Tony's "A Mindset For Success" book

Although this book has a focus for schools the messages are relevant to businesses, colleges and universities.

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Explore here how Tony can support your school, college, university or business with A-MINDSET-FOR-SUCCESS training

Tony Swainston

This website, along with my book, "A Mindset for Success", explores why having A-MINDSET-FOR-SUCCESS is important for children, schools, adults and businesses.

Your mindset is the piece of the jigsaw puzzle that brings success into your life.

Tony the trainer

I have experience of training people in over 20 countries around the world. Here I am in South Africa with a group I was training to be facilitators of a programme I wrote.

On the "Mindset Training" page of this website you will find the specific A-MINDSET-FOR-SUCCESS programmes I offer to schools, businesses, colleges and universities. 

Tony's "Who Stole My Brain?" book

For teachers and parents to read with children. Discuss the importance of determination and perseverance with the child. 

You can buy "Who Stole My Brain?" from Amazon

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Discover the rich downloads on this website to help grow your knowledge and understanding of how A-MINDSET-FOR-SUCCESS can support you. 


Power to Achieve

“Tony’s presentation on the “Power to Achieve” was inspirational and at the end of a long year focussed my deputy and I on what is important for us and our school. That is, getting the very best for all of our pupils."

Shrewsbury Headteacher 


The Seven Secrets of Brilliant Teachers

“The 3 days have been some of the most valuable courses I have attended as a relatively new deputy headteacher. Of particular note has been “The Seven Secrets of Brilliant Teachers”.”

Adrian Digby 


The Outstanding Middle Leader

“Thank you. A valuable course with so many ideas to take away."

Sarah Scorer 
Holy Trinity Junior School

Coaching for Change

“Tony has taught and inspired all participants to be solution-focused and demonstrated that coaching is for anyone and everyone.”

Miriam Manderson
Deputy Headteacher, Alperton Community School, London


“It was my pleasure to meet with Tony Swainston and attend the “Inspiring Leadership” training programme that he designed and facilitated for members of Shell and our partner organisations."

Mohammed. A. Abusaif
Training & Development Manager, Shell Companies in Saudi Arabia

Coaching for School Success

“This course has taught me new skills that are going to be invaluable in terms of running my current school and the potential future one.”

Nigel Stewart, Headteacher

Coaching for School Success

“The opportunity to self reflect and self improve as a result of very high quality training around coaching has been an immensely powerful aspect of this course.”

Matt Shillito, Headteacher

Coaching for School Success

“Tony is a fabulous facilitator, providing a mixture of theory and practice together with humour and seriousness, all used to illustrate the many important aspects of coaching. I couldn't recommend them highly enough. An excellent four days of training.”

Nick Coates, Headteacher

Coaching for School Success

“Tony has provided highly professional training, with theory mixed with practice to provide an interactive experience.”

Paul Griffiths, Headteacher

Coaching for School Success

“Coaching for School Success has given me a different perspective on the whole school as well as individual staff development. How coaching skills is given me greater confidence and a renewed direction .”

Lynette Brammah, Headteacher

Coaching for School Success

“I found this coaching training to be hugely empowering. It has provided me with more than I anticipated that it would. It was also wonderful to be with a group of like-minded people, and seeing changes in my staff from implementing aspects of the programme .”

Jo Dobbs, Headteacher

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About Tony

Over the past 5 years, motivated in part by the work of Prof Carol Dweck, I have delivered training in mindsets in countries such as Canada, Dubai, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Thailand and Uganda, as well of course as the UK.

A-MINDSET-FOR-SUCCESS has now become a significant part of my work.

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