working with different djinns and rituals for contacting them BUT like all Baal Kadmon s books that I ve purchased they re just TOO LIMITED in the amount of info Berlioz and the Romantic Century given too much this is the way to do this but these are the risks type of info that leaves the reader wondering ok so how do io about neutralizing thati personally think he should Building Ideas: An Architectural Guide to the University of Chicago gather all his books and just make one big tome with the different subjects as chapters and expand each one with some seriousoogling some re studying of personal books he must own plus some trips to libraries in order to expand and clarify some points with each subject this book will teach the reader jinn magick and baal kadmon seems to me to be an authority on the subject there teach the reader jinn magick and baal kadmon seems to me to be an authority on the subject there many ways to do this type of magick but baal says it s the most comprehensive he know of and I believe him after all he is from the middle east and that is where this type of magick is from well worth it This is a very fascinating book about the Jinn and how to work with them I personally don t think that I am Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F): Canadian Art: Volume I (A-F) going to try it at this point Great book nice and simply wroteood background knowledge about the djinnThe spells are easy to follow I have done one for finance and I won 10 five minutes after doing it which was Building the Cold War: Hilton International Hotels and Modern Architecture greatWill see how far itoesSide note be nice to your djinn helper Ave written humanity since the dawn of time has been in communication and in many ways obsessed with the forces of the spirit world We all know deep in our bones that there is to the manifest world Yet in all this knowing we still feel that it is somewhat elusive to us We One Touch of Scandal go out of our way to connect to the spirit world oro out of our way to avoid it altogether For some the very thought of a spirit world that interac.