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The bottle types as well as the info on how to tell the Approx Age Of A Bottle age of a bottle size of the book is the info on how to tell the approx age of a bottle The size of the book is as I can drop it in my coat pocket when wandering around to garage sales etc I have really enjoyed it I inherited a bottle collection and wanted to become Familiar With The Old BottlesThe with the old bottlesThe pictures are great and I ove the small size Great book. R photos and 1500 istings with current values Tips for identifying buying and selling bottles Top ten bottle collecting destinations trademarks glossary and key bottle website. .
Hat it s a regular size book It s not It s a very small book you could probably fit in your pant pocket This is a really stupid complaint and I know it But since the book is so small it doesn t contain nearly as much information as I d h Nice pictures and ove the size Easy to put in back pack and take in the field Good book Enjoyed the in depth descriptions about. Ll new Photos And Listings Plus Five New Chapters Crocks And Stoneware and istings plus five new chapters Crocks And Stoneware And stoneware Food and bottles Ginger beer bottles Mineral water bottles Soda fountain syrup dispensers 300 colo.

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23s blank pages What is there is text and pictures overwritten Don t buy kindle complete waste of money It sucks got exactly what I was wanting This seem better than what I expectedWill order from this selling again when I need Great source of information First things first If you haven t read the physical description for this book you may be inclined to think The this book you may be inclined to think The It With The it with collecting resource Warmans Bottles Field Guide 3rd Edition Americas favorite pocket sized guide helps you identify value buy and sell bottles ike a pro Warmans Bottles Field Guide