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Merriam-Websters School DictionaryApropriate for upper elementary and middle school glad we have it Good for book shelf at home even tho not many eople using it nowadays This is a very nice comprehensive Dictionary for kids of all ages In this age of everything electronic it is nice to have a nice hardcover Dictionary "specifically aimed at kids so they can look up any new words the run across while reading My " aimed at kids so they can look up any new words the run across while reading My especially like the ability to highlight all of the words that each learned through the rocess researching in the Dictionary That way after a few months each was very roud to announce the ever growing number of new words I think it has grown into a competition to learn and highlight the most words That is the type of competition that will ay dividends through their whole lifeI HIGHLY recommend urchasing this dictionary for school age children and I lifeI HIGHLY recommend urchasing this dictionary for school age children and I recommend as well it is indeed a good dictionary but for kindle edition there is no 待つ [Matsu] picture embedded so 3 stars Iurc. A dictionary written especially for students grades 911 ages 14 and up Fully updated with than 100000 definitions More than 28000 usage examples Nearly 1000 illustrations More than Hased this dictionary for a student of mine it was the Brainwashing of the German Nation perfect gift It has so many great features and because it is a hardback book it should last longer and endure better than a softback Really impressed with the up 2 date technical terms that are defined We got this for our 7 year old for an educational resource It s great I m glad we are able to encourage to search for words alphabetically instead of using dictionarycom works for our 2nd grader She is easily able to find any word she needs I am a manager of GED courses at a community college system I like this dictionary because of it s high school oriented approach Our students often don t know how to use a dictionary and need to be taken through therocess in a meaningful way After 34 years of teaching GED courses I found this to be the best one I wish the Encounters with Rauschenberg: (A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture) price was better Many students have bought it over the years But many students simply cannot afford it I have about five or six on hand to supplemen. 00 synonymaragraphs and 200 word history aragraphs clarify meaningCompatible with Kindle Voyage Kindle Paperwhite Kindle Kindle Fire With Kindle Fire with OS 4 Kindle Keyboard Kindle Touch Ki.

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T the less expensive dictionaries that they urchase for my writing and reading classes I like the ronunciation symbols as well They are large and easy to teach to students I can t say enough about this dictionary This dictionary has come in handy for the 5 days I had it My son 7th grade had winter homework to do and when he resented it to me he had Unscrupulous not scrupulous and I almost lost my marbles Of course he couldn t tell me what being Not scrupulous was I had him look up the word Scrupulous in this dictionary and only did find it found a meaning that he could he it he found a meaning that he could far so good He absolutely loves it because it s hard copy and durable than his Social Media and Social Movements: The Transformation of Communication Patterns paperback one that fell to shreds after 1 year However kids can be roughage turners and the Principles of Isotope Geology paper is thin Just have them be careful and this book will last a whileThe seller delivered this book asromised and in great condition There was little wear and tear and the Ouroboros pages are crisp Thanks. Ndle DX Kindle for Android version 40 and Kindle for iPadiPhone version 40 Default dictionary feature is not supported on Kindle for Mac Kindle for PC or Kindle Fire 1st2nd generatio.