Keynotes: A-MINDSET-FOR-SUCCESS supporting you


Keynote speeches in schools

Generally for 60-90 minutes and as an inspirational start to a new term, the end of a term, or at a key moment during the year.

This is available for individual schools and groups of schools.

Also available for headteacher conferences and MAT conferences.


Keynote speeches in businesses

Ideal for a team or whole organisation. An inspirational input to set the tone for the opportunities that lay ahead. 

Generally from 60-90- minutes and tailored to suit the audience. 


Keynote speeches in colleges & universities

Each individual counts. This keynote will generate discussion about how to get the best from both staff and students. 

Generally from 60-90 minutes and tailored to suit the audience. 

One-day programmes: A-MINDSET-FOR-SUCCESS supporting you

Training 2

One-day training for schools

One-day training for schools
Aimed at all staff, teaching and support, to give them a grounding in the why, what and how of mindsets. Based around the book "A Mindset for Success", by Tony Swainston.
This is available for individual schools and groups of schools.
Also available for headteacher conferences and MAT conferences.

Training 1

One-day training for businesses

A full-day of training for a team or a whole organisation that covers the reasons why having A-MINDSET-FOR-SUCCESS is important both on a personal and organisational basis. 

Participants will leave with a plan of action for the way in which they can contribute ever more to developing a constructive culture in the organisation. 

Training 3

One-day training for colleges & universities

The success of students will depend significantly on the mindsets of the adults in the college or university. 

This full-day of training will open up deep discussion about how, with A-MINDSET-FOR-SUCCESS, all adults can contribute to untapping the tremendous potential that lies inside each and every student. 

Extended training: A-MINDSET-FOR-SUCCESS supporting you - This is for the enthusiast

Mind 1

Extended training for schools

For those committed to truly embedding the messages of growth mindsets, resilience and grit within the school.

This "Power to Achieve" programme extends over a 12 month period.

With a series of inputs for staff, parents, pupils and governors, and a range of modules to choose from, "The Power to Achieve" programme for schools can be from 5 to 8 days over the year.

Mind 3

Extended training for businesses

This "Power to Achieve" programme is the ideal training, consisting of 5 to 8 inputs over a period of 12 months, for a business that wants to seriously look at how the mindset of each individual impacts on the culture of the organisation. In the 21st century a constructive culture is not just a nicety but rather it is an essential ingredient for any company that wants to excel.

The modules chosen will fit with the needs of the organisation. 

Mind 2

Extended training for colleges & universities

For the truly enthusiastic college or university that is seeking to support to the full the development of every student. This programme consists of 5 to 8 inputs over a 12 month period. 

It involves every individual, both students and adults, taking on significant ownership and accountability. It is about everyone accepting that they must embrace the locus of control within themselves. 

My commitment to you is assured

A-MINDSET-FOR-SUCCESS works best in an organisation when there is a true partnership and commitment from both of us.

On the right is what I guarantee you.

Design of inputs that match your needs
Outstanding tailored resources for each participant
A professional commitment to the facilitation of the training

Everything you need to grow your organisation

About Tony

Over the past 5 years, motivated in part by the work of Prof Carol Dweck, I have delivered training in mindsets in countries such as Canada, Dubai, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Thailand and Uganda, as well of course as the UK.

A-MINDSET-FOR-SUCCESS has now become a significant part of my work.

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